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Lost in Space

In “The Disposessed Majority,” written when all the debates were between socialism, and capitalism, Wilmot Robertson said that our ideological obsession with economic systems like socialism and capitalism was like trying to diagnose every human illness by studying nothing but the alimentary canal.

As a professional economist, I never took economics as the center of the universe as libertarians and Marxists did. With the fall of the Soviet Empire and the earlier disaster of British democratic socialism, the twentieth-century obsession with economic systems, which killed so many, is now largely a thing of the past.

It is the TWENTY-FIRST century gang!

For example, nobody sees the US-China situation as a competition of economc ideology.

The only people left who take this stuff seriously are American professors. European “intellectuals” got so deep into the Marxist stuff that they are embarrassed about it today.

There is a parallel between European Communists and the Mir space station. The space station was sent into space as a SOVIET mission, but while it was up there the Sovet Union ceased to exist.

Almost every member of the European professorhood was some sort of Marxist. Then the Soviet Union suddenly said, “This is ridiculous” and abandoned them in space.



Lord Nelson : The Fleet in Action

The perfect study of the kind of exchanges we should in web sites may be seen by reading Lord Nelson and Prometheus in action in:

Lord Nelson, using the Mantra, answered the usual question “What is the white race” by turning the Mantra around. He said that if you want the definition of white, look at the countries which liberal opinion insists have to take in massive third world immigraton.

We keep reading media comments about whether Eastern Europe is “ready for immigration” YET. Nobody takes it for granted that Japan or Taiwan must be getting “ready for immigration.” Africans could be saved from starvation by some of those hard-working, smart non-white immigrants everyody insists white coutnries are belssed with, but NOBODY says they must “prepare for emergration.

Like the Golden Rule, the Mantra does more than one job. The Golden Rule says to treat others as you would have them treat you. So how does this say you should treat yourself?

Lord Nelson has made what I am thirsting for. He has been begun to develop a LOGIC from our approach.

Lord Nelson is having fun, because when he plants the seed he goes back to a thread and stays on the tails of those who use ANY Mommy Professor line. And PLEASE don’t use the old line that “A lot of the groups ban me.” SOME ban you.

I don’t understand why this is brain surgery. If they ban you you can’t go back to them so don’t go back to those.

You do not go back to the ones that ban you. Use a little logic.

Where you don’t get banned, don’t fight everybody. Pick the replies that let YOU make OUR point.