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You Want Hate? Here It Is!

To an anti who calls himself “a conservative German Patriot.”

You are the kind of person who makes me want to vomit, a “respectable conservative” who is a total tool of his masters. The kind of person who backs the Authorities when they throw people into prison for disagreeing, “(They) are a disgrace to free speech.”

Respectable conservatives, “Me Big Patriot” types LEAD the lynch mobs so Mommy Professor will pat them on the head. When Hitler was in power, you would have made a GREAT SS Trooper, especially against women and children.

No, I don’t hate minorites. But I DO hate traitors. I despise you, because I’m not sure you are up to the level of a real traitor.

I don’t even hate Marxists, though I have fought them in the field. But things like you, who back up any Power that is in control, I despise.




My Rebel Flag

I was raised under the Confederate flag. Most of the people I knew lived under the Union under protest, in that they wished we had won the War.

The Confederate flag went up over the South Carolina in 1963, the year that South Carolina was forced to integrate its first school. This was NOT a coincidence. To me, the Confederate flag was NEVER our dead ancestor’s flag; it was MINE.

If you want to put into three words what my Rebel Flag is NOT, they are these:

“Heritage not Hate.” Those three words contain a BOOK full of misstatements.

First of all, “Hate” is the word applied by our ENEMIES to anybody who has the slightest concern about the survival of the white race. From “Heritage Not Hate” it is a tiny step to driveling about how one is not against intermarriage. To prove one is no “racist.”

There is no excuse. We ALL know what “Hater” means today.

If all a flag means to one is dead people, then you should bury it with them. The giggling pro-Confederates came up with what, by them, was a BRILLIANT ploy. They replaced the rectangular Confederate flag of my youth with the old SQUARE battle flag. A flag actually went into battle then, and a diagonal flag shredded too easily. So, to demonstrate that their flag was only relevant to dead people, they made it square.

I have no more identification with that square flag than I do with any other alien flag TODAY. The only point of an ugly square flag is to show that it only applies to the dead.

I am a Rebel. I do not identify with ANY flag because they are all in an alliance dedicated to genocide against my RACE. Like every flag today (except Nepal’s which is not square), my Starry Cross is a rectangular flag, and it stands for rebellion TODAY. It was prominent all over Eastern Europe when they REBELLED against the Soviet Union. Nobody in Eastern Europe gave a damn about MY “heritage.” They had a heritage of their own that was much older.


MY Rebel Flag is the symbol of TOMORROW, not yesterday.



Lord Nelson: ANY and ALL

A writer cannot fully edit his own work. He keeps making the same mistakes over and over.

By the same token, a writer working alone has a gigantic disadvantage. It is EXACTLY like a person with one eye. In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, but no matter what, he can never achieve depth perception.

I had the same problem with the Mantra. All I ever got, alone, was one shot at getting someone to pay attention to it. But thereafter, every time they got into any debate, it was the same-old same old. They only heard me once. I will never forget when Jared Taylor had the perfect opening on Fox when someone MENTIONED in the midst of his interview that Japan was not being pushed to bring in immigrants, and he immediately got the conversation back to something like what a great Southern Gentleman he was.

When I was alone, I used to be absolutely rigid about the Mantra. Now I am getting depth perception! You cannot imagine how confusing depth perception is when you first get a second eye. In

I KEPT waiting for Lord Nelson and Prometheus to go “wabbling back to the fire”* the way Jared did: They didn’t wabble.

And they didn’t wabble.

And they DIDN’T wabble.

I have TWO eyes now.

I finally had a chance to learn from what THEY were doing!

One of the major things Lord Nelson did was cut the essence of the Mantra down even FURTHER. He reduced it to ALL and EVERY. Then he went on from there. I came to realize that THAT is the essence of the difference between GENOCIDE and the “race mixing” they always talk about.

It is not enough to just use ALL and EVERY. You have to stick with the LOGIC of it. AFKAN, you cannot turn it into an excuse for another long rant about Covington or Jews or you lose your audience. But AFKAN at his worse is not as totally out of focus as most people got, with Jared Taylor’s example being about average.

Nelson beat me at my own game: BOILING IT DOWN and sticking with the ESSENCE. Like I say, he talks American perty good fer a furrinner.

***In case you think Mommy Professor’s Political Correctness is new, here is what Rudyard Kipling said in “The God’s of the Copybook Headings,” circa 1906:

“There are only three things certain since Social Progress began:”

“That the bitch returns to her vomit
The sow returns to her mire
And the burnt fool’s bandaged finger
Goes wabbling back to the fire.”



Follow Lord Nelson!

We face the problem that Akismet “sees” the Mantra as spam.

This problem results from ACTIVISM. It shows we have hit enough groups that the machine recognizes us. Since I have fought so many battles ALONE, this lifts my spirits enormously.

And I have WON battles alone! A small group to me is a legion!

I was afraid people were just writing in and taking no action. I couldn’t get REPORTS from more than one or two. My motto is the motto of “follow up,” which is the only thing that works:

“If you haven’t heard about it lately, it isn’t happening.” But in this case, even if I hadn’t heard abut it, it was happening.

To my relief, we have EARNED our first major hurdle, the hurdle of SPAM. How do we DEAL with it? My people are way ahead of me!

Lord Nelson’s and Prometheus’s entries in

give you a perfect guide on how to steer around the Mantra-spam problem.

Read SysOps’ long comment on the spam problem.

If you have been alone for so long in this fight, THREE top people to reference is an unimaginable luxury! The Populist Forum, cited by the Communist newspaper as a big-money right-wing conspiracy, only had three of us in it!

I was at a get-together recently and pointed out that, at this stage in any revolution, people sit around and brag about who has BANNED, not who has PUBLISHED them. The whole Soviet Empire was brought down by people who were banned until the day it fell.

Samizdat, “self-publication” — is what real revolution comes from.


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