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But Dave, Nobody Wants to Rule the World any More

Posted by Bob on August 23rd, 2006 under Comment Responses


It may be true that money does not equal power, but there are exceptions. When is comes to money equaling power, Fidel Castro, a baboon king for a nation of baboons, is stupendously successful.

He pulls off owning everybody and everything, accumulating untold billions in his secret private kitty, and is loved and praised and respected across the board for it in all nations of the world.

George Soros eats his heart out in envy of Castro, who actually makes money work for him.

So does George Will. For George Will, Castro represents the ideal of lifetime appointments, having produced not even galling babble for decades without ever having his slot of OFFICIAL CONSERVATIVE INTELLECTUAL in doubt.

Comment by Dave —


Dave’s point is well taken. He is thinking in the terms I am here to try to instill. But I am not interested in producing a bunch of Wordist roots, who “agree” with me and think that’s all I want.

His discussion of Will and Castro is unique to Bob’s Blog, which makes it worthwhile. Where else would a commenter routinely make a connection btween George Will and Castro? The world outside our blog would be mystified.

I still feel that I have introduced you to this kind of THINKING so well that even YOU don’t understand how deep your change has been.

Dave, let me now toss in some points about what you said that nobody outside this blog would understand. Please don’t knock yourself out saying I am misinterpreting you. What I say here is cautionary stuff everybody needs to read, and this is a OBSERVATION, not a REPLY.

Look at what I said again, and you will notice that I made it clear that in the third world nig money is routine for hose in power. The Communist dictator of Rumania had billions in foreign holdings. I didn’t know Castro had all that.

I do know that when Castro overthrew Fulgencio Batista in 1959, Batista let with $300 million of his OWN, not including another equal sum his folowers had. In 1959 money, that amounts to many billions now.

But I also know that Castro had vey little money when he took POWER.

Making my points is a lot like trying to push toothpaste back into the tube. Nobody will take my EXACT point. I said that power does not come from money in the big leagues. You can’t get into the big power leagues just with money.

I did NOT say the opposite, that someone in power cannot get money, especially in the third world.

I am beginning to get a little desperate about this.

Just a little inadvertent twist in your understanding of my logic can lead to a whole new avenue where I have to make yet another statement like this to reign you in. That is my JOB, and I sure as hell would ather reign a MIND like yours in than deal with the usual tape recorders outside our commenters.

But part of my job is mental discipline. Power can be traded for money. In banana republics, you can buy power. But hwne it comes to all-chips-in level you and I are dealing in, this is not the point, not by a mile.

They can have the money. They can have the offices. They can have the fame.

All we want to do is rule the world.

I love the word “default.” It describes our reality perfectly.

Everybody wants things. But the fundamental reality of the modern world is that everybody wants somebody ELSE to rule the world.

No, as I get tired of repeating, the Chinese do NOT want to rule the world. They want someone to make a world where he Chinese have China.

People want a world wher THEY can get ahead. Soros wants a world where he can GET Bush.

The Lenins are dead. The Hitlers are dead.

As I pointed out before, Moussilini almost missed the March on Rome when the Italians masses marched to Rome to give him power. To the Pracical Man who is shouting in a bar, this fact is incomprehensible.

Italy was wallowing in hopelessness, so Moussilini said in a speech, “We need to marchon Rome and take power.” It was just one of his speeches. Then he found out that Italians had taken him up on it. He was barel in time to get his picture taken at the front of the parade when hundreds of thousands of Italians marched on Rome to give him power.

The whole government melted in front of that march. They were relieved to do so.

Before the very day of the March on Rome, every Political Scientist was doing detailed analysis of the bureaucratic struggle inside Rome. It as an exact preplay of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

NOBODY supports the present system. In fact, nobody knows what the present system IS.

There are only two groups of people who BELIEVE that there IS a Present System: Respectable conservatives who make their living explaining it and fanatics who tell us how immovable and powerful it is.

To mke the whole present concept more ridiculous, we just had the spectacle of the Soviet Empire just disappearing.

Nobody CARES. Bob’s Mantra can destroy the whole thing. Some people who way, ” We are Americans. WE’ll give you a system you can get what you want in” can destroy them.

It is FAR from a joke:

1) YOU can HAVE your money;

2) YOU can Have your high offices;

3) You can HAVE the fame and the headlines.

Just let ME rule the world.

Not only are they WILLING to accept that deal. They are deperate for somebody to offer it to them.

Unlike those of us who want to rule the world, other people “have lives.” Crap like that is for nerds like us.

  1. #1 by Papillon on 08/24/2006 - 6:26 am


    Hello Bob,

    I have come to join your seminar. I take it the above must be written before commenting. Is one enough for the system?

    Your ruling the world would be most splendid. For all concerned.

    – Papillon

  2. #2 by Pain on 08/24/2006 - 10:26 am


    This is certainly no vain theorizing. But it is a bit inspiring.

  3. #3 by joe rorke on 08/24/2006 - 12:08 pm

    You’d think the guy would have the decency to at least spell his words correctly so that people wouldn’t have to figure out what the hell he’s saying. But you would be wrong. He doesn’t even think about spelling his words correctly so that you don’t have to figure out what he’s trying to say. This is a basic contempt for the reader. What else can it be?

  4. #4 by Tim on 08/24/2006 - 1:13 pm

    Lawrence Auster just popped Pat Buchanan on his blog. But it is pretty good. LA is Jewish but he is for our side as much as a Jew can be for our side. Of course, he supports Isreal. The fascinating fact about his blog entry about Pat is NOT that Pat is against Isreal. BUT that PB is trying to Respectable!!! Even the Jews are jumping on our surfboard. Interesting piece and true so I thought you guys should read it.

    “Buchanan on radio

    I just listened to Patrick Buchanan being interviewed by radio host John Gambling about his book State of Emergency. Buchanan’s message regarding the immigration threat is bracingly strong, but also disconcertingly confused. There was no clear and consistent message or call to action, but a grab-bag of often contradictory complaints. First he talked about immigration. Then he switched into complaining that we’re not trying to assimilate the immigrants. Well, then, which is it—immigration or insufficient assimilation? (Not that we can’t do both, reduce or stop immigration and return to assimilationist policies.) Then he went into his riff about low Western birth rates and that whole doom and gloom scenario, with its implication that we can’t do anything to stop immigration until the native birth rate is increased. So, what do we do in the meantime? Then he switched to the problem of illegals. So, is the problem illegal immigration, or immigration as a whole? Then he said that America is finished. But if America is finished, what’s the point of talking about it? Does he think we can stop and reverse the immigration and save America, or not?

    A further potential contradiction is his position on Muslims. In recent years Buchanan has established a record for himself as a major appeaser of Islam, denying that it represents a threat to us, arguing that at all costs we must avoid a civilizational conflict with Islam, and publishing an article claiming that Islamic terrorism is not real but an image manufactured by neoconservatives. He passionately attacked the European newspapers that bravely stood up to Muslim intimidation by publishing the Muhammad cartoons, and he has said we must “win the hearts and minds” of Muslims rather than confront them. Winning hearts and minds, avoiding civilizational conflict—this obviously implies that we must not criticize or seek to reduce Muslim immigration, let alone repatriate sharia-supporting Muslims. In fact, Buchanan seems to be saying that America’s problem is Hispanic immigration, while Europe’s problem is Muslim immigration. This bifurcation of the problem—allowing Buchanan to come across as a patriot defending America even as he continues to appease jihad-waging Muslims—will not do.

    He ended however on a strong note. When Gambling asked him, would the massive changes he is describing in the Southwest be a good or a bad thing, Buchanan said he believes in nation, believes in sovereignty, believes in borders, believes in the country America has been, and that all of that is imminently threatened by immigration and particularly Bush’s amnesty bill. He said America is in an existential crisis.
    Posted by Lawrence Auster at 12:14 PM ”

  5. #5 by Dave on 08/24/2006 - 4:14 pm


    There are very few truly talented people in the world. Because of this, they are tremendously influential. Bob Whitaker is one these people.

    His books are few and thin, a great sign in an intellectual.

    Must truly talented people underestimate their influence, while the lesser talents overestimate their influence. Pat Buchanan is a lesser talent.

    Leni Riefenstahl was a huge talent. Her life was a trajectory of underestimating her influence.

    I find it hilarious that the multitudes of the “young and sexy” are sticking pins in themselves and obtaining tattoos not knowing (or even being able to imagine) that a great influencer of this trend (through her book the Last of the Nuba) was Leni Riefenstahal, a great, though unintentional, promoter of Adolph Hitler.

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