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Prometheus says:
Anti’s on SF, in response to the “ANY and ALL” are now starting to falter. They are now starting to say “Oh, only lands OUTSIDE of Europe should have to accept masses of non-white immigrants.” This might seem like a trivial concession, I see it as a huge breakthrough.


Anti’s have relied on the fact that people who want to protect thier race would crumble against their standard arguments. While they sat, we would make an argument, try to save face and win their approval.

Now it is THEY who are starting to reject Mommy Professors ideas, in order to appease US.
When an anti says “no wait, I didn’t mean that ALL white nations should have to go multiracial” he is making a harsh realisation. He is realising that what WE think of them, DOES matter.




After extensive testing ‘in the field’, I offer this observation on the mantra –

I’ve found that it’s far more effective if you contrast the clamour for ‘integration’ and ‘diversity’ in white countries with the lack of them for countries where the immigrants actually come from, rather than Japan and Taiwan.

For example, here in England non-white immigrants tend to come from former colonies in Africa, the West Indies or the Indian subcontinent. So I say, “Nobody says that Pakistan or Nigeria should accept millions of white imigrants and assimilate them”.

I realise that this tends to make the point about population density redundant, but I’ve found that it ‘hits home’ more.



The New Layout

This was a complete surprise to me, and a very happy one. I had my usual problem logging in new. The password refused to copy and paste, so I typed it in, and it refused and then, after a minute, changed its mind.

To repeat, this was a complete surprise to me, and a very happy one. SysOps is our CEO, and my only problem is how long she will do it for us. But her sense of honor hopefully will get her to be sure somebody can take over for her before she stops doing the job for us.

I am heading for Joizey in a couple of hours and will be there till Monday.

READ THE COMMENTS. REPORTS are coming in, and they are CRITICAL! The Mantra is being manipulated successfully, the word “diversity” needs to be substituted in some place, and all this is BASED ON EXPERIENCE.

Just a year ago, if I didn’t write something for a day or two, comments would simply STOP. Now the REPORTS and cross-talk keep it going anyway.

This is successful management. This is where I wanted to be all these years.

Keep it going, gang!