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Global Warming — So What!

Here are “both sides” on global warming: One side says that bureaucrats must take over the world and control all production and all consumption to prevent a catastrophe. This discovery came, by some incredible coincidence, just as socialism, which wanted bureaucrats to control all production and consumption, was breathing its last as a serious idea.

Then there is the “other side.” As usual, all the other side does is react to accepted Harvard to New England to Europe to Canadian opinion, the latest fashion in Political Correctness, where the Global Warming fad came from. So PC says one thing, so all the “other side” has to say is “It’s not, either!”

With this, the Great Debate of the Intellectuals is complete. Business as usual.

And I have another point of view, as usual, which no one but the blog will talk about.

Over the next fifty years the globe is supposed to heat up and then the global freeze will set in. Oceans will rise. Africa will starve. Agriculture will be disrupted.

People keep talking about nature down on the farm. Actually our bread basket has to buy a completely newly-developed seed every few years for wheat so that wheat can stay ahead of the new diseases that pop up regularly. It is not NATURAL to have a whole world in which new diseases can be spread within weeks around the world, so every new wheat version of the potato blight that caused the Potato Famine is ALREADY a worldwide famine producer. We adjust to it once or twice a decade.

It is not entirely accidental that man developed in a million years that saw something like forty ice ages come and go. Our brain is a direct result of the fact that nature was simply changing to fast to allow evolution to allow us to survive.

One of the great phenomena of history was The Little Ice Age. History only discovered recently that there WAS a Little Ice Age. We came out of it, literally, I mean LITERALLY, on top of the world. Whites were challenged for hundreds of years and by the time we came out of it the world was literally ours. Nobody could stand up against a white race that had just faced a mortal challenge.

And a challenge, I might add, of which we had no warning and for which we had no technology.

What about growing food? We use agriculture for exactly the same reason we use oil. It’s cheap. Oil will not be substituted out until it ceases to be cheap. Hydroponics and other methods will not be used t produce food until we get a disaster. See there, I finally did use the Peak Oil idea! It took me this long to absorb it, and now you know why I get so impatient when you don’t absorb my ideas.

So Peak oil it is. And Peak Food it is, too. There has never been a WORD for this phenomenon, and whoever came up with it PLEASE claim it at last

I mentioned before that there was — and I am NOT making fun of this term, I LOVE it! — a Peak Rubber Period just at the beginning of World War II. In the early twentieth century, the dependence of America on Southeast Asia for rubber was the Oil Crisis of the time. Edison and Ford both lost millions in an attempt to develop alternative sources of rubber.

The Peak Rubber Crisis did not occur until America got a kick in the ass from Japan. And Japan attacked us in the first place because we had created a Peak Oil situation for Japan. The world oil supply came from America, and Roosevelt cut off all oil from Japan. He got his war out of that. The Japan, occupying Southeast Asia, cut off rubber from the United States. There was a tire crisis you can see in a few old movies in 1942 and 1943. By the end of the war, artificial rubber had been Develo0ped to the point where, thought natural rubber was still better, the artificial stuff was still being used after the war.

I can barely remember how the newspaper was bound in artificial rubber and how brittle it was. I would go around the house waving my fists in the air and imitating my father, yelling, “Where’s my damn paper!” Those were among the first words I ever learned.

Is natural rubber used for ANYTHING any more? Without the Peak Rubber Crisis, we might have a Peak Rubber AND a Peak Oil Crisis today. White people NEED crises. It is how we developed. It is how we improve.

Global warming? Bring it on!



Is The Peter Problem Solved?

Today I saw not more “Pete” at the end of every piece, or even once! Maybe Kelso has gotten to us and solved the problem! Kelso always has my gratitude, but like all busy people, those who kept calling him get a major hunk of thanks. If, indeed, Lindbergh has dealt with this.

No one reported tome, but that’s all right. It could be a fluke, but when Peter does not appear in almost 600 pieces of spam and the 8 comments, it is unlikely to be a fluke.

I almost wiped out Trager Smith’s comments, because e was doing the usual thing. Leaving out NO SPAM out to show who is boss. Mr. Webb would put small letters, no spam, no spam, to show he wasn’t skeert of me.

It is not attacks on ME that make me tired. What takes the morale out of me is SMALLNESS. Mr. Webb, of whom we seem to have rid ourselves since I identified him in a way only he and I know, was small and nasty, It was not the insults alone, it was not the “I ain’t askeert” small letters alone, it was not the defeatism alone, it was not the total lack of any points alone, but the combination of smallness, nastiness, defeatism, and mental sterility did wear me down, which is what defeatism is for.

My dedication is endless, but my energy is a limited, and, if you consider me useful, a precious commodity. I am now going through 500 to 700 spams a day to get your handful of comments. I get about as many comments as a small local, but DAILY, newspaper, and from people who will spread ideas, so we are doing VERY well, actually.

I spent thousands of dollars putting in program after program over the years to do my broadcasts, print the book, and so forth. With attention deficit, as some here will testify, that “It only takes a couple of hours” becomes an unfunny joke. You forget EVERYTHING regularly, so a program is a nightmare.

I need for whoever collected all our stuff to put the download information in one place, now that it seems they’ve got it. Once I am sure that it is collected, and I do NOT mean the graphics but the writings and ideas, we are in business no matter what happens to the blog.

I remember in The Godfather II Michael said, “He’s been dying of the same heart attack for thirty years.” After something like this Mr. Webb bit I WANT to quit. Webb is one of those who must destroy all hopes but his own project, like Jews want to destroy all loyalties but their own. But Webb was a fanatical defeatist before he got his money idea.

A fanatical defeatist! Isn’t it time we brought that disease out in the open?

It took a long, long time, but we may have The Peter problem solved But another thing that exhausts me is saying a thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and then someone acting like they just didn’t hear me. I KEEP saying Kelso must be called if there is to be a spam program here, NOT ME. In response I get comment after comment abut how it would just take me a little while to do so and so.

One win on the Peter thing makes me hungry for more.

Help, gang!



AFKAN, 1509 Words!

Among which were the accusation that I did not attack Buckley’s firing of Sobran afor anti_Semitism and Sam Francis’s iring by the Washington Times for racism. I discussed both in WOL Before a Russian trip, I treated Joe and Sam to supper. Iworked with Sam for saeventy years.

I find it funny how commenters get upset when I’m hard on them, but an insult like this would cause them to lose it, but for me it is routine.

But I simply cannot allow somebody to have repeated ENDLESS comments. A few is OK, and AFKAN earned the right to those with some good stuff. But repeated entries of over 1500 words is just too much.



Northern and Southern Europeans


So Bob, are you saying that Greeks and other southern Euros aren’t white?

Comment by richard


This is a line that is always used to break us up. It is time to deal with it.

If I were to find I was part black tomorrow I would STILL believe exactly what I believe now. In fact, it would give me an extra weapon to work with. So let’s take THAT fact into account before we go on to take this divisive line apart.

First of all, it is a fact of life that most southern Europeans are not AS white as middle and Northern Europeans. The day I deny reality to make someone feel good is the day my name appears in the obituaries.

NOBODY is “white enough.” In the very near future we will be able to make our children into “paint jobs,” who LOOK white or into Aryans, who are truly white to the core. We have all the DNA we need a thousand-fold for that.

We are facing an enemy who wants to destroy ALL of us, Northern Europeans, middle Europeans, southern Europeans. But southern Europeans will sometimes join the ENEMY on that snipe line.

Anybody with the slightest knowledge of Italy knows where the color line was there. There was the rich white north and the poor brown south.

NOBODY is “white enough.” India has advertisements on television for products to make one whiter, and I have great hopes that in this very century there will be a boom in REAL ARYAN children in India. The competition will make them prove they are REAL.

Instead of devoting 1864 words to the virtues of defeatist, AFKAN could be thinking of things like THAT.
If you like beng grim because it is your Realism, let me get frim here. Let me make a life and death point here. The man who shot George Lincoln Rockwell was a Greek who had worked with him and done excellent cartoons for him for years. He was Greek, and he told the police he had taken offense at Rockwell’s reference to Greeks.

The guy who shot Hendrik Verwoerd was also a Greek who claimed much the same thing. I don’t believe either one of them, but Offended Minority is a defense in court, even though the attempt to make “black rage” a defense, which would have given every black in America a hunting license for whites (including Greeks), was turned down.

But if someone is more concerned about my pointing out an obvious reality than in fighting those who want to destroy us ALL, he is not only insane, he is DANGEROUS.

Darker people are not as white as whiter people are. If you can’t live with THAT, you need medical help.

And stay away from me until you get it.




AFKAN just wrote an 1864 word long defense of defeatism as Wisdom. The Mantra is 230 words long.

He gives examples of failures in history. He quotes Charlie Brown and points out that Charlie Brown kept gong after that football. He talks about AMWAY rallies.

What gets me is the sheer amount of WORK he put into this. I can’t positive commenters to put their delicate hands on copy and pasting 230 words, but a defeatist will fight like a fiend, on and on and on.

I mentioned the fellow I thought Mr. Webb might be. He would fight tirelessly for defeatism.

And AFKAN WROTE half of this. The less-than-half was quoting my entire article against defeatism, contradicting it line for line.

He also concluded that no realist COULD have a smile on his face.

Actually, any realistic doctor in 1850, 1900 1950 or 2000 would have had a smile on his face if he had known the real future of his field. In every area I mentioned, I would have had a smile on my face if I had know the USSR would fall or the hereditarian view on race would get to the point that, as noted in LIBERAL publications, no one even bothers to try to refute it anymore. They may say it shouldn’t be mentioned, but the argument against it is over.

I would have had a smile on my face in the 1950s had I known that the old method of choosing children was doomed. That is the area on which anti-whites have put ALL their cards.

I smile when I know that I can NOW talk about what the world OWES the white race. It used to be all abut individuals, but the black reparations movement has opened a fatal gap in their ranks. It will be fatal when we stop writing thousand-word treatises on defeatism and take a look at the REAL world.

The argument over the wisdom and usefulness of defeatists used to be covered by the military law imposed on someone who was spreading defeatism in the ranks.

They were shot.

One should carefully examine all previous defeats. One should look at all possible scenarios of defeat in the future. But no force ever won any war, political or military, by calling defeatism “realism.”

AFKAN is wasting a huge talent and the work WE need in a very pointless way.

I wish I could be inspiring enough to channel a FRACTION of the dedication people put into defeatism for OUR cause.


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