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Presidents and Body Counts

It is generally agreed that Lincoln was the greatest president. During his term of office, more Americans were killed than in all of America’s other wars combined.

The second greatest is generally conceded to be George Washington. He had an unfortunately almost bloodless eight years as president, but he was the leader when the greatest slaughter in our history occurred before Lincoln took the lead.

Frankling Roosevelt is in the top three. His administration saw the greatest number of American deaths since Lincoln’s championship record, as yet unbroken.

Wilson is termed one of the great presidents, but by the time he kept America out of war to get reelected in 1916, he got us into World War I too late to build up a serious body count, though he WAS a distant third.

Reagan won his war without firing a shot. So he was not a great president.




There was an editorial cartoon in our paper this week. It had Lincoln sitting in a chair holding an envelope. Next to him was a big fat slob of a white guy sitting at a computer with a container of “big gulp.” The caption said “The BACK of an ENVELOPE? DUDE I can’t scan and UPLOAD that to YOUTUBE in time for the AM BLOGS!!”

I mention this just to let you “BESTs” know that you are already scaring the hell out of more than you probably know. Of course things have gotten worse for fifty years. It’s unfortunately, a fact of life that things rot until the stench is intolerable. But the time has come. I think that lincoln is also credited with saying that “you can’t fool ALL the people ALL the time.”

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Lincoln said “You can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

Which describes US.

He also said, “You can fool some of the people some of the time.”

But when he said the latter, he was THINKING, “But if you do it ONCE, it lasts four years.”


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Lady Churchill

When Winston Churchill’s mother was growing up in her native Virginia, her mother took her to look at a village of poor whites. She said to her daughter, “This is awful. THESE ARE WHITE PEOPLE LIKE US yet they live like this!”

I am willing to bet that, if another TV dramatization of this incident is made, it will quote her as saying, “These are PEOPLE like us …”

Lady Churchill, though an active conservative (thanks for the correction!) had a special empathy for the British working classes that she never had for Virginia blacks or other blacks.


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Exchange on Stormfront Britain

I accepted a correction on the wording of my piece on Stormfront Britain:


I removed the word “fanatical.”

It shows my biases and distracts attention from my point.

You speak good American for a foreigner.

The reply was:

I’m English, you are the foreigner (no offence meant or taken) – Cliveyboy

So I answered:


As you know, but others may not, this was a twist on ENGLISH humor. You LOVE to make fun of yourselves, as people with a solid ego tend to.

I remember the English joke about an English lady who said:

“I am convinced that, if it is spoken loudly and clearly enough, EVERYONE can understand English.”

This makes an important point about white people in general. People on our side often make the mistake of trying to get white people upset about nasty jokes or denegrating statements about white people made by non-whites. It doesn’t WORK.

It doesn’t work because, like Englishmen, whites have no doubt about their own superiority, even if they are the most outspoken antiwhites. Nonwhites go to pieces when we denegrate THEM, because they take those comments seriously.

So it seems odd that we enjoy making fun of OURSELVES. It is simply a left-handed expression of confidence in ourselves.




It seems that the anti mantra of non-whites “doing the jobs Americans{white people] won’t do is beginning to falter. I also have noticed and commented to people about how you no longer hear talk about “how hard a workers the Mexicans are” anymore. Just a few years ago everyone was saying that, but I haven’t heard anyone say it for quite some time. Notice that they [Mexicans] are getting fancier ll the time, too. It used to be that you saw them driving beat up junkers, now I see them driving new four wheel drives and Mustang GT’s and such, and buying cartloads of DVD players and TV’s and stereos, etc. It is just a matter of time till they will be demanding more and more money and less and less work. Then we will see how much these businessmen and contractors who are now working them at slave wages love them. Same goes for the “high tech” workers of Bill Gates. I suspect that he will soon be seeking “diversity” somewhere where it will not cost as much.

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