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Mark: No More T&A

Bob, TA has a slightly different connotation to my generation (early 40’s) than it possibly does with you. When I think of TA I instantly focus on the old rock band the Tubes who had half naked girls dancing in the background, among other things. How about calling them Technical Managers, or Problem Solvers, or Enlisted Men? Anything but T&A.



Good Lord! You can REALLY tell I’m getting old when the only thing that the letters T and A remind me of is the internet!!!

As of now, I will, subject to Sarge’s consulting his dirty little mind for approval, rename the group Blog Fixers. I thought about Blog Workers, but BW would cause confusion. I am not wedded to it, so if anyone has a better suggetion bring it on.

Lord Nelson also responded to the old name by mentioning he was not good at technical stuff. The term is misleading that way, too. I am prospecting for talent and independent doers in general and beginning to start delegating inside our seminar, so the term “technical” doesn’t really cover it.

This is a critical stage. Henry Ford was asked about what he would do if government socialized his company. He responded, “They can take my plant. What I need is my PEOPLE. If I can keep my team, I’ll STAY rich.”




Few realize how critical the matter of “responsibilities delegation” is to racial matters.

There are five levels of employeeship:

Level 1: Stand around and wait for your orders (buck private)

Level 2: Ask what to do

Level 3: Recommend, wait for boss’s approval

Level 4: Act on own, report immediately

Level 5: Act on own, report periodically

The vast majority of dark skinned people simply cannot operate beyond levels 1 and 2.

This is a major driver with the Mexican immigrant. He is looking for a better boss for his level 1 and level 2 view of the world.

Most blacks cannot function beyond level 1.

Levels 3 through 5 require someone capable of initiative and shouldering responsibility. This means they must possess the moral qualities of trust and discipline.

They must also value resourcefulness, thinking, and solving problems.

The job market is desperate for level 3 to 5 people. This is true even in times of high unemployment. Wars are routinely lost because of a lack of level 3 to 5 people.

Natural born level 5 people are exceedingly rare. Recently, I watched a natural born level 5 21 year old coordinate the construction of a series of multi-million dollar office buildings.

I could hardly believe it. 21 years old and he flawlessly executed the command of hundreds of workers daily in a critical path of men and materials of immense complexity. That 21 year old is welcome on my team any day.

There are a lot of nonwhite intellectuals in this world who really believe they can overthrow white power. They are children. They cannot imagine what it means to oppose a cadre of white level fivers.

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No Fed is Responsible for Anything

Here is some inside-the-Beltway information you may find interesting.

I was a Reagan appointee. I was Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management. My job description included speaking for, in the place of, the Director of Personnel Management, as if he were there. He had two Special Assistants in charge f different areas.

As always, though I was in the same office suite, I almost NEVER talked to my boss. As I said in my piece on “Delegation” I almost NEVER spoke to my boss on Capitol Hill when I was a senior staffer. The congressman would routinely turn interviews with the press in his name over to me without any directions at all. They came out as HIS quotes.

I once had my picture on the front page of the New York Times as Special Assistant to the head of OPM. The Director knew nothing abut it until he read the paper. In the big leagues, you HIRE STAFF. If you don’t do THAT well, NOTHING will substitute for it.

President Reagan did his job in a forty-hour week, which the media criticized. One of them asked me what I thought of Reagan forty-hour-week after Carter’s workaholism. My reply was, “When a hand picks up the Red Phone I DO NOT want that hand shaking with fatigue.”.

Reagan liked that, though we never had any contact abut it. The Executive Office of the President alone has about five THOUSAND employees. If you can’t USE them to get the President’s job done, no hundred hour week will substitute for it.

Reagan, a former union president and eight years governor of California, knew how to delegate.

I had a LOT of responsibility, but how could I describe it to someone who is not familiar with how the government works? Even most of my fellow workers inside the beltway equated power with how many hours you spent talking with the Boss. If THEY couldn’t understand me, how can I explain this to YOU?

So to describe my Reagan job, I said I was in charge of ALL civilian security clearances. NOBODY is in charge of all security clearances – or in sole charge of anything else -anywhere in the Federal Government in the sense the average person in the private sector would understand “in charge.” Officially my boss was in charge of all civilian clearances for 2.2 million Federal civilian employees, including the most secret. But big agencies just came to us for delegated authority over their own clearances.

We could and did interfere sometimes, and they were livid.

I did a lot, most of which my employer did not know about and that I cannot talk about. My boss, unlike Ashbrook just complained about how much I was out of the office. It was his first and only job in an inside the beltway job.

From here it just gets MORE complicated. But the easiest way for me to talk about what I CAN talk about was to simply use my job description, one part of which was to act for the Director who was in charge of all security clearances. It’s not accurate, because any staffer at that level makes his own job. But in charge of all civilian clearances describes my LEVEL very well. Clearances were, in fact, only a small part of my job.

So Fox described me as a cabinet member. That was DEAD wrong, but that is how it looks if you are not in an inside-the-beltway career.

Kelso sent a message to someone doing a story on Stormfront that I was in charge of Reagan White House clearances. White House clearances were a wholly different job, dealing with POLITICAL appointments. A personal friend of mine was given charge of MY clearance with the White House, and he had to tear a page out of one of my books to get me through, one where my assessment of Reagan was not flattering on one point.

The part of another of my books which described with pride how we helped defeat then Vice President in his run for reelection to congress was left in. I had a LOT of power, but if you work INSIDE the system it is impossible to describe quickly. That was the knowledge I had that gave me power.

Maybe, “in direct line of authority over all civilian clearances for 2.2 million competitive Federal employees” would be the most technically correct, but what would it mean to the average person who has as much interest in the exact details of Federal employment as he does in qualifications for the Brick Layers’ Union?

And it STILL wouldn’t describe what I REALLY did.

So the description I gave is as close as any newspaper reader would want to get. It describes my LEVEL, and is technically exact.


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GENERIC Conservatism

The media are always GENERICALLY conservative. Note the word “generic.” Today we use the word “conservative” to misdescribe anyone who opposes “liberalism” of Political Correctness. But our media wants things to keep going exactly as they are, just as the 1930s media were almost unanimously opposed to the New Deal liberals. Generically speaking Political Correctness is the only truly conservative movement today. No criticism of the direction of society is ALLOWED by those who are on the top in THIS one.

A million tenured professors constitute the most GENERICALLY conservative force in the world today.


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Joseph K, Thanks!

The one thing I will give you credit for Bob Whitaker is that you will allow a person to contribute to your blog. A person like myself, for instance. I openly give you a lot of credit for that. You could deny a person such as myself the opportunity to put words into your blog because you disagree with what I have to say. But you don’t do that. Therefore, I have no choice but to admit that you are a man among men as the lion is among beasts. You will not suppress my content. That takes courage and the willingness to permit freedom of speech. That makes you a better man than many a man. There is a great deal of suppression of freedom of speech in our country today and I am hereby announcing that Robert W. Whitaker is not among those who is suppressing freedom of speech in America. That in itself is a big deal to me.

Congratulations to you, Whitaker. You are a bonafide American.

Joseph K.


Just a couple of days ago, I was thinking how nice it would be if someone trashing me would say just this.

This is also a lesson in BASIC thinking from Joseph K. My whole point about basic thinking is not to act like a retard and concentrate ONLY on what the other side is debating. Joseph is interested in criticisms of me, but he does not go moronically on to think of nothing ELSE. In the middle of the battle, he steps back and thinks, “There is the subject, but there is also a DEBATE going on here.” So he has the presence of mind to comment on the debate itself. That is not just rare, it’s damn near nonexistent.

I think I am the only person on Stormfront who keeps reminding people in the antis section that there IS an antis section. As always, when I get a good point, I keep REPEATING it. I did the same thing on the big article where they interviewed me. They pointed out that the antis section was the second biggest on Stormfront, so I reminded them that, unlike the media, Stormfront HAS an Opposing Views section.

Yes, Joseph, freedom of speech IS a big deal. And your insight is big deal to ME.