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I criticized AFKAN for repeating the same point over and over HERE. We got it. That repetition is needed out THERE.

I would appreciate it if no one else would approve AFKAN until I see them. What I am criticizing is his writing style, and I am always open to someone telling me if I am being unfair.

So let me get on with my personal criticism. First, a critical point for all of us as writers: AFKAN is LAZY. It is time for us to stop taking this critical rule of writing as a joke: WORK in writing is BREVITY in writing. This last AFKAN entry was 606 words.

To say the same thing for the umpteenth time.

The Mantra took me as long to develop as one of my BOOKS.

Second is a matter of common courtesy. AFKAN has touted his hero Covington at least a dozen times here. I pointed out that this is NOT Covington’s blog. He continued to push Covington.

This is just plain rude.

I ask for 1) courtesy, 2) for a person to not say the same thing more than a dozen times HERE, and 3) do some WORK to cut comment length.

None of this strikes me as unreasonable.