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Dave III

Note that I said in Dave II that the Chilean Communist Allende was elected in a THREE-WAY election. That is the way Lincoln was elected.

I need to get the importance of this across to you:

The days of “Stop Immigration!” and “The Evil Conspiracy took the world from us, let’s EXPOSE them!” are OVER. That was the strategy of a TWO-WAY election: White Supremacy versus THEM.

In a two-way world, we are overwhelmed. But in the three-way world I see so clearly, THEY are a MESS.

Let’s go back to Dave II:

I keep telling you about the simple strategy, twenty years of it, that I followed. Everybody said they were for it after it succeeded. But it is critical for me to remind you that the Conspirators and the Respectables fought me for two decades on this.

In other words, I have been here before. The very idea that Republicans spent decades trying to get “The Negro Vote” is so absurd today that nobody even MENTIONS it now. They STILL rule the Republican Party.

Once you are “made man” in the libservative establishment being right or wrong has no meaning. They “have a life.” Blaming professionals for mistakes of the past demeans all professionals

Which leaves US. What “professionals” say about us is no our concern. What matters to us fanatics is this:

I knew it THEN. They admitted it AFTER the battle was won.

Everyone has carefully forgotten that the collapse of the Soviet Empire was then considered an absurd dream. Now everybody KNEW it would happen.


Here we go again, to almost quote Reagan’s “There you go again.” to Carter in the presidential debates in 1980..

The days of the old White Supremacy are over. But, if you wake up and smell the roses, there has never been a time when white supremacy was taken for granted so completely as it is today.

The relevance of the old “Who took the world away from US?” is over. WE owned the world but WE said “Ex Oriente Luc” and we said that All Mankind had a right to the Heritage of All Mankind. We slaughtered each other in the World Wars and lost everything we had a right to.

That’s OVER.

We didn’t lose.

No one took it AWAY from us.

No Jew was ever as fanatical about killing our racial brethren as WE were.

So cut the crap.

One thing they are right about is blaming everything on US.

How white supremacist can you GET!?

The only people who are NOT white supremacist today are the Conspiracy freaks.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, this is the situation:

1) Everybody agrees on white supremacy;

2) In a two-way race between the old white supremacy and everybody else, we lose. Even if you EXPOSE all our enemies.

3) in a THREE-WAY race, the ENEMY’S position is hopeless.

We must learn how to handle a THREE Way race.

Those whose function is to speak for the white race will rule.

In the future, if I am successful , everybody would have known that all along.



Again, About the Resource We Call “Bob”

If you are going to get into the hot kitchen of politics, you get so used to being screwed that you ought to be a one-unit population explosion, even if you’re male.

There is no point in keeping a Black Book in your head, people you want to get back at. You only get back at people if it PAYS, i.e., a few times to let people know not to do it. But revenge on principle does NOT pay. It detracts from your JOB: “it’s not personal, it’s business,” as the Mafia says about someone who sleeps with the fishes.

I do keep a WHITE book. It is as thin as the proverbial list of black mathematical geniuses. For those, even the ones who will not speak to me or hate my guts, I would do damn near anything. That list includes Joe Sobran, who won’t speak to me, and Bill Rusher, who will.

That’s the PERSONAL side, very limited.

On the POLITICAL side, I reacted strongly to one commenter who, quite reasonably, mused that I might be engaged in wishful thinking without looking up the information I provided. That attacks my professional competence, which is all I have to offer you.

You will notice that personal insults roll off me without even being noted. It is only where they hit on what I am trying to offer here that I contradict them. That is a BIG difference.

SysOps and I were discussing our mutual experience of having been around so many blocks that what strikes newer people as a crisis, as it did US when we were newer at this game, actually BORES us.

I said in Dave II that when yet one more person explains patiently to me that they “have a life” it is as boring as hearing one more anti play me a tape-recording of Mommy Professor’s lines. But both the former and the latter actually think they have something here I didn’t know about.

As I ended Dave II, I just don’t want to BOTHER with that crap. I didn’t get two nervous breakdowns from overwork because I had nothing else to do, but I don’t want to explain that over and over and over and over and over and over.

But, as they said on Monty Python, here is something completely different, which those breakdowns remind me of. Like a goddam fool, I waited till the first one got better and then plunged back into the maelstrom. Naturally the second one came along.

I waited to come back from it.

And waited.

And waited.

FINALLY, I applied for permanent disability. Normally you cannot get my kind of disability if you don’t apply within a year. I honestly believe that I am the ONLY person who applied NINE YEARS LATE and not only won, but got nine years back disability.

“It’s all crystallizing around RACE, and the System is trying desperately to switch the subject.

II suspect this will be to little avail.”

Trying to switch the subject is helping crystalize everything around race.

They are becoming increasingly predictable to everyone, which is making folks like Gibson and Imus rich at their expense and it certainly makes our job easier.

You see they are trying to remain disciplined by sticking to the program.

But their program is built on absurdities such as that whites do not exist.

And that of course simply helps crystalize everything around race.

This is what happens when an ethnic group whose average IQ hovers around 85 believes itself to be the smartest people in the world.


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I had the expertise of having been Special Assistant to the head of the entire civil service — including security clearances — for all 2.2 million Federal employees AND contractees. They had given me on-the-job training for that that couldn’t be bought.

But I was immobilized. My sister charged in and took over the job. She was a former medical secretary, master’s degree church administrator, amd de facto plant manager. She is now a grandmother, and doesn’t even mention her former impressive jobs.

I DELEGATED everything to her, and I mean EVERYTHING in a sense people do not normally use the word. The very fact that made me eligible was what kept ME from doing it. This is the good old Catch-22. The Feds make disability benefits so hard to get that the person who is truly disabled is broken in the process.

Without my sister, and that would have continued to be my fate. I hadn’t applied because I couldn’t DEAL with applying. I did other things well, but when it came to my disability I simply could not DO it.

So I delegated. Big time. I out of SIGHT delegated to my sister. It was one of my major accomplishments.

SysOps understands this. I have something you need. I have something NO ONE ELSE has. But, when you are in my state, what you have to delegate is … Well, … Sometimes odd.

When the Forensic Psychologist first talked to me, he bowled me over. Right in front of him was the set of high-level, high-pressure and dangerous tasks I had accomplished, all the unclassified risks I took. His first words to me were, “Bet you have an AWFUL time mailing a letter, don’t you?” He said it routinely, as if someone willing to go into life and death situations and being a recognized political fighter but being panicked by mailing a letter was so routine to him it was a bit of a bore.

I thought this was something I could not EXPLAIN. I could do all that but I couldn’t fill out the forms. Once my sister got on it, this turned out to be not even unusual.

So now we have the explanation as to why millions of desperate people, the ones the system exists for, cannot get disability, while sociopaths thrive on it.

But, and PLEASE concentrate on this NEW point, this is why so many people fail. They have to “come up through the ranks.” I was a lousy GS-5 and about the best GS-15 the taxpayer ever got. I got horrible grades in high school and did great in college and grad school AFTER I got around the system and got into college from the tenth grade by the method I have described.

I would NEVER have graduated from high school. I would have been one of those dropout-in-MENSA types. Without any alternative to this “up through the ranks” crap, it is almost impossible for our true geniuses to make it where we need them.


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Dave had hit on a fascinating point concerning the role of Positive Racism in the future.Sir James Goldsmith created the Referendum Party in England solely to act as a counterweight to the (Jewish-controlled) Elite’s unchallenged march for integration into Europe, starting with the adoption of the Euro. They lost the ‘97 Election, also known as the Blair Coronation, but Goldsmith was quite happy. When interviewed he said, “We have made all of the parties, Referendum parties.”

When Kevin Phillips wrote on “The Emerging Republican Majority,” he knew the key to Republican success was “the South” – a genteel euphemism for White People Who Worked For A Living. Their Northern brethren were referred to as “the hard-hats.”

Then, they spoke – and acted – as ONE in defining and dealing with the collapse of Society demonstrated by the 1968 Democratic National Convention riots.

Today, I think they are reacting the same way to the attack on America – particularly at the economic level, AND the Quality of Life level – by the illegals. As well, they see the illegals as being coddled by the Elites, as were the hippies and draft deferred (spelled “dodging”) college students.

This gradual slide into decline that we are experiencing is a reflection of our failure to deal with the issues of RACE, at the level of the nation-state. At the same time, ONE event crystallizes the Awareness. Then, it was the riots at the Democratic National Convention.

Now, I suspect, it was the firing of Don Imus.

I am heartened by the firestorm that this has created in talk radio discussions; it is a simple to understand event that means One Thing, and every White person understands the non-verbal message.

Further proof of the hypothesis:

Yesterday, the LAPD fought BACK!

The times, they are a’changin!


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“The ‘melting pot’ metaphor captures one of the great strengths of your country, and is an inspiration to others around the world, as we face the continuing social challenges ahead”. Comment by Queen Elizabeth yesterday before the Virginia Legislature.

What more can be said? The genius social architects of the Anglo-Saxon societies, fully supported by the British aristocracy (nitwits of inherited privilege), have created the most balkanized societies imaginable that they count as progress in their delusional millennialism.

The wealthy are wealthy (Jew or not) because they have the cash flow to support the carrying charges on trophy assets (the most choice residential, commercial, and agricultural real estate).

This cash flow comes from their business enterprises and is largely turned over to government in the form of property taxes and in direct and indirect fees for development permits.

Let me say it again: It is largely turned over to government in the form of property taxes and in direct and indirect fees for development permits.

We indirectly pay these costs in the prices we pay for consumer goods and services.

Yet Queen Elizabeth, in her genius, is a supporter of the idea that non-whites (mostly Moslems) in Britain should be forgiven these carrying charges in the name of multiculturalism.

Accordingly, Moslems are inundating Great Britain to take advantage of the giveaways, fully supported by the British aristocracy.

Just think of the stupidity of this policy! It is unbelievable in the sheer magnitude of its blindness, arrogance, and stupidity.

It is a formula for revolution if there ever was a formula for revolution.

Yet this genius, Queen Elizabeth, dismisses this as a “social challenge”.

Americans are not as passive and beat down as the English yet Queen Elizabeth may swing from a noose yet.

Competent, successful, middle class white people are not going to tolerate being enslaved by the government’s carrying charges while nonwhites and foreigners are forgiven those charges.

They will burn the edifices of government to the ground first. Count on it.