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Ole Bob Blushes!

ATTENTION MALE READERS: That advice from Bob was worth more than you paid.

ATTENTION FEMALE READERS OF BOB’S VINTAGE: Just what are you doing reading this? You should be striking up a conversation with Bob over e-mail or Stormfront. Now get to it!

Papillon (a young lady)

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This doesn’t fit on this thread, but I wanted to tell you something that happened recently. I was working with the BNP on a local council in England, and they were planning to call for the abolition of the council’s ‘Black and Minority Local Government Workers Association’. The reasoning was that it was wrong for the nonwhite workers to have their own group while the whites don’t.

I was going to support their call, but then I thought , ‘What would Bob do?’. I realised that the answer wasn’t to abolish the nonwhite group, but to establish a white group. So now the BNP councillors are going to call for a White British Local Government Workers Association to be set up alongside the nonwhite one.

The shift from being ‘anti them’ to being ‘pro us’ is a very significant one, and I think it will have a big effect on their level of support. May 3rd is the local council elections date, so keep an eye out.

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Lord Nelson and I Teaming Up in SF Antis Section.

Originally Posted by Lord Nelson
I guess this thread will run forever, personally if I was an anti I would be embarrassed by now.

“All you have to do is, put forward an argument that does not amount to the out populating of ALL White people, in their own countries”

Will any anti ever pass this challenge????

Come on Antis!


Don’t feel THAT obligated.

This is an example of what I keep repeating on the blog. He thinks he is being a True Intellectual, he is qouting Mommy Professor’s line and doesn’t even recognize how routine it is.

We are not arguing with HIM. He gives us an invaluable opportunity to make the REAL point over and over to a LOT of people. Meanwhile he honestly believes everybody is impressed with his brilliance. You can’t BUY a stooge like that!

Originally Posted by Lord Nelson
I guess this thread will run forever, personally if I was an anti I would be embarrassed by now.

“All you have to do is, put forward an argument that does not amount to the out populating of ALL White people, in their own countries”

Will any anti ever pass this challenge????

Come on Antis!



My Advice on Love is Free, and Worth Every Penny

One young guy on Stormfront is getting back into the dating game, and he is hurting.

He asks, “HOW Can You CONQUER a Woman?”

Like every other hetero male, I’ve been there. So to show my sympathy, I gave him some advice which is probably as inaccurate as that of any male who tries to figure women out. As always, I snuck a few of OUR points in it:


Bob Whitaker of whitakeronline
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Re: Is it possible to “conquer” a woman?


This “conquering” business is a twentieth century holdover from out-of-date thinking.

Believe it or not, Mommy Professor in the 1950s taught that only man was a territorial animal. Male birds tweeted and male howler monkeys howled to “conquer” females. We now know that male animals howl and fight for TERRITORY, just as we do, and their wars are often nastier than ours and do NOT stem from artificial things as Rousseau and Marx and Mommy Professor thought.

Yes, I KNOW it sounds incredible that Mommy Professor never noticed this. But it didn’t fit into his plans for the world.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, it is the FEMALE who does the choosing of which males father the next generation. That is the critical decision they have been making for millions of years.

Obviously they DO tend to choose the males who take the best territory or they would have died out. Women know exactly what they’re doing and we males DON’T. They screw up like we do, but we are right to blame them more for it. Women are NOT cowering, helpless creatures. When a white woman chooses a black man it is a violation of the choice she has had millions of years of evolution to learn to make.

In your case, remember she is balancing things you, and for that matter she, is not fully aware of. That’s her function, and its importance cannot be overstated.

At least ninety percent of the males of EVERY social species end up NOT being picked by the female they want. In EVERY species the female waxes hot and cold, and has long before you were born and before anything that even looked like you was born.

You do not conquer, you PERSIST.

You have to persist, but persist without getting your eyes pecked or ripped out. Women make you WORK. That goes for monkeys, peacocks, and man. You need to persist and not let her get you down. Stay at it and show maturity, which every female needs in a male to take care of her offspring.


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Comments on Making US a Priority in Your Life

Lord Nelson:

Don’t worry, this thing ends up becoming a priority in your life whether you like it or not.
I honestly believe there has never been a time like this in history.
Like you say we had the world and give it away. I don’t begrudge the non Whites having a piece but now we are giving away EVERTHING!

We are witnessing something that is unprecedented.

I see the things that started in this blog, (anti racist = anti White” etc.) spreading first to Stormfront, and then the mainstream, and I am proud to be a part of it.

The biggest flaw in the ideology of anti White racism is that they did not think about what would really be replacing us.

And I see that little chicken coming home to roost big time, and I see it happening now.

Mommy professor told them we would be replaced by some kind of mixed, coffee coloured perfect race.
Ironically, a perfect mirror image of what we are told the Nazis believed in.

Of course the reality is, nature hates a vacuum and if we don’t want what is ours, then other specific ethnic groups will compete to take it.
IF, the antis ever got their GENOCIDE, then maybe the Muslims would get Europe, and the Mexicans the USA.

But we will never really know, because their religion WILL, fall.
And when it does, it will leave a stink in history like has never been seen before.

We are blessed to live in interesting times, and let us not forget it.

Comment by Lord Nelson — 4/28/2007 @ 2:17 pm |Edit This


We need more activists to step up.

In order to recruit more activists, I’ve changed the link in the mantra to point specifically to and I’m posting more on pro-white blogs. You can see this change by looking at my tracker:

Last 20 Days – Daily contacts are up. It’s only noon and I’ve already crossed the 100 visitors mark. I think I’ll pull in 200 potential recruits today.

Last 20 referrers – As you can see most visitors are now coming from pro-white sites. Hopefully, this plus their being directed straight to the activism handbook will encourage at least one of these 200 to join us by reading chapter 1 and following its instructions.

If we succeed in getting this activism model going, i.e. if we create a feedback loop whereby activists recruit more activists, we’ll push this tiny snowball down the mountainside and watch the white avalanche.

But we need more activists to join in so we can prove this model. With a proven model in hand I’m pretty confident I can get as well as other blogs to adopt it. If they form activism pages/sections to promote themselves while spreading the mantra we’ll get a second chain reaction going and the white avalanche will become really big.

To join in and push the snowball over the side, read the handbook and follow the instructions. It only takes 10 minutes:

RW’s Introduction
Setting Up Accounts

Then all you do is post the mantra onto new blogs/forums and use the riddle as your sigline wherever you post regularly.

That’s it.

That’s really all there is to it.

The paradigm wherein white rights and group interests don’t matter is already faltering, we need you in on this one last push to knock it over.

Comment by Stevenp — 4/28/2007 @ 2:28 pm

ADELHEIM shows he’s moving in:


I registered today. And I must say that this way of posting is very effective. I have just used it for some hours, but it is really easy to find blogs that talks about immigration.

I do not know if the tracker and all that stuff is set up the way i should be. But I am FINDING blogs and posting.

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