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This is IMPORTANT: Bob is Not Smarter Than God

C.S. Lewis said that prophets do not come among men to tell them NEW truths, but to remind them of truths they already know. I am far below a prophet, and most of what I say is basics.

If Jesus had believed that the Old Testament and the Law had all the truths needed, he could have stayed in the Temple. He did just the opposite.

Most of the Parables are warnings against depending on Authority. Considering what his audience thought of Samaritans, it is amazing that the Good Samaritan didn’t get him lynched on the spot.

One of the two people Christ specifically consigned to Hell was a High Priest who, Jesus said, had followed the Law perfectly.

A lot of people seem to think that people who do the evil things I describe in the name of diversity, for example, will get away with it on Judgment Day because the Pope and all the leaders say it’s all right, and they just hadn’t thought of it the way I put it.

I was never afraid to die because I do not permit myself to be for anything that stinks. I know it stinks, THEN I analyze why.

I am telling myself a truth I already know.

If a preacher united two people whose children will be mixed and probably ugly because the two are “in love,” he knows he is wrong.

I do not know WHY mixed-blood countries are all places children raised there will be miserable, but I know it, and so do the “Christians.”

I am an experienced old bird when it comes to figuring out what people REALLY think, and I am fully aware that vanishingly few of preachers, including the fundamental ones, REALLY believe they will be judged.

When Pat Robertson said that intermarriage would reduce racial tensions, he knows he is supporting pure evil. But a lot of people think he will attain salvation anyway because he hasn’t heard the Mantra. He is innocent because he hasn’t heard ME.

It doesn’t work that way. Jesus said over and over and over that the Law and Authority won’t protect you.

If you think someone will get by Judgment Day because I have something to say that God hasn’t already figured out, think again.



Lord Nelson

Remember you asked ME for MY assessment.

The Conservative Citizens meeting in Greenville had three main speakers who had all been on national television repeatedly. Jared Taylor and Sam Dickson demonstrate that the movement is going mainstream. But James Edwards is the spokesman we NEED and no one seemed to notice.

I met Gordon Baum, the head of CC a generation ago, and I am flattered that he wants me there. It is important that such meetings take place. This is about the only organization we have that goes out in public and it is essential.

Jared made some points I could use so I asked him if I could get a copy of the events he described. His response was to tell me he writes from notes. What I needed was not the point. He wanted to make the point that Jared Taylor is one hell of a speaker.

He interrupted me to take congratulations so I walked away.

Jared Taylor shows we are going mainstream, as is Pat Buchanan and Joe Sobran. Sam Dickson has always been a class act and a hell of a speaker.

Their appearance was the point of the conference.

But are they GOING anywhere?

Gordon asked me why I didn’t join Conservative Citizens and I told him that since my friend Sam Francis died my part in their publication, Citizen’s Informer, was cancelled without notice. He walked away and may not speak to me again.

So I am not a morally superior being to Sam and Jared. I am interested in MY message, and I say so. If you are in serious power politics, you had damned well be sure that you know your OWN motivations FIRST. That is why I had so little to say about the conference.

I could have been at the same meeting fifty years ago, when the main speakers would have been Governor Ross Barnett or Lester Maddox. CC is an army in being. But it is the guerrillas who win the war and the Jareds and Sams and Pats who take the enemy’s sword at Yorktown.

I have been in this game too long to know what will succeed. It is the tide in the affairs that decides who is there at the right time to take credit.

No speakers emphasized any of our points, but they got in there, some, as they do everywhere. That’s what us guerrillas are interested in.

But that is not what people came to hear. They want to hear amnesty denounced and whatever else is in the papers. They come and they pay their dues, which is the lifeblood of an organization. Don’t ask an elephant to climb a tree.