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Population and Dumbass Arithmetic

Posted by Bob on May 8th, 2007 under Coaching Session, History, How Things Work

I have explained before that demography is a branch of economics. I also explained why demography is described as “Panic Science” among us economists. This is because the study of population is boring, so the only demographers who get noticed are the ones who use the numbers to cause a panic.

Because of geometric progression, nothing is easier than demographic panic. The 1972 movie Soylent Green was part of demographic panic that made sterility moral, an attitude on which Women’s Lib was built. Women should go to the workplace and stop having children.

How did this attitude that children should stop become so popular? Well, by 1972 there had been the Baby Boom after the Depression and World War. So demographers who had credentials as experts and wanted to be noticed just took the Baby Boom population rise and projected it into the future. If the recent increase in population kept up for a century, they said, there would nothing but standing room.

People bought that panic and now the argument is that we have to have open immigration because, if you make the 1970s sterility craze into a geometric progression, Americans will die out.

So we buy each demographic panic through the media, and we go from panic to panic, causing crisis after crisis,

This is too simple for people outside this blog to grasp.

Nonetheless, what we need is not a counter panic to deal with the last panic, even in the form of Jews or Bilderbergers. Our problem is STUPDITY.

In TWENTY-FIRST century, our problem is old people like me. Demographers are already on that one. The problem is that more and more of us are living to be older and older, and we are nonproductive.

Make geometric progression of that and you get a good, solid panic and a professorship.

During the TWENTY-FIRST century, the same technology that makes older people live longer will make them PRODUCTIVE again. They will not only live longer, they will be CURED of the problems that make their old age nonproductive.

But that’s too complicated. The media just want the latest demographic panic.

As the TWENTY-FIRST century goes on, the productive population will increase at BOTH ends, the old way, the birth of babies, and at the other end, putting older people back into productivity.

This is not rocket science, for God’s sake!

This is Occam’s Razor, the basis of Western science. Stop looking for big time, exciting answers. Look first for the simplest solution. Stop building Bilderbergers and start looking at arithmetic. LAUGH at the dream castles built on geometric progressions.

Stop being STUPID.

  1. #1 by AFKAN on 05/08/2007 - 10:29 am

    The demographers err in their foundational belief that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. This is the most incredible mistake that could be made, and it is being enshrined as our operating national policy, is the union of a deliberately dysgenic social policy – unchecked and SUBSIDIZED immigration of low quality people, “Welfare As We Know It,” ALL in the fulfillment of the god of Equality, and ALL in the service of the Levellers, the Haters of all that is Good and Noble.

    Perot had a very useful part of The Answer – meritocratic schools for the Elite, particularly in the areas of technology.

    He was slammed for this with an amazing display of forceful animosity, almost as if he was being made An Example of. I believe he was called a RACIST in many quarters…

    If the money that had been spent on Title 1 and No Child Left Behind had been spent on deliberately developing the BEST, we would be far better off.

    The issue of RACE deals with issues that are Qualitative in nature; thus, for example, only the White RACE can (a) make democracy, and (b) make democracy work.

    Democracy (define it how you will), and all of the social and economic initiatives that it makes possible.

  2. #2 by Mark on 05/09/2007 - 7:47 am

    I remember as a kid when the latest panic was Legionaire’s Disease. I was maybe in the 4th or 5th grade and worried to death we were all going to die of this mysterious diesease. After LD vanished a few weeks later (the time frame when everyone in the US was supposed to come down with said disease and die) I surmised that all of the hoop-lah the news outlets throw at us was rubbish. Of course that didn’t stop my father (WW2 generation) from believing all that the talking heads spewed out, but then again, I learned cynicism at an early age while my father learned indoctrination. I think that’s why I haven’t bought gold or sliver (yet).

  3. #3 by mderpelding on 05/10/2007 - 8:22 pm


    At the base of it, aren’t you talking about FEAR?
    Legionaires Disease.
    Global warming.
    New ice age.
    Yellowstone Caldera.

    Lets ad “end of the white race”.

    All about FEAR.

    White people ruled the world because they realised that “fear” was a revolt against reason.
    Our religion taught us this.
    Fear is irrational. And has its’ place.
    But NOT on this earth.
    Only in God’s kingdom.

    Someday we will stop comparing ourselves to other people.
    Other people alien to us.
    Some of our children will reach to the stars.
    Mostly because we will stop being afraid and start living again.

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