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Alan B Inspires an Essay on Creeps

Using the creeps to get the ideas across is a great method. This may convince many others how creepy they come across and shut them up or bring them aboard our movement.

Comment by Alan B


At the top of my list of creeps is not the liberal, but the respectable conservative, a term I made popular with the old Blog. Your point is dead on. I held my nose and used them to spread the word for over forty years.

A lot of people mistake a bad mood for ruthless determination. So they tell me the Reagan Revolution, in OUR terms, was a fraud.

Well, DUHH! Tell me something I DIDN’T know forty years ago, when it was the Goldwater Revolt.

Brother Dave Gardner used to talk about an Old Maid rocking back and forth on her porch with a frown and saying,

“Well, I COULDA!”

To the Masturbation Generation, the Old Maid represented the height of Grim Determination. They came up with every excuse they could to show that their total lack of resistance to giving the world to nonwhites just showed how Tough and Moral they were.

Unlike the Old Maid, I went in and got screwed.

But I caused a lot of intellectual pregnancies myself.

Back then, “conservatives” of every sort, including the most radical, constituted the only opposition. In fact, the word “conservative” was DEFINED as anyone who opposed the liberal line. “Conservative” simply means you are opposed to Political Correctness, which was then called leftism. “Conservative” has nothing to do with generic conservatism. Political Correctness IS generic twentieth century conservatism.

Now that revolt has gotten so popular that nobody calls himself either liberal or Politically Correct, the creeps who made their careers on those labels have taken over “conservatism.” But when paleoconservatives talk about the neoconservative takeover there is a Masturbation Generation tone to their laments. They sound just like Jews. The tear their clothes and lament. “How could this happen to ME!”

Henry Kissinger’s invaluable quote as a professional diplomat:

“Any people that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG.”

I have yet to hear one single paleoconservatives ask, “What am ****I**** doing WRONG?”

From Alcoholics Anonymous: “Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results.”

I joined the “conservatives” because it was the only rebellion in town. Let me repeat, the name “conservative” is specifically used today to ANYBODY who opposes the establishment in power “Conservative” is the word specifically used to refer to all radicalism, all rebellion, no matter how minor.

But the creeps are PROFESSIONALS. By that I mean they make their LIVING in this game. Nothing was less predictable than that, when liberals were discredited, a major portion of them would reinvent a conservatism they could SELL. Paleoconservatives, as always, were taken completely by surprise when this happened.

The question is NOT why, when liberalism became a word of shame, PROFESSIONALS took over and remade conservatism. Paleos still sit in astonishment at a development that was as inevitable as sunrise.

REPEAT: The question is NOT why, when liberalism became a word of shame, PROFESSIONALS took over and remade conservatism. The question is why paleos did not predict this and counter it.

Until paleos stop being amateurs and bitchers they will lose.

Meantime, I use the creeps AND the paleos to do what I CAN do.



SysOps and StevenP Message Each Other on the Front

SysOp check this out:

In order to draw those 2000 visitors I’ve made 112 posts all over the net. Actually many more because extreme tracker consolidates all hits from some domains under one referrer. See the page called Referrer Tracking 2 for the full list.

Guess what such a high number of inbound links did to my google rank for “anti-white racist”: Google search

Number 2 after one month’s work. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

This suggests there is a very important side-effect to cutting out the intermediate activism platform. Getting activists to send traffic directly to the main websites may well result in a TREMENDOUS boost in google rankings for a whole slew of keywords at both blog and NS.

Comment by Stevenp — 5/16/2007 @ 8:07 pm |Edit This


I love it. You’ve just done because it WORKS exactly what people in e-commerce/SEO get paid for day after day after day. But they don’t have NEARLY as much fun, or have the same GUT purpose as you and the others who use blogs and forums.

If you begin to put articles (250 words or so of verbiage) content pages up… that will only skyrocket and you’ll become one stop shopping for the Movement, and you and Dave control the content. If they link NS, that will do the same thing for Dave’s stats.

We’ll see what happens. All the social bookmarking will now become instrumental…. but a video will do more than anything else around.

The top SEO gurus and marketers are paying huge money to do it.

What I’m doing in my arena is making people blanch. They stop, and have nothing to say. I bat my baby blues and say when they can help me solve my problem, please come tell me.

One older gentleman winked and smiled the entire day — it wasn’t no come on, I’ll clue you.


REMEMBER, Stevep, your links with – /?xyz – ARE showing up on SiteMeter… it’s not a failure. I have all mine there on WOL tests. Extreme won’t do it we found, so we’re moving to a tracker that will.

If you get links and crosslinks TO WOL and NS, then that’s good. They have to have a way to GET here. The more links and places that other activists put up on their own, adding to on their own and cross-linking to each other is good. 250 words per posted article. Things run 250 to 500, but 500 is considered overkill unless it’s a technical or definition-heavy article. As NS has done, you link related articles into “funnels” or “silos” as the newer lingo is developing. Dave’s “funnels” are his upper menu/tab bars. All his links funnel links show on every page of that funnel’s articles. But, that’s NOT necessary; you link using TEXT ANCHORS within your articles to a related themes or definitions.

Comment by Sys Op

POINTER: I am putting StevenP’s longer, EARLIER message last because it is long and complicated. This is a technical point on MY end, as a writer: You need to envision the READER and arrange your message for HIM or HER:

Thanks Bob and SysOp – I’ve recorded your incoming hits from that testing blog. Unfortunately the test failed because the hits are reported coming from period. I was hoping the modified URL (with the question mark) would show up somehow.

Ok here’s a tough one for you SysOp (because if you can’t answer it no one can). Please read the scenario below – I’d appreciate your thoughts on the parts marked *magic*.

Scenario –

The landing page is:

There are two activists: A1 and A2.

Each activist has their own unique URL to send traffic to:

A1 uses
A2 uses

A1 goes to and posts the mantra. At the end of the mantra he adds the link

Fifty people read the mantra and five become curious enough to click A1’s link so’s tracker records five contacts coming from

In addition, something *magically* records the fact that the link being used is instead of plain

A2 goes to and sees the mantra. He can’t repost it right away or he’ll get banned for spamming. So he adds a comment to bump the mantra while using the riddle as his sigline. At the end of the riddle he adds: Answer at

Twenty people read the riddle and two become curious enough to click A2’s link so’s tracker records two more contacts coming from the same page at

At this point the tracker reports a total of seven visitors from the same page at while something *magically* informs us that five used A1’s link while two used A2’s.

An hour later A1 goes to this *magical* webpage and sees that 5 more visitors have come from links with his name after the ? ( and that therefore his total activism score has increased by 5 points. Motivated by the rising score he goes out looking for more places to post.

End of scenario.

SysOp please tell me there is a tracker or php module out there that can pull this magic. If there is, we can cut out the activism platform altogether and transfer all the techie complexity from the activist onto a single onsite tracker/module (preferably with public *magic* data).

If this is possible, the landing page (activism handbook) can then be hypercompressed into a simple appeal to help the activism effort by posting mantra or riddle using as the forwarding link. That’s it. OK maybe an explanation on creating html links in posts would be needed too, but that’s just a sentence at most:

click here

Anyway, I’ve modified the testing blog ( so that it now contains four of these theoretical activism links pointing to We can use that for testing.


To anyone reading this who is wondering what the heck we’re doing, the answer is we’re developing an activism model. The point of this model would be to motivate activists into posting in order to bring in traffic that is converted into more activists. All the while exposing people to the mantra. This would effectively pour chain letter exponential growth, i.e. kerosene, onto the fire Bob keeps talking about.

If we can get this working here, I’ll set some sticks alight and run with them to They’re a very big blog (71,586 unique visitors for april) and I’m confident they’ll adopt this model IF – and only IF – I can show them it works. They’d then use it to foster their own activism and attract more readership. All the while spreading the mantra far and wide.

If it works for a big blog like it’ll be a sure sell to other pro-white blogs/forums. They’re all welcome to encourage the activism-oriented among their readership to push the mantra if it gains them traffic.

In short, the potential blaze is so huge it’s worth trying again and again and again until we develop the right kerosene formula.

Comment by Stevenp



StevenP: Pointers From the Front

Just for the record: The 2000 visitors are a fact (that’s been recorded by the tracker) whereas the 20,000 impressions are a speculation.

The ten to one ratio comes from the internet advertising industry. Generally speaking they’ll pay ten times as much for a “click-thru” as for an “impression”. The idea being that for every person that is so captivated by an ad as to click it, there are ten who see it but move on.

(ME: I go with the numbers people put their MONEY on.)

All my tracker does is record people who click the link. The number of people who see the mantra/riddle but move on without clicking the link is a guesstimate. I simply assume it follows the advertising industry’s standard 10-1 ratio but your guesses are as good as mine.

Comment by Stevenp


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