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Pathetic and Patheticker

Two days ago I was dead asleep. I had spent over a week chasing Kelso all over New Jersey and New York. If you’ve done that, you’ll know what I mean. If you haven’t there is no way I can explain to you what it takes to chase this superhyperactive Robot From The Planet Xenon around. I swore that NOTHING would keep me from the nervous breakdown I had promised myself.

The phone rang, and I decided I would reach through the phone line and kill whoever was on the other end and go back to sleep. Then there was this sweet feminine Southern voice and my attitude changed. James Edwards’s wife, I believe her name is spelled Danni but spelling is not what I think about around her, told me to jump in my car and head for the Council of Conservative Citizen’s meeting in Greenville, where Kelso was and Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, and James were speaking.

Two hours later I was in Greenville.

Young men are suckers for anything beautiful young women order them to do, but they have an excuse. Throughout nature male birds are building nests to impress females or strutting or, if of the bovine persuasion, gouging each other with their horns. That’s nature.

But I am not in this category. Danni likes me a lot as a fine old man. Even if that were not the case, James would kill me if I got too close. Even if THAT were not the case, Danni is young enough to be my granddaughter and even I have some sense of shame.

When it comes to beautiful young women, young men are known to be pathetic. But us old goats are even patheticker. She’s lovely and she LIKES me. That is enough to get me to drive to California or jump off any bridge she indicates.