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Dave II: Dave and Populist Forum History

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I’m really slipping on all cogs now, and I’m worried to death I’m letting SysOps down, as well as others.

My last slip was in the article below, where I referred to “Dave,” but I meant the second “Dave” below, not the first one:


The UK Defense Ministry’s Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre recently issued a new report:

“The middle classes could become a revolutionary class. The growing gap between themselves and a small number of highly visible super-rich individuals might fuel disillusion with meritocracy, while the growing urban under-classes are likely to pose an increasing threat… Faced by these twin challenges, the world’s middle-classes might unite, using access to knowledge, resources and skills to shape transnational processes in their own class interest.”

The report argues that the era of major wars between nation states is over, but that cooperation among nation states on policies that produce ever greater disparities of wealth will usher in an era of class warfare between classes of citizens across national boarders.

Substitute the word “white race” for “middle classes” and “class interest” and the Concepts and Doctrine Centre may have it right.

Comment by Dave


Dave is describing something very close to the Middle American Radicals (MARs) talked about below.

In Argentina, it was the independent truckers who put down the Communist Allende who had been elected in a three-way race and installed Pinochet. The independent truckers owned their own trucks, and were the “petit Bourgeois” described by Marxists as the basis is fascism.

They are also the “kulaks” whom Stalin destroyed in his Ukrainian slaughter. They are working people who have earned something of their own. They are what WE call “the middle class.” They are the Americans I worked with.

And this is what Donald I. Warren saw. The problem with any form of Wordism, including “progressivism” and Marxism, is that it is a STATIC answer to the Inevitable Future of Man. These last two are based on the Ex Oriente Lux view, which cannot escape its Middle Eastern roots. It sees society as pyramid shaped, with the rich on top and the exploited, illiterate, hopeless masses on the bottom.

And, as always, this means no form of Wordism WORKS. Marx predicted that, as industry grew, the masses would become more and more helpless and their income would go down to subsistence level.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, there has been a growing petit bourgeois, kulak, middle class in the West. But to explain this, I must first get by what every whiner loves to whine, “The rich get richer the poor get poorer.” Just please keep that whine back a bit.

Dave highlighted the growing class tension that ACTUALLY exists. It goes back to a quote from Charles Issawi, an Egyptian-American professor. It said that America is NOT pyramid-shaped, it is EGG-shaped. Instead of a pyramid where the huge bottom is at odds with the peak, we and every other Western country have a situating where the MIDDLE is big and the poor on the bottom and the rich make common cause in a war on the middle majority.

This violates everything on which progressivism and Marxism base their Middle Eastern World View. The revolutionary class is normally very conservative. Nothing is more conservative than a man who has worked his tail off and now owns his own truck or a woman who has worked her tail off and owns a beauty shop.

So the armchair whiner said I caused n revolution in my key role of helping Wallace become a major force and then making Wallace Democrats into Reagan Democrats. But, FOR THEM, the most conservative element of society, it me twenty years. It was a revolution FO THEM. They will never be the same again, though they lapse back into the Silent Majority Mode regularly. That is GENERIC conservatism. It was an inertia it took ME two decades to break, thought the armchair strategist could have done it with a limp wave of his hand.

He didn’t. I did.

But the realization is coming once again upon our kulaks that the very rich, of whom the Hollywood Elite is only the tip of the iceberg, is their ENEMY, and the welfare class is also their enemy. To radicalize the most naturally conservative element in society can only be done by a titanic effort, one which the forces of Political Correctness are putting forth by making our petit bourgeoisie, the hated “white guy in front of the TV in a sweatshirt with a beer in his hand” the Nigger and kike of our society.

As Dave shrewdly notes, revolutions always BEGIN by using the terminology of the society they are beginning to overthrow. So this has always been put in terms of a CLASS struggle, the language of Political Correctness, progressivism, and Marxism.

Since Donald I Warren’s day, it is harder and harder for people under the radar to suppress the obvious fact that now, since the inpouring of the third world into EVERY white country, a RACE struggle.

I’m TIRED. I’ll do Dave III into this when I get some energy back.