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We need to do some serious rethinking in the new millennium. We have to dump nineteenth- and twentieth-century thinking.

White STATES have given up their racial identity. Soon there will be no white STATES except possibly in Eastern Europe.

A lot of whites have far too late begun screaming about immigration. Then they talk about white nationalism. The two are not related.

Western society developed into the concept of the nation-state. But that concept died unnoticed. Immigration is burying that outdated concept in the West. But not only in the West. How many “nations” are there in the “United Nations?” The “nation” of Iraq is an absolutely typical example of a non-Western “nation.”

What IS this “nation” called Iraq? How was it founded? Like almost every non-Western country in the “United Nations,” Iraq is the continuation of a set of borders set up as a division of a European Empire. It has a piece of the Kurdish Nation. It has piece of the Sunnis and a larger piece of the Shiites.

Jump down to Africa and tell me how many nations there are. Zimbabwe has a piece of the Beles and a larger piece of the Shonas. A Bele from Zimbabwe who goes up into the Beleland part of Zambia finds people who speak his language and share his history. That’s his NATON, not Zimbabwe.

Can you speak of an Angolan NATION or a Mozambique NATION?

The third world is made up either of ridiculously tiny states or of former colonial divisions. Their “nations” were decided in power struggles between European Empires. When a European Empire got its slice it then divided it up for administrative convenience in Paris and London. The resultant administrative hodgepodge then became, in twentieth-century thinking, a “nation,” a member of the United Nations.

When I was an honored Senior Editor of the Southern Partisan, i.e., when they NEEDED me, I wrote a cover article entitled “Southern Nationalism.” I pointed out that secession would not MAKE the South a nation.

The Irish were an integral part of the British Empire for centuries, but they were ALWAYS a Nation. Germany was politically united in 1871, but it was a nation all the time. Poland has been subdivided repeatedly but it remained a NATION.

A commenter said that whites were becoming One Big White Tribe. Actually, we are beginning to REALIZE our NATIONHOOD. The nation-STATE DIED in the twentieth century. We are Irishmen, Southerners, Boere, Germans. Those histories and roots are a part of our makeup, our identities. No real nation ever gave up its recognition of its subdivisions.

No NATION is the result of political machinations. A NATION is a derivative of the Latin word for “birth.” The white nation will be the results of a birth as painful as all births are. The white nation is a REALIZATION, not a political movement.

White hegemony was destroyed in the twentieth century by civil war. Their kinship was forgotten as they murdered each other in World War I and World War II. They felt no unity.

Please note this: They HAD a unity, but they FORGOT it.

Now the REAL aliens are here. In French prisons filled with Arabs and blacks, the white French prisoner heads straight for the area where the Poles and Germans and other white Frenchmen are.

White nationalism is a REALIZATION, not a political movement. It is happening right now.



Covered and Covered

Jamestown WAS covered in the media, so I really put my foot in my mouth there.

But it was also covered over by Cinco de Mayo.

The Queen’s visit and prechmentof diversity was covered. Most countries would discuss the foundation date. But people will keep talking about the Pilgrim Fathers because what should have been a great month in our history has been forgotten.



Cinco de Mayo Media Explosion

By the way, May 2007 is also the four hundredth anniversary of the founding of English America at Jamestown.

Don’t look for it in the media.

Most people don’t realize how critical it is to the Lincoln view of history to keep people saying that America was founded by the Pilgrims in Massachusets in November of 1620.

THAT is probably a MAJOR reason for THIS year’s Cinco de Mayo media explosion.

They assume that we are so obsessed with Mexicans that we will bitch about THEM and forget about our OWN history.

They’re right.



Housewife and Nutcase

In “Citizen Kane” around 1940 the reporter trying to find out what “Rosebud” meant could not get an appointment with the new president, the CEO, of Kane’s old newspapers. But the Chairman of the Board, the only person who outranked the CEO, immediately granted him an interview.

When the reporter asked about this, which to him seemed strange, he was told, “He’s the president of this outfit, he’s got no time. I’m Chairman of the Board. I got nothing BUT time.”

After almost seventy years the media and the Practical Men STILL do not GET it.

The press never understood Reagan’s forty-hour week. To repeat, Reagan had been governor of California for eight years. On paper he was the President, the Chief Operating Officer. In reality he was Chairman of the Board.

Nixon had already described in his biography how long it took HIM to learn this lesson after HE became president. The media didn’t notice. They STILL don’t get it.

As one commenter explained, the media are just plain OUT of it.

Thank God!

I described how my sister and I won, as far as I know, and I know a LOT about it, an unprecedented victory on my disability. She was a former medical secretary, a master’s degree, ordained-by-the-bishop big church administrator. She was de facto manager of our brick plant. But she, IN ALL HONESTY, says all that was LONG ago and she is a housewife.

This is not modesty. She would not trade the hair on one of her grandchildren’s head for all that medical secretary, a master’s degree, ordained-by-the-bishop big church administrator, de facto manager stuff . She IS a housewife.

Eat your hearts out, Women’s Lib!

Her favorite joke about the two of us beating the system was my comment:

“Pretty good for a housewife and a nutcase!”

When we did this, I was truly in a psychotically helpless state and that was what the forensic psychologists were PROVING. But it took us three years, and we WON. I was, as is slightly unusual for people in that the state I was in, indispensable. She was CEO, I was Chairman.

I will never be back in full fighting form again. But I am certainly not near the state I was in at that time. So when I say we can win with me as your Chairman of the Board, I am speaking from experience.

When she can dig up the time, SysOps acts as our CEO. But we are franchising. SysOps wants others to become CEOs. We’re head-hunting.

It is true that “There’s always room at the top.” But people don’t UNDERSTAND what that means. In business or on the Hill or anywhere else, there is always a shortage of the KIND OF PEOPLE who MAKE IT at the top.

Reagan used to interview people for high positions in his Administration AFTER he had read up on that “expert’s” specialty. Said “intellectual” would come in and Reagan would play that dumb-but-friendly Irishman image the media swallowed whole. Said Expert would give him the Full Treatment.

After the interview, Reagan would say, “That guy would be a DISASTER. Who else have we got?”

Reagan was looking for someone at the top. There’s always room up there, but the people who can MAKE IT there are few and far between.

They made a hit movie out of the book, “How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.”

It was a comedy.



SysOps, Tsunamis, and STAFF

SysOp’s piece below adds emphasis to what I have been saying.

Your political expert (Look at ME, dammit!) and your web tech expert are saying the same thing in ENTIRELY different, related areas:

The tide is out of hand and we have to ride with it.

This idea of an ice-cold set of geniuses who are on top of everything AGAINST us gets sillier by the hour.

WE have StevenP keeping a cold eye on the whole picture.

Our admin is right here. SysOps has pronounced him as brilliant on the tech side. I told him not to get a big head about that. She thinks I’M bright, too.

Dave could jump in here and do my writing any time.

SysOps and I are very carefully choosing commenters to give access and power to in these pages, somethng I could not have done if SysOps weren’t here.

I WANTED you to take over more and more, but I didn’t know HOW. Not just the tech side. SysOps is an experienced MANAGER too.

In the United States Senate, a senior staffer can put a whole speech in his boss’s name in the Congressional Record without his boss ever SEEING it. On the House side time is strictly limited so your boss has to find the time for it from the leadership, but senior staff is in much the same position.

You know what saying the wrong thing can to a politician’s career, so you damn well better get it right.

One senator said, “I don’t remember a lot about the speeches I give. I only read them ONCE.”

But every word he speaks when he reads that speech out ONCE in public had better be JUST what HE wants to say, but BETTER, or you’d better get your resume out.

No, contrary to what the Tough and Wise tell you, staff does NOT “run things.” The moment you start to think YOU run things is the beginning of your fifteen-minute count-down to getting a new job.

Reagan, as no one points out, came into the presidency after running what is now the biggest and was then the most complex state in the Union. He worked a forty-hour week. But, unlike with Bush, there was never the slightest question about who was in charge.

You notice that SysOps knows how to check things out with me, even if what she is talkng double Greek to Ole Bob. I don’t want her wasting her time, which is MY time, the hours in her killing personal workload and full life that she can give to US, wasted on translating ALL of this stuff to me. I am the DELEGATOR. If I need a translation of something down to my level, I’ll ASK for it.

NONE of this works the way people like the media THINK it works. They are reporters and news-readers. Every newspaper runs the same stuff in the same pages. Headlines are the same all over. Editors and “professional journalists” come up through the ranks.

In other words, they all come through the same bureaucracy. Which means they all come through the same cookie-cutter. Which means that every day they are still firing brass cannons while nukes are emerging elsewhere.

During my two decades described in Dave II below, I kept hearing people on my side saying, “Good LORD! Look at all those brass cannons! It’s HOPELESS!”

When the Reagan Administration came in, the media was caught with its pants down. They knew the guys at the top, but in the guts of the new administration they knew NOBODY. They were so desperate they put ME on the front page of the New York Times. They were so desperate they had ME on PBS panels and doing PBS editorials!

It took them YEARS to realize I was Hands Off, a Loose Cannon. Anybody inside the conservative movement could have told them that. Which means they knew NOBODY there.

They knew plenty of liberal Democrats, top to bottom.

The media had plenty of contacts in the Ford, moderate Republican Administration, “The votes are in THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!” They had ALL the brass cannons. So where the hell did WE come from?

We saw the tsunami, and we RODE it. If you spend your life on the Latest Thing and the News of the Day, tsunamis KILL you.

I did not come up through their ranks. I made my OWN ranks. NEW ranks.

No, I can’t stand up for inspection with my bed so well made that the sergeant can bounce a quarter on it, which was a continuing brag of the Masturbation Generation. But I can outstrategize anybody today who has on a costume that has stars on the shoulders.

I need SENIOR STAFF, not bed-makers. I need SysOps and Brain and Steven P and Dave and Lord Nelson out there figuring out the new stuff.

OF COURSE I left out important people. That’s not the POINT here! I have WEAKNESSES.

That’s why YOU’re here!


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