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The Man Who Stayed for Dinner

One thing I am thoroughly sick of seeing on television is the guy who says, “Well, I was an immigrant,” or “My grandparents were immigrants,” “so I support immigration.”

What if you invited someone to stay at your house, and he said to you, “Well, since you invited me to visit, I must insist that you invite EVERYBODY to stay here.” Would you be glad you invited him? Would you consider him SANE?

“The Man Who Came to Dinner” is a comedy about an Englishman who was invited to dinner and simply STAYED. He became a PERMANENT RESIDENT in the private home simply because he had been invited to eat there once.

Being English, the story says, the homeowner could not bring himself to say, in plain language, “GET OUT!”

Does this story sound familiar when it comes to immigration?



The Hard-Working Immigrants Crap

This is a reply I wrote to a comment in Stormfront:


American citizenship is not for nice people. Citizenship has never been determined anywhere by how hard-working you are.

Please note that the Preamble to the Constitution does NOT say, “We the Nice People of the United States.” It also includes a racist passage, “and OUR Posterity.” Every parent will tell you that he cannot guarantee that his poterity will be nice, hard-working,clean, law-abiding, or anything else.

They are Americans because they are OUR Posterity.


Think about that a while, and you will be able to deal more realistically with this “immigrants are nice” crap. I have been all around the world. The United States cannot CONTAIN all of the good, hard-working people on earth who are willing to learn. We are less than five percent of the world’s population, and we are straining at the edges already.

In other words, though you will put it more nicely, the whole argument is bulls***. Japan will not let every nice person on earth to come to Japan. Neither will any other country.

Citizenship is not a matter of being nice. It has never been that, ANYWHERE.