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Simmons says:
I’m probably not helping you with Taylor, I keep trying to post some of your wisdom there in one form or another and barely 25% of it makes it thru. On the other hand the continual litany of remarks in the form, “As if Bob W. was never born” fill out the comments section. Still your points make it thru, a few month’s ago Taylor asked a rhetorical question as to what “racism” actually is instead of relying on the liberal assumptions that the “respectables” use.


As you well know, I don’t matter and Jared’s personal attitude toward me couldn’t matter less.

The ONLY thing that counts is that 25%. You keep at THAT and I will be a happy old coot.




I wish that C.S. Lewis were alive today for no other reason but for you.

As in his best-known simplistic book Mere Christianity I agree you are right that every person will go through Judgment Day and “the Law and Authority” will have nothing to do with the outcome as you describe above. Jesus Himself will have already choosen every one who enjoys eternity and clearly communicated criteria for that (Moses being one of His choices, often quoted by Him and demonstrated in what was recorded in the New Testament — and he was no perfect prophet, nor smarter than God either).


I gave a copy of Mere Christianity to every member of my family.

I am 99% atheist, but if that made me a complete non-Christian, Jesus would not have spent so much time urging people to have faith, or praised the mustard seed.

I am an honest man and an Aryan. The man who went onto the cross HIMSELF instead of drawing a big salary from a pulpit is a hero.

On the other end of the scale, my Bible Belt instincts are outraged by people who water down religion or make it an excuse for a philosophy. Believe it as it is or ABANDON it. That is an honest Aryan soul talking.