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Tim Has An Obsession That FITS Here: SHWP

Posted by Bob on May 11th, 2007 under Coaching Session

Another thing I have started to do over the past few months is direct my anger at the Self Hating White people. I try to keep them under a constant state of criticism. I always say “self hating white people” and I keep saying it and poking fun of them. White Nationalist try to ‘convince’ and ’save’ them. I attack them. Personally and viciously. These particular Asians loved this as well.

Instead of being combative toward non-whites, I am outright hostile toward ‘SHWPs” (self hating white people). This constant state of criticism can turn the page quickly. Hell, the liberals have successfully done it for years on US. Going from an argumentative state toward SHWP’s to a combative state helps me internally as well. It brings out my righteous hatred, they are the ones that put me on a bus that they would never put their kids on. THEY insulate the “elites” so the SHWP’s make up the ‘class that is guilty of EVERYTHING’. (sorry for sounding like a commie…..but I have actually entered many second and third conversions with liberals well after the initial beating given to them….over these types of statements alone). Anti-racist say they want to beat the white male until he is dead. LOL. Well, I kinda have come around to doing these similar tactics to the SHWP’s. They deserve it.

I would say things like:”self hating white people like you always operate under ‘moral supremacy’. It has to be YOUR version of Human Rights, Democracy, environmental policy… etc.” I have developed a handful of these. Non-Whites LOVE these lines. The Asians could NOT stop nodding their heads in agreement. After all, they are TRUE. The liberals looked totally confused and uncomfortable.

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