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Economic Debate is a Twentieth Century Throwback

As Aleksander Solzhenitsyn said just before the fall of the Soviet Empire, “Only Western academics still take Marxism seriously. In the Soviet Union, Marxist theory is nothing. It is LESS than nothing.”

I think a hundred million lives in the last spent in the twentieth century for which the Communist brand of Marxism was DIRECTLY responsible was enough. Mommy Professor will NEVER grow up, as Solzhenitsyn said. But it is time for US to enter the twenty-FIRST century.

In THIS century, the whole idea that one can manipulate the SOCIAL system to remake man into a peaceful, sharing Part of Nature is ludicrous. Thirty years ago, when that crap was doctrine, we hadn’t seen pictures of sweet little chimpanzees tearing a violator of their borders, LITERALLY, limb from limb.

No Mommy Professor tells you what his absolute, enforced PC doctrine was thirty years ago, because he would be a laughing stock.

Economics, from the US to Red China, is no longer even a matter of serious debate, much less The Pillar Upon Which The World Stands that it is to Marxists and libertarians.

If you are STILL arguing economics from an ideological point of view, you would find the Flat Earth Society fascinating.



Distaff Discussion

Good Grief, this is a Man dominated blog isn’t it? But Richard’s comment was FUNNY. I needed a good laugh this morning.

Comment by shari — 5/17/2007 @ 1:47 pm |Edit This

Yes, Shari. And the insights/male perspectives shown to women are not openly found elsewhere. One of women’s primary roles in the family was meant to be medicine. uuuuh, that’s as it should be.

Comment by Sys Op


Shari was laughingly expressing the expected female comment on what was said about the Old Maid, and SysOps clinched the point.

What could be more BORING than white male repeating exactly what is in the Politically Correct textbook? SysOps can get more stimulation than that from receiting the multiplication tables.

One of the major and unrecognized handicaps Political Correctness has is that it is BORING. I will watch a really interesting BBC documentary, and then comes the narrator “summing up.” I think, “And now, a word from our sponsor, Political Correctness…” He says exactly what he SHOULD say. I tune out because I could have Written it


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