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Dave’s Golden Words

“One thing that has happened to me is that I have become less angry and more implacable.”




Dave replies to AFKAN

One thing that has happened to me is that I have become less angry and more implacable.

I am “on to them”, our enemies, in whatever form they manifest themselves.

When BW criticizes the John Birch Society, for example, he is giving advice on how to effectively oppose “the directed society”.

The “directed society” needs its opposition to appear in organizational form and notice that BW’s advice is to eschew organizations and to focus on basics only. This is entirely correct and it separates him from the SF crowd and most other white nationalists significantly.

Unbeknownst to “the political opposition” when they choose to appear in organizational form, they have already been neutralized by the “directed society”.

This is why organizations such as Vdare are so ineffective in opposing nonwhite immigration.

The folks of Vdare just don’t get it.

They operate on the level Congressman Ron Paul operates. The “directed society” needs Ron Paul and the “directed society” needs Vdare.

Back in the 60s, Tim Leary, Ken Kesey, Jack Kerouac, etc. launched a “counter culture” that claimed to be a solution to the “directed society”.

However, the primary value of their “counter culture” was the advocacy of dereliction.

However, in contrast to the “counter culture’s” stated goals, the “counter culture’s” advocacy of dereliction was actually in alliance with the aims of the “directed society”.

That is why the “counter culture” was so warmly embraced by the corporate marketing machine. A drug scene, an immigration mess, and a ghetto scene is needed by the “directed society”.

From time to time even a rip-snorting riot is needed by the “directed society”.

Even now, fifty years after its birth, the corporate marketing machine can’t and refuses to give up “the counter culture”.

It makes me so sick I can hardly endure it; to have the vulgarity of dereliction slogged at me endlessly my entire life by our “official culture”.

But now “the directed society” in its hubris has upped the ante.

Now it is actually really and truly ignoring the most fundamental principle of how to unite society:

In the name of Political Correctness it is now fully applying separate legal and ethical standards according to ethnicity and religion by allowing ethnic, country of origin, and religious criteria (read “ethnic customs”) to trump the actual recorded and duly legislated or established criminal, civil law, and common law.

This is a catastrophe. It is a deliberate summoning of ethnic and racial conflict into being.

And it is this what BW sees that nobody else is seeing.

It never occurs to the Stormfronters or the British National Party folks that Political Correctness makes the “directed society’s” actual aim a deliberate fomenting of racial and ethnic conflict.

This is a big claim for me to make, but goddamn it, this is what I see with my own eyes and with my actual day-to-day experience as occurring.

I see it everywhere, for example, when sales taxes are not enforced against Asian restaurants, when African immigrants are allowed a pass by DHS regarding their growing labor trafficking trade (peons brought in from Africa to work as nannies and housekeepers for well-heeled and legalized immigrants in NYC and elsewhere), or LAPD’s dereliction in allowing gang dominion in the LA barrios, etc, etc. etc.

Get my drift?

For all those out there who want a race war, I say, by god, you are going to get what you want.

Accordingly, the law becomes a farce when country of origin and ethnic and religious “customs” are permitted to trump the actual law.

Therefore, Political Correctness makes race war in our time the actual policy of the “directed society”.

Make no mistake about it.



Computers Have SAVED the Art of Conversation

Finally, over half a century later, I realize what we meant when we complained about kids who “pulled on their mothers handbags and screamed for attention.” Someone wrote a book called “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” This piece is like that.

Why did we say everything about that kid “pulling on their mother’s pocketbook?”

There were generally two types of people I was raised with, people with the courtesy we practiced and the lower level whites and blacks. But when they were around us, they tried to learn from us. If one of their kids got out of hand, they would slap them. By the time a kid got old enough to reach and grab hold of their mother’s pocketbook, they didn’t do it.

In our case, by the time I got old enough to stand up and reach my mother’s pocketbook, it never OCURRED to me to do it. Yelling was trash, yelling was nigger stuff.

But it worked TWO ways. If a child who could barely stand said something, everybody LISTENED. If you are a child that age and you have a conscience, that makes you say something worthwhile and then shut up. You learn almost from your first words not to act like a nigger, not to be trash.

But in a way, I was spoiled rotten. Almost from the time I stopped wearing diapers, I was used to being LISTENED TO. But LISTENING was NOT what passes for listening today. Today “listening” means you stand there and let the other person FINALLY finish while you stand there panting like a dog to say what you want to say. You have no idea what the other person was talking about, but you let him finish, and that is LISTENING.

The result of one person waiting to say what he wants to say as soon as anther’s lips stop moving is what passes for “the art of conversation” which the Internet is supposed to have destroyed.

I just spent a week listening to this “art of conversation” and every minute of it I WAS dying to get back to this blog and to Stormfront. Only HERE do we have what I call conversations.

The computer has SAVED the real art of conversation.



I’m Spoiled

I have had to tell you over and over, at the risk of sounding like the Masturbation Generation, how tough I’ve had it. Sometimes this was the ventilating I needed to do, more often it points about ADD and the rest of my baggage I am carrying.

And often it was just plain sloppy self-pity. But nobody here is under the impression that I am perfect or even slightly superhuman. Every mistake I criticize I made and, more important, I MAKE. Which, I hope, does YOU some good. YOU can screw up, YOU can take action and goof it. You can say things you are ashamed of later.

We are white people. We don’t look to a Perfect Master or a guru. The one thing I am proud of is that I am out there making mistakes, looking stupid, TRYING to do it better, LISTENING when you call me on it.

I hope this makes it easier for you to deal with the real world. You are not in this to LOOK good. You can’t concentrate on our titanic task and try to look good doing it. THAT is the white man’s way, not finding some Perfect Model. A lot of people PREACH that, but they try desperately to LOOK good doing it.

Well, obviously you can’t look like an idiot all the time and get people to follow your lead, but when you begin to make looking good a main priority, you are no longer concentrating on what we are DOING. It’s a hard line to talk, but everything we do is a hard line to walk.

On this trip, I realized that, in a fairly rough existence, one of the ways I found out things YOU can USE is because in some ways I was SPOILED.

At age 66, in a crowded intellectual life, while others are bragging abut how they read some esoteric work, I am still defining BASICS.

During the past week I have had people yelling at each other around me. Nothing gets said, nothing gets listened to, and nothing gets DONE. I got a close look at a BASIC I took for granted before.

In my youth, I was raised in *** A *** Southern tradition. My family was not rich by modern standards, but we were by far the top family where we were. From the word go, surrounded by blacks and poor whites, I was taken very seriously as a leader before I reached my teens.

When I was out in the African and South American outback, I was the blond mercenary American people listened to. I was SPOILED in a way.

I naturally grabbed the job of being the writer and the spokesman for inarticulate people. I was, in the true sense of the word, raised to be an aristocrat among inarticulate people I identified with and who had to turn to me. This gave me training you couldn’t have gotten elsewhere. This gave me UNIQUE attitudes that cannot be taught.

I did NOT come up through ANY kind of bureaucracy. Everyone else in a leadership role today learns to obey the rules in the military way: You have to learn to obey orders before you give them. That is a firm basis of all Masturbation Generation thinking because all of today’s “leaders” and “spokesmen” did it that way.

The result is the “leaders” and spokesmen” we have today. Your job is to fit in and conform so that, when you reach middle age and all originality has been beaten out of you, you have learned to be the best conformist. THEN you become a Spokesman and a Leader.

You are also the perfect building material for Political Correctness.

One of the endless series of brags about being a Real Man I heard from the Masturbation Generation literally hundreds of times, though it seems like millions, had to do with making up a bed. They had to make up their bed with straight sheets so that the sergeant could bounce a quarter off of it.


I never once made up a bed with a straight bottom sheet. Since my divorce changing sheets is a more or less annual occasion, and until they FINALLY started making bottom sheets with lots of room at the edges, I was there puffing and straining and cussing as one end came loose after another.

I was never a sheet-tightening Real Man. I have had to field strip an automatic weapon when it jammed at the wrong time, but I do not remember ever cleaning my own gun once in my life. On the other hand I never left my weapon in the field in a panic the way thousands did at Normandy.

But I am a Masturbation Generation wimp because I probably couldn’t clean my own pistols and I sure couldn’t make up a bed so a sergeant could bounce a quarter off of it.

I’m SPOILED. If I weren’t, this Blog would be written by one more Organization Man, and that you DON’T need.

This is a lead-in to the next piece.




I was away from a computer for over a week and just sat down and looked over what happened!!!

I AM ECSTATIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a dream come true! You just grabbed it and ran!!

All my talk about how, if I was out of the picture, you would just grab it and run, but each time I went off for few days a year ago, things — excuse the expression — just petered out. I was very worried.

This is a dream come true.

In case I’ve been too subtle here, you done good.

Now I can do what ***I*** do, write.

Now that we have the body of work that I really needed to do, I can start putting in some new thughts.

But after all the years and all the hours and a huge expenditures, the job is DONE.

WE are moving. WE are ready to spread the message.

I talked to Antonio Fini while I was on the trip. He said he hadn’t been on the blog. I was disppointed, Then he addded, as an afterthought, “but I have been pushing the MANTRA.” My response was, “Why didn’t you tell me THAT to start with! You’re DOING it!”

This is now our home base, but the BATTLE, the POINT, is out there with the Mantra. You USE the Blog for your material. But this job is DONE. If my further writings help, great, but this is no longer Bob’s Blog and Bob’s Job.

I will write more, and I hope to live up to YOUR action. But the shoe is now exactly where all my effort went to putting it, on YOUR foot.

WE are on OUR way!


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