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Mantra Wording for Other Countries, Intro, Part I

Posted by Bob on April 15th, 2007 under Coaching Session

I mentioned below that I will often reject a suggestion in a comment, like Peak Oil, and then finally realize it is useful. I like to think I do more learning here than anybody else does.

This does serve one very useful purpose. There are people who, if you reject their idea, will suddenly decide you are Evil for Life, you know, the “You said my mother was ugly” types. This kind of person is destructive, and I don’t want him NEAR our blog. Mr. Webb was a prime example of this.

Our Peak Oil man, and many others I cannot remember, took it in stride. We have too many REAL things to do to conduct some kind of group therapy for Sensitive Souls. So when people were quibbling about the wording of the Mantra, Sarge took the lead and said, “Just USE the damned thing.” That is what sarges are FOR, and Mark is, as I keep bragging, the kind of best people I attract. He’s one hell of a sergeant, and he was dead accurate on the priorities of the time, and I said so.

But now that we have some ACTION REPORTS coming in on the Mantra, and anybody who got all upset about our hard stand on this has sneaked away, it is time for me to address this problem. Someone who is USING the Mantra in Europe has a problem with it:


Bob, you say that:

“Liberals and respectable conservatives say there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”

It seems to me that this use of the expression “RACE problem” is something specific for the United States.

I think it dates back some decades because of the presence of blacks in America. In Sweden we don’t have this kind of history so what the left and the right told us over here in the 80s and the early 90s was that taking in immigrants was all good because it was humanitarian to do so and people who resisted were racist etc.

Somewhere around the mid 90s it was said that we were a multicultural state and that multiculture was all good and if you resisted you were racist etc. Nobody was allowed to question any problems at all arising from multiculturalism. It was all good.

Somewhere around 2002 there was a change of line. Suddenly, yes there were some problems with multiculturalism but only because we had a problem with segregation. The left said that this segregation was because of white racism and “structural racism”. The solution to the problem of segregation is integration and the government should enforce it, the left told us. The liberals (who are the political “right” in Europe”) said that the lack of integration was because of too much free market-barriers etc. But “both sides” said and are still saying that the problem is not multiculturalism but segregation and that if we all just integrate (i.e. the solution to the white race) all problems will disappear.
However, they never speak or spoke of some race problem. They spoke of segregation, integration, diversity and multiculturalism.

I want to use Bob’s Mantra in Sweden but I have a hard to translate the first paragraph. The race problem is such a good expression for our enemies to use (for us). Unfortunately, they don’t use it over here.

Can you help me think of some alternative so I can combat political correctness in Sweden?

Can you give me an example of where liberals and respectable conservatives talk about Europe and say that we must solve the race problem there (with the exact words “race problem”).


This is NOT someone sitting on his ass twiggling about the Mantra instead of USING it. This is EXACTLY what I ask for, a comrade in the fight who wants some advice.

That’s what I’m here for.

Now to MY problem. You saw me below writing something in my version of German. Those who do not know German will see it as an exercise in my linguistic expertise. Those who DO read German will see it as an exercise in raw courage. Very few people have the guts to write something that bad in a foreign language. But I know it will be understood, and that is all I am interested in.

I have been willing to look like an idiot for the cause many, many times. This is courage, not expertise. It’s embarrassing, and many a Tough Guy who is willing to go out and fistfight for the cause would die before he would make a fool of himself for it. I’ll do either one.

I am not William Buckley, so I do not pride myself in putting in untranslated phrases in a foreign language. So I translated every word I said into English. One thing I said was that I am VERY, I will add PAINFULLY aware of trying to say what one wants to say in a foreign language.

Don’t let Adelheim or the Swedish guy above fool you. I will NEVER be able to write confidently and clearly in ANY foreign language the way they make English seem so easy. But I’ve been around enough to KNOW it and to tell you so. If you don’t have guts, don’t try a foreign language. Adelheim and this man and others whose native language is not English stumbled their asses off through school or elsewhere to get where they are, and there is no way you are not going to do that early on in ANY foreign language.

I am approaching a thousand words here, so I will have to do a Part II just of this intro because our whole business is communication, and this brings up points you NEED.

I WILL get to the Mantra point, but let me say all this first, because this Mantra wording is MUCH more difficult than it seems at first, and I’ll need your help on it. This is a SEMINAR, not a lecture.

  1. #1 by Adelheim on 04/15/2007 - 11:22 am

    “this Mantra wording is MUCH more difficult than it seems at first,”

    The Mantra is very compact, boild down. I have tried to translate the Mantra into norwegian. The problem was very much like what this Swedish guy had. We do not use the term “race problem”.

    So I have translated it AND tried it, in different versions. But I am NOT satisfied with the way I have translated it.

    Although the situation in Norway and Sweden is not exactly the same, it is pritty much the same I think.

    I tried to start in this way:

    “Everybody talks about immigration, integration, multiculture and assimilation. They say this would lead to the melting-pot. The melting-pot is the ide that all races will be mixed. But this policy apply ONLY to ALL white countries. I repeat, ONLY to ALL white countries.”

    As I said I am not satisfied.

    But if I could talk to this Swedish guy we could work out something.

  2. #2 by Lord Nelson on 04/15/2007 - 1:46 pm

    For the UK. I would change the words “liberals and respectable conservatives” to “Government and media”

    Of course other words may have to be changed in order to make those two words fit.


    The government and the media keep telling us there is this RACE, problem.
    The government and the media says this race problem will only be solved……….etc.

    This should hit a nerve with every Brit. Even those with no interest in politics.

  3. #3 by Stevenp on 04/15/2007 - 9:13 pm

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    I believe this was screened out because it has far exceeded the number of URLs that the general comment community normally uses–but typical of porn and drug spam. However, it met every other criteria to be kept as a real comment awaiting moderation. In case there are those non-tech types that don’t know what they’re looking at here… this is GREAT STUFF.]



    Try translating Bob’s Riddle into Swedish/Norwegian:

    “All white haters agree that it’s ok for whites to become minorities in their own countries. All white haters also agree that a Japanese person who wants to become a minority in his own country is either a traitor or clinically insane. Therefore, what is a white hater?”

    Does it help any?

    Lord Nelson,

    Try using “pro-minority bigots and chauvinists”, for example:

    “The pro-minority bigots and chauvinist infesting government and media keep telling us there is a problem with white people and white countries. The problem, it appears, is that they are too racist. They keep saying this problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.”


    OK here is my feedback on the mantra:

    1. The word “Liberal” is American, Europeans use the term “Socialist”. To them a “Liberal” is what we call a “Libertarian”.

    2. The quotes “” around every sentence. What is that about? Yesterday I posted at libertyforum:

    and the first comment I got (by a supporter) was, “framed as crazy ranting quotes but true”

    3. If you still want to keep the quotes, use the straight dual use ones not the open and close curly ones. In the comment section of some blogs (particularly wordpress) they show up as question marks making the whole thing look ridiculous.

    4. As someone at the Hannity thread pointed out, Belgium and the Netherlands are not MORE crowded than Japan and Taiwan. That should be changed to AS crowded.

    5. I still think we’d be better off changing phrase 8 to

    “But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of [demographic extinction] against my [people, white people] Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

    6. When other groups fight for their rights they rarely use the term “race”. Blacks talk about black people, Jews about the Jewish community etc. Let’s follow their lead, after all there’s no arguing their identity politics is more successful than ours.

    I therefore recommend an across the board replacement of the word “race” with “people”. It’s not like the meaning changes one iota. All we’re doing is we’re avoiding a psychological pitfall created by decades of mass media indoctrination and, since our meaning doesn’t change, we do so at no cost.

    The word “race” makes people uncomfortable whereas “people” doesn’t. Perhaps that’s why other groups don’t use it. I’m always startled when I hear black politicos say “the black race”, it happens but it’s very uncommon and usually involves the inexperienced ones.

    Let’s not make it look like black politicos are smarter than we are.

    7. Nevertheless, since I’m a good soldier using the mantra as is, I have found that I am better off defusing the hardcore nature of the race race race message by adding this intro:

    “If you go against your group interests while black you’re an uncle tom, if you do so while white you’re open-minded. If you express group interests while black you’re standing up for your people, if you do so while white you’re racist.”

    It works. Yesterday I posted it twice at the Guardian website:,,2057101,00.html,,2057479,00.html

    Read the comments that followed the second one, they were astonishingly supportive. Astonishingly. Considering this is one of the main British leftist newspapers, it’s just staggering how powerful the intro I tacked onto the mantra actually is. It defused the racism charge and identified them as uncle toms in one move, leaving them defenseless as the mantra came crashing in.

    So, if you really have to keep the race race race going, then at least add the introductory sweetener to it. It works.

    Here’s another 50 blogs I posted it on yesterday. Notice how the added paragraph improves the reaction across the board:,,2057101,00.html


    You said, “This is NOT someone sitting on his ass twiggling about the Mantra instead of USING it. This is EXACTLY what I ask for, a comrade in the fight who wants some advice.”

    Bob, I’m not only using it, I’ve written a manual on how to use it. Here is the draft. Since you have to provide an introductory motivational intro, the ball is in your court – don’t make the troops wait too long, we’re ready.

    Once you’re done forward it to for permanent filing. Also, solicit newsgroup experts to write a chapter on that methodology.

    Finally, note that the whole point of the system I’m introducing is to provide the activist teams with the most potent motivator in town: peer recognition. Consider providing bonuses for activists who excel at bringing traffic, e.g. free copies of “why jonny can’t think” etc.

    Oh and one more thing. If this thing takes off, there will be lots of first timers hitting the blog – these are potential recruits. Consider putting up a permanent “this is who we are, this is what we do, join us” blurb at the top of your blog’s right sidebar, either the full text or a PROMINENT link to the text which would then segue on to the manual.

    Over and out, stevenp

    **** DRAFT **** DRAFT **** DRAFT **** DRAFT *****

    By Steven Palese


    Join the our fight and help us make a better world for white children

    CHAPTER 1.
    33 STEPS – 10 MINUTES

    An internet activism platform consists of an email address, a blogging account and a tracker. Though you already have an email address, you must create a new one specifically for activism. You will be using it to register in forums and blogs where you’ll be confronting hostile pro-minority chauvinists, bigots and white haters with the truth, as encapsulated in Bob’s Mantra. Anti-white forum and blog admins can’t argue with the truth but they can and will nuke your email account out of white-hating spite. What they do is they go to porn sites and enter your email address into every mailing list they see. Within 2 days your mailbox will be so flooded with spam it will become unusable. Professional spammers sell each other CDs with 500,000 email addresses for $10. If your email address ends up in their hands, it’s over. NEVER use your real email address, always use the one you create specifically for activism.

    The second element is the blog. Your blog provides you with your own internet address to which you drive traffic (contacts and potential recruits). Interested parties will filter through to the main websites because the blog will only contain the mantra and two links to and Why not send them there directly? Because sending them to your blog first means your tracker records the fact that it was YOUR labor and effort that brought in the contact and potential recruit. Having your own URL (internet address) is key to your getting due credit for your activist efforts.

    The third element is the tracker. This is just a little graphic that appears at the bottom of your blog. If you click it you can see exactly how many people have visited the blog, from which links they came and at what times. This information is essential for calibrating your efforts toward wherever the payoff is highest. I cannot stress how important the tracker’s real-time feedback is. Trust me, once you’ve used a tracker you’ll never go back to “blind” activism. Another benefit is that it creates a permanent publicly accessible record of your labors as an activist that specifies exactly – and I mean exactly – how much effort you have put into saving our people.

    Ok enough chit chat let’s get going. Hear are the 33 steps I followed to set up an internet activism platform (email, blog and tracker accounts) in 10 minutes flat:


    1. I went to
    2. I clicked on “Sign up for free Opera Web Mail”
    3. Next page: I clicked “I accept”
    4. Next page: I entered “mantra77” in the “Choose a username:” textbox
    (obviously you should use a different username)
    5. Next page: I filled the [fields] as follows:

    Sign Up

    Fields marked ** are required.
    Login name mantra77
    ** Password: [XXXXXX] (choose a password you’ll remember)
    ** Confirm password: [XXXXXX]
    ** First name: [Mickey]
    ** Last name: [Mouse]
    ** Date of birth: [01/01/1960]
    ** Country: [Angola]
    ** ZIP Code (US only) [leave this blank]
    Alternative contact address: [leave this blank]

    ** Word Verification (developed with the Captcha program)
    Please enter the word you see from the picture below : [enter word as shown in graphic]

    Please choose a question and answer for your password hint. We will use these to help you retrieve your password in case you forget it. Please state your question and answer in English, if possible.
    ** Hint question: [who cares?]
    ** Hint answer: [nobody]

    then I clicked “Sign me up”

    6. Next page: I entered the following:

    Username: [mantra77]
    Password: [XXXXXXX]

    and accessed my new email account:

    Time taken to set up a free email account: 2 minutes 40 seconds.



    7. I went to
    8. I clicked on “CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW”
    9. Next page: I filled the [fields] as follows:

    Create a Google Account
    This process will create a Google account that you can use on other Google services. If you already have a Google account perhaps from Gmail, Google Groups, or Orkut, please sign in first

    Email address []
    Enter a password [XXXXXXX]
    Retype password [XXXXXXX]
    Display name [mantra77]
    Word Verification [enter word as shown in graphic]
    Acceptance of Terms [x] I accept the Terms of Service

    then I clicked “CONTINUE”

    10. Next page: I filled the [fields] as follows:

    Name your blog
    Blog title mantra77
    Blog address (URL) http://[mantra77]

    then I clicked “CONTINUE” again

    oh no! “blog address not available”. I tried again with mantra7777 and it went through

    11. Next page: I clicked “CONTINUE” since the first template (minima) is fine.
    12. At last! The new page said, “Your blog has been created!”
    13. I then clicked “START POSTING”
    14. Next page: I entered “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” into the title field..
    15. and copy/pasted the mantra into the big text box.
    16. I then clicked “PUBLISH”
    17. A new page came up saying:

    Your blog post published successfully!


    To login to the account in the future:
    password: XXXXXX

    Time taken to set up a free blogging account: 4 minutes 05 seconds.



    18. I went to
    19. I clicked on “Get your Free Tracker”
    20. Next page: I filled the [fields] as follows:

    Site Name: [mantra77]
    Site URL: []
    Site Time Zone: [11:37 – 23:27]
    Choose a login: [mantra77]
    Choose a password: [XXXXXX]
    Retype password: [XXXXXX]
    [X] I agree to the Terms and Conditions

    then I clicked “Submit”

    21. Next page: It says, “Thank you for joining us!”
    22. I thanked them back and clicked “Login into My Account”
    23. Once inside the account I clicked “Get your Tracker Code”
    24. A page came up asking:

    Choose the right trackercode for your specific needs:
    Click here if you use NO FRAMES on your site.
    Click here if you use FRAMES on your site.

    since blogger doesn’t have frames I clicked the first one

    25. What!!?? What IS that!? Oh my god! CODE!!!! CODE!!!!!
    26. I then copied that block of CODE (oh my god!) while covering my eyes
    27. Made it back to the blog account in one piece and clicked the “Template” tab
    28. The Page Elements page came up and I clicked “Add a Page Element” (footer not sidebar)
    29. A pop-up window came up and I clicked “ADD TO BLOG” under the category:

    Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.

    30. I then pasted the CODE in the content box while ignoring the title field
    31. Relieved that the dreaded CODE is dealt with I clicked “SAVE CHANGES”
    31. Finally, I clicked “view blog” to see the completed blog
    32. I scrolled down to the bottom and there it was, the tracker button
    33. Went down to the fridge and got a beer


    Time taken to set up a free tracker: 2 minutes 58 seconds.

    Note: once you get some traffic coming, you just click on the tracker button to see it reported down to the tiniest detail. The tracker will tell you where your activist efforts are generating the most contacts (unique hits) in the “referrers” section. It being public, all other activists will be able to see what you are doing, how effective you are (total hits) and what they need to do to improve their own effectiveness.



    Overall time taken and money spent setting up an internet activism platform (email, blog and tracker):

    time taken money spent

    email: 2 minutes 40 seconds $0.00
    blog: 4 minutes 05 seconds $0.00
    tracker: 2 minutes 58 seconds $0.00
    ——————– ——
    total: 9 minutes 43 seconds $0.00

    (beer not included in cost calculation)


    CHAPTER 2.

    Once the internet activism platform has been set up, it is time to drive traffic (contacts and potential recruits) to it. There are four ways of building traffic, in decreasing order of effectiveness: First, by posting (the mantra and your blog’s web address) in the comments sections of other people’s blogs. Second, by posting same in messageboards (forums). Third, usergroups. Fourth, posting your blog’s web address in link directories.

    Since in my experience the first method is the most effective, this guide will focus on it. Although an individual messageboard is, on average, more effective than an individual blog, there are hundreds of blogs for each messageboard. I believe you’re better off mass posting in blogs provided you focus on quantity.



    1. Start up your browser
    (this guide assumes you use the free Firefox 2 browser)
    2. Go to
    3. Copy/paste the following in the google search box:

    allintext: +immigration +2007 -2006 -2005

    – ‘allintext: +immigration +2007’ tells google the keywords “immigration” and “2007” MUST appear in the page text, not in the sidebar links, not in the title, metatags or graphic alts, but in the text.
    – ‘-2006’ and ‘-2005’ tells google the keywords “2006” and “2005” must NOT appear in the text; this is done to favor blog posts that are recent and not years old.
    – finally, ‘’ tells google to search ONLY the domain (note there’s no http//: or www in this search parameter)

    4. Click “Search”; you should get this search report:

    Results 1 – 10 of about 333,000 from for allintext: +immigration +2007 -2006 -2005. (0.25 seconds)

    5. (Optional) Refine your search by adding or changing keywords, for example you can try:

    allintext: +racism +immigration +2007 -2006 -2005
    allintext: +antiwhite +2007 -2006 -2005
    allintext: +affirmative +action +2007 -2006 -2005
    allintext: +borders +illegal +aliens +2007 -2006 -2005
    allintext: +minute +men +simcox +2007 -2006 -2005

    and so on.

    6. (Optional) You can also click “Advanced search” to access more search options, such as:

    Return web pages updated in the [last 3 months]

    which is very useful.

    7. Open the first 10 results in new tabs (Firefox 2 users: hold CTRL while you click them)
    8. As they load, click their title or “home” link to go to the main page
    9. Scan down the latest posts for items dealing with white issues, if you don’t see any move on
    (Firefox 2 users can press CTRL+F and use the bottom left find box, keyword:immigration)
    10. Scan for comment sections too. Close blogs that don’t allow comments
    (Firefox 2 users can press CTRL+F and use the bottom left find box, keyword:comments)
    11. Once you’ve pruned out the out of date and no-comments blogs you should have 7 or 8 left
    12. Click “comments” on each of these blogs
    13. You do not have to register since you already have a blogspot login/password (see chpt 1 step 17)
    14. Copy/paste the mantra into their comment box
    15. Check whether you’ve remembered to put YOUR blog’s web address at the end of the mantra
    16. Blogspot allows HTML formatting in comments. This means you have two options:

    Option a) you can present your link as text by simply writing it in, for example:

    potential visitors will then type or copy/paste it into their browser address bar to reach you.

    Option b) you can present it as a live link by enclosing it in HTML tags, for example:

    Visit my blog!


    potential visitors will then just click your link to reach you.

    17. Click “PREVIEW” to insure your link works
    18. Click “PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT” to fire a maximum calibre truth round
    19. Go back to step 7 and open the next 10 results
    20. Keep going until you’re satisfied you’ve hit enough white-haters for the day
    21. Go to your tracker and take a peek at the immediate results of your efforts

    – the bulk of the traffic will show up over the course of the next two weeks
    – keep moving while firing: don’t spend more than 5 minutes per blog



    1. Go to
    2. Click on “Sign up”
    3. Fill in the form:

    Username: [yourusername]
    Email Address: [yourACTIVISTemailaddress]
    Legal flotsam: [X] I have read and agree to the fascinating terms of service.
    [ ] Gimme a blog! (Like
    [X] Just a username, please.

    then click “Next”

    4. Go to your activist email account and wait for the confirmation email
    5. You should receive an email from WordPress called “Activate yourusername”
    6. Open it, it should read:


    Thank you for signing up with To activate your newly
    created account, please click on the following link: (your link will be different)

    7. Click on the link, you will go to a page that says,

    Your account is now active!

    8. Go back to your activist email account and wait for a second email titled,

    New User: yourusername

    9. Open it, it should read

    Your new user account has been successfully set up.

    You can log in with the following information:
    Username: yourusername
    Password: yourpassword

    View your profile at:

    10. Copy the password they provide and click on
    11. Next page: This is the login page, type in your username, paste the password and click “Login”
    12. Next page: Go to the top right corner and expand the menu under “My Account”
    13. Select “Edit Profile”
    14. Next page: Scroll down to the “Update Your Password” section and enter a new password twice
    15. Click “Update Profile”
    16. Next page: Now click on “Dashboard” then on “Tag Surfer”
    17. Next page: In the textbox under “Subscribed Tags” enter the keyword “immigration” and click “Add”
    18. Enter a few more keywords such as “racism”, “illegals”, “border”, “affirmative” etc.
    19. As you add keywords (tags) the list of recent blogposts covering the subjects grows longer
    20. When satisified you have enough, open the first 10 in tabs by clicking them while pressing CTRL
    21. After they’ve loaded, scan them to assess whether the mantra is relevant to the discussion
    22. If it isn’t, close the page. If it is, open fire!
    23. Copy/paste the mantra into their comment box
    24. Check whether you’ve remembered to put YOUR blog’s web address at the end of the mantra
    25. WordPress accepts HTML formatting for comments, giving you two options (see BLOGSPOT step 16)
    26. Click “submit”
    27. Go back to the Tag Surfer page and open the next 10
    28. Keep going until you’re satisfied you’ve hit enough white-haters for the day
    29. Go to your tracker and take a peek at the immediate results of your efforts

    – the bulk of the traffic will show up over the course of the next two weeks
    – keep moving while firing: don’t spend more than 5 minutes per blog



    1. Go to
    2. Type “immigration” in the search box (or “illegals” or “affirmative action” etc)
    3. Click “Search”
    4. Next page: A list of immigration related articles comes up. Ignore it.
    5. Set the new, additional search fields to:

    [in blog posts] results from [all blogs] with [a lot of authority] in [English]

    then click “Search” again

    6. Another list of immigration related articles comes up. This was my first result: 04/12/07 The Imus Lynch Party Home Page – Welcome! · 18 hours ago · 807 blogs link here

    ************ RECENT ARTICLES 04/01/07 – Thoughts On College Fools’ Day, by Steve Sailer 03/31/07 – Memo From Mexico: … Guzzardi 03/30/07 – View From Lodi, CA: Golden State Farmland Disappearing Under Immigration-Driven Construction, by Joe Guzzardi 03/29/07 – The Dutch Immigration Disaster: Is It Happening Here

    7. Click on the green “807 blogs link here” link (the number will vary)
    8. Next page: A list of blogs discussing immigration comes up
    9. Open the first 10 results in tabs (hold CTRL while you click them)
    10. Once they’ve loaded, scan for comment sections. Close blogs that don’t allow comments
    11. Once you’ve pruned out the no-comments blogs you should have 3 or 4 left
    12. Click “comment” on each of these blogs
    13. If they’re not blogspot or wordpress blogs, you may have to register first
    (if so use the activist email address NOT your real one)
    14. Copy/paste the mantra into their comment boxes
    15. Check whether you’ve remembered to put YOUR blog’s web address at the end of the mantra
    16. Click “submit” (or “post comment” etc)
    17. Go back to step 8 and open the next 10 results
    18. Keep going until you’re satisfied you’ve hit enough white-haters for the day
    19. Go to your tracker and take a peek at the immediate results of your efforts

    – the bulk of the traffic will show up over the course of the next two weeks
    – keep moving while firing: don’t spend more than 5 minutes per blog



    1. Google Blog Search Beta

    As the name indicates, this is a new search tool that is still in testing. However, I’ve found it to be 100% functional and very very effective. The fact that it indicates how long ago the post was made is simply priceless.

    2. Blog rings

    As you scan blogs you will run into several “blog rings”. These are collections of blogs that support and link to each other. Find the main blog to get a full list of all members. What you are looking for is blog rings whose theme reflects white issues, for example

    3. Other activists

    Visit the blogs of other internet activists and click on their tracker graphic at the bottom of the page. Then click on “Referrer Tracking 2” and scroll down to Totals: Sources. This list all the websites that have been hit with the mantra and are sending traffic. Click on the referring websites to visit them. Obviously, since the mantra has already been posted, you shouldn’t post it again. Rather, you should throw in a post supporting the fellow activist’s original mantra posting. For example,;ref2?login=mantra77


    CHAPTER 3.

    Internet anonymity is very useful to the internet activist. Hostile anti-white censors know who you are based on your IP address (the numbers that look like and when they ban you they ban the IP. In order to counter a banning you need to change your IP address. You do this using proxies. A proxy is a server that acts as a middleman. Your browser sends the page request to the proxy and the proxy then sends it on to the page you want, downloads it and relays it back to you. The webmaster will only see the proxy’s IP address, never yours. When they ban the proxy IP address, you just change proxy which gives you a new IP address.

    This sounds incredibly complicated and quite frankly it is. However, there is software that does it all for you. TOR, the proxy software I use, automatically changes proxies every 10 minutes. This makes me completely anonymous and therefore unbannable (though I still have to clear cookies and re-register after every banning).

    To enable internet anonymity, you need to download and install 4 software components:

    TOR – free open source rotating proxy
    Firefox 2 – free open source browser
    Firefox 2 TOR plug-in – connects the browser to the TOR proxy network
    Firefox 2 Cookie Culler plug-in – clears browser of unwanted cookies

    A final note: You can use TOR all the time if you want to do everything anonymously (emailing, blogging, registering, posting etc). However, bear in mind that all traffic entering the TOR proxy network is encrypted and relayed around several proxies before it reaches you. This means that while your browser is in stealth mode it’s slow. Very slow. The TOR plug-in provides a status button on the lower right which you can click to turn stealth on or off. While in safe waters I usually switch TOR off to return to normal speeds.

    Another problem is the fact that blogger uses the language it detects you coming from. This means whenever you use the blog control panel under TOR you learn multiple languages or wait for the next proxy change hoping for an American server.

    A final problem is that comments managed by haloscan ban TOR users. This isn’t a big problem because blogs that go that far are so censorious anyway that your post would never make it past moderation since you’re obviously expressing group interests while white – something too shockingly heretical for stalinoids to handle.


    Install TOR
    1. Go to
    2. Click on the link “Download” (
    3. Scroll down to the table whose first line reads something like:

    Platform Package Setup info
    Windows Tor & Privoxy & Vidalia bundle: (sig), (sig). Windows instructions

    Click on the latest stable version ( at the time of writing)

    4. Wait for the file (called vidalia-bundle- at the time of writing) to download
    5. Once downloaded, double click the file to install TOR

    Time taken to download and install TOR: 3 minutes 22 seconds.


    Install Firefox 2
    6. Go to
    7. Click on the link “Download Firefox free”
    8. Wait for the file (called Firefox Setup at the time of writing) to download
    9. Once downloaded, double click the file to the install Firefox 2 browser

    Time taken to download and install Firefox 2: 5 minutes 01 seconds. (slow download)


    Install Firefox TOR plug-in
    10. Start the Firefox 2 browser
    11. Go to
    12. Click the green “Install now” icon
    13. A Pop-up will appear. Click “Install now”
    14. Close and restart Firefox
    15. Go to (yes only one ‘d’)
    16. Take note of your IP address and location
    17. Look at the lower right hand corner where it says “TOR disabled” (in red)
    18. Click that text so it changes to “TOR enabled” (in green)
    19. Refresh the page to see your stealth IP address and location

    Time taken to download, install and test Firefox TOR plug-in: 0 minutes 44 seconds.


    Install Firefox Cookie Culler plug-in
    20. Go to
    21. Click the green “Install now” icon
    22. A Pop-up will appear. Click “Install now”
    23. Close and restart Firefox
    24. Go to Tools > CookieCuller
    25. Click “Remove all cookies”
    26. Go to Tools > Options > Privacy
    27. Under Cookies, check the box “Accept cookies from sites”
    28. Set “Keep until” to “until I close Firefox”
    29. From now on you will wipe all cookies whenever you close Firefox
    30. To keep any cookies go to the CookieCuller panel and protect them
    31. Don’t keep google (blogspot, blogger, gmail) cookies under any circumstances
    32. Google maintains a record of all your searches and blog activities
    33. They use cookies, not IP, to profile you for their AdSense advertising (and who knows what else)

    Time taken to download and install Firefox CookieCuller plug-in: 0 minutes 33 seconds.


    CHAPTER 4.

    While arguing with a particularly vile pro-semitic bigot on libertyforum, I realized that his use of a beautiful model as his avatar was having a subtle psychological effect on me. It was making me somehow hold back. I knew he was a middle aged male and a rabid pro-semitic chauvinist to boot, yet the picture kept mellowing my feelings toward him even though I was perfectly conscious of who he really was. Indeed, even after I realized his choice of avatar was deliberate and intended to have that effect on us, I STILL continued to hold back.

    When debating anonymous people whose only sensory manifestation is text, it appears that adding something as simple as a picture has an incredibly disproportionate effect on the first, second and third impression one creates. Indeed, this effect is so powerful that if you try it yourself you will definitely notice a change of tone toward you. And it isn’t only noticeable, it is very noticeable. In fact, the effect is potent that the drawback may be that people will treat you with such kid’s gloves that they will refuse to debate you at all.

    Personally, I find pictures of sad little girls to be the most psychologically disarming. Insofar as white children are the ones we are fighting for, using pictures of them is not only appropriate but obligatory; we have a duty toward them to do everything we can to fight harder and more effectively. This means engaging in psychological warfare wherever possible.


    1. Find a digital picture of your daughter, niece or young sister where she looks really sad
    2. If you can’t find one, use google image search to find something suitable on the net
    3. Open your blog account
    4. Click the “Template” tab
    5. Next page: In the Page Elements page click “Add a Page Element” (sidebar not footer)
    6. A pop-up window comes up; click “ADD TO BLOG” under the category:

    Add a picture from your computer or from somewhere else on the web.

    7. Next page: Fill in the form as follows:

    Title [leave blank]
    Caption [leave blank]
    [x] From your computer:

    click on “Browse” and find the picture in your computer

    [ ] From the web

    [x] Shrink to fit?

    then click “Save Changes”

    8. Open your blog, it now has a picture
    9. Place the mouse over it, right click and select “Copy image location”
    10. Go back to your blog control panel
    11. Click on “Dashboard” in the top right corner
    10. Next page: Click “Edit Profile”
    12. Next page: Under “Photograph” and to the right of “Photo URL” there is a text box
    13. Paste the image location into the text box
    14. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Profile”
    15. You’re done.

    From now on, whenever you post in another blogspot blog, the tiny picture will appear as your avatar. In addition, whenever you register in forums or in other blog domains you can use the same image web address to provide a picture for your profile.


    Steven Palese. Public Domain. Distribute Freely.

  4. #4 by Stevenp on 04/16/2007 - 12:53 am

    Hi Sys Op,

    Can you email me at please. I’ll send you the full text of the manual by email because the blog has mangled it a bit. For example, in chapter 2 blogpot step 16 it’s supposed to show the actual HTML tags instead of using them. All you have to do with it is forward it to Bob (I trust he isn’t using that spammed to tears email address anymore).

    As far as akismet is concerned it’s a great plug-in. If the post hadn’t gone through I would have suspected a size issue and reposted it in parts. This kind of hiccup only occurs with really unusual posts.


  5. #5 by Pain on 04/16/2007 - 1:19 am

    Steven P:

    Saved to disk!

  6. #6 by Sys Op on 04/16/2007 - 2:20 am

    Note to code users wanting to demonstrate how to write some code. You need to use the ASCII longhand code for the carots (AKA greater than/lesser than math signs) if you want the carot to show in the HTML tags visually on screen and not merely hide and cause function as browser-read code.

    First, I’ve marked up and explained to the browser reader that I want to 1. Blockquote (double indent) 2. italicize and then 3. bold the words TEXT Goes here.

    TEXT Goes here

    Now the next lines show how it’s done. The ASCII code (& l t ; ) is < and (& g t ; ) is the > – -without the spaces I had to insert to get those keystroke characters to show:

    <blockquote><i><b>TEXT Goes here</b></i></blockquote>

    Getting to the demo by typing this (less spaces between ASCII code characters):

    & l t ; blockquote & g t ;& l t ; i & g t ; & l t ; b & g t ;TEXT Goes here& l t ; / b & g t ; & l t ; / i & g t ; & l t ; / blockquote & g t ;

  7. #7 by Lord Nelson on 04/16/2007 - 8:34 am

    Adelheim you are a genius, well done.

  8. #8 by richard on 04/16/2007 - 11:17 am

    A note on the issue of whether to use the term ‘race’ or ‘people’ – I agree that ‘race’ is too loaded and isn’t used much – many deny it even exists!

    The best term I’ve found is ‘ethnic group’ – it’s the kind of phrase antis use all the time.

  9. #9 by el Tom on 04/16/2007 - 10:04 pm

    I feel used. So used.

  10. #10 by Stevenp on 04/17/2007 - 12:19 am

    el Tom said, “I feel used. So used.”

    Why el Tom? I read your profile, you’re an Oxford student. You are exactly the kind of person we’re hoping to attract. Over here critical thinking (as opposed to passive thinking) is mandatory and brilliant thinking is a bonus. You’re a bonus type.

    If you want to engage us you’re more than welcome. I’m aware you’re a leftie but that’s no big deal. You’re young and your views are probably more malleable toward hard facts than most people’s.

    Here’s a sample of the kind of radical thinking you’ll find here. This is a dissection of leftism. Nothing personal, I just want you to see how radical real radical is and hopefully get some great feedback from you:

    Political Correctness is a religion, i.e. a structured belief system based on faith. A religion need not have a god, although Political Correctness appears to have one. Its god is Hitler, an altogether evil god that is despised by its followers. In this respect Political Correctness is similar to the Aztec religions whose evil gods had to be appeased with constant human sacrifice. The evil god Hitler needs to be kept at bay with constant discrimination against whites.

    The doctrine of Political Correctness measures everything against this god, the evil Adolf Hitler. In this religion, everything that Hitler believed in is evil, and everything that he opposed is good. This belief system condenses to two doctrines:

    * Non-white minorities are to be worshipped in the morning
    * The white majority is to be degraded in the evening

    And is based on this one cardinal faith:

    Whites are oppressors; therefore whites deserve discrimination and racism to redress the imbalance.

    This faith is in turn sustained and legitimised by three anti-white racial theories:

    1. The Unique History of White Evil theory
    2. The Unearned White Skin-color Privilege theory
    3. The White Majority Deference theory

    The Unique History of White Evil Theory

    This racial theory holds that “whites cannot evade history”. It is a racial theory because it justifies discrimination against a group based on their (Euro-Christian) ancestry alone irrespective of actual participation or consent (in slavery, holocaust, etc.) and therefore denies innocence as a defense.

    The Unearned White Skin-color Privilege Theory

    This racial theory holds that “whites cannot evade responsibility”. It is a racial theory because it justifies discrimination against individuals based on their (Euro-Christian) ancestry alone irrespective of actual status or financial condition and therefore denies innocence as a defense.

    The White Majority Deference Theory

    This racial theory holds that “majorities must serve minorities unless the minority is white”. It is a racial theory because its discriminatory logic applies exclusively to whites. For example, suggesting the reverse, that white minorities in South Africa or Detroit should have not equal but superior rights is widely considered insane.

    And to keep their evil god Adolf Hitler at bay these religious freakazoids believe they have to keep calling for more and more racist affrimative action to sacrifice my children’s future.

    Why? Because The Evil God Adolf Hitler must be kept at bay! Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Lest he ARISE and BLOT OUT THE SUN!! and stomp cars with his feet! And gas Jews with his farts!!

    And don’t you dare violate the Great Sacred Truth,

    “If you go against your group interests while black you’re an uncle tom, if you do so while white you’re open-minded. Amen. If you express group interests while black you’re standing up for your people, if you do so while white you’re racist. Amen.”


    It’s a piece of a post I put up on alternet earlier – a big American leftie hangout. They were going on and on and on about these “christian fundamentalists” and I thought it hilarious that a pack of religious fanatics was disparaging another pack of fanatics for.. being religious fanatics!

    I mean the shamelessness of their nerve was just too much for me to handle.

    As we Americans say,


  11. #11 by Bob on 04/17/2007 - 8:20 am

    Adelheim, I LOVE initiative! I have sent the Swede a PM about your getting toether on this.

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