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In response to the piece below called “Tim.”, Simmons says,

An East Asian generally does not believe in the new definition of “White Supremacy” as Tim found out. Liberals do and most other non-whites, but Asians could care less seeing that they think this is their time.

Comment by Simmons


Simmons does not realize he is parroting the old Dark Side again. He gives US Bob’s Bloggers no credit at all.

I have had experiences like Tim’s many times. He is making SENSE, not being a driveling white, and EVERYBODY is tired of driveling whites. I can say what I say in front of non-whites, with OUR arguments, without ANY hesitation, which is a problem with others on our side.

It goes back to one Japanese after another who causes a sensation by stating the simple fact that blacks and/or Mexicans bring down the average IQ in the US. It gets back to the Japanese scholar in Britain who stated that Africa’s problems are a result of African lack of native intelligence.

No, all this is NOT the result of a realization that they are going to GET us — I know I am overstating Simmons’s case, but that is the usual mentality. Tim’s experience was a triumph of OUR line, and I refuse to let anybody get away with ignoring THAT in favor of a standard SF response.

The reason the Japanese scholar in Britain said what he said had nothing to do with US. It is important to JAPAN why AFRICA is in its present state. Neither Japan nor Africa is white.

I have had incidents like Tims that are recorded in these pages where non-whites have found it fascinating when a white man broke the mold and talked like a white man. They can’t FIND any of those, especially delivered right to their faces.

This is IMPORTANT. WE are preparing to represent OUR race in public debate. Tim shows how OUR approach WORKS.

Intelligent non-whites know that when liberservatives deny the fact of white supremacy in THIS world, they are being patronizing. This is tiresome to them. This is BORING to them. Most important of all, they simply cannot find a white person who has anything to SAY.

Give US credit!