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Posted by Bob on May 1st, 2007 under Coaching Session

“Most people who think they have power are not really that interested in power. Their illusion of power comes from carefully keeping the good opinion of others.”

This is a priceless quote from BW. In it he has fully explained everything there is to know about Asian society.

Extreme consciousness about issues of organizational rank. Personal autonomy not allowed.

BW is like a bouncer I used to know: He was questioned about blooding up a couple of Marines. He replied: “The Marines are trained to fight. I FIGHT EVERY DAY. Big difference.”

Comment by Dave

This “pro-us” stance is key. It is “the force in being” BW has talked about. We saw it earlier several months ago in the severe backlash Miller Brewing Co. endured when it was discovered Miller Brewing Co. backed an immigrant rights event.

Miller Brewing Co. was severely chastened and it shows in its new “our posterity” orientation in advertisements and race based product orientation. Miller firmly got the message that multiculturalism is pure crap and it had to divide itself explicitly on a product spectrum based on race.

Miller Brewing Co. agrees with BW: It sees a world divided forever. This view is central to its basic long-term strategy. Even more significant, it has made this view explicit and public.

Accordingly, racism is going corporate, mainstream, and public.

This is the mirror reverse of the message corporate America got from the 1990s Texaco scandal when a whistleblower caught some line executives making racists comments on tape.

Texaco then lost its black customer base and a significant piece of market share.

It was then that all of corporate America jumped on the bandwagon that blacks are just whites with a different color of skin.

This is now over and it means a new world has been born and that world is strictly racial and divided.

Only college kids and Mommy Professor is not aware of this. Our corporate command has moved on.

Comment by Dave

  1. #1 by AFKAN on 05/01/2007 - 3:41 pm

    The Artist Formerly Known As Nobody replies to Dave:

    This is a stronger point than many realize.

    I talked with a beer truck driver during the time Dave refers to.

    He said he, and his fellow drivers, were treated with open animosity when they went into blue collar bars, virtually no exceptions. “Open animosity” began with cursing, and challenges to leave town were not uncommon.

    I think – and I do not have any hard date to support this – that the blue collar guys, the Wallace Democrats/Reagan Republicans, have an incredible feeling that they have been deeply betrayed by the status quo, and the vast importation of illegals has more than a little bit to do with it.

    I know they are much more comfortable using the word “niggers” than they were before, and I mean a LOT more comfortable with it.

    It’s all crystallizing around RACE, and the System is trying desperately to switch the subject.

    I suspect this will be to little avail…

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