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Balloon: “Displacement”

I have noticed one person in SF sometimes putting the question as: “Antis can find no solution to the race problem that does not involve the DISPLACEMENT of whites in white countries.”

This is one of those very subtle and fatal problems. It is not DISPLACEMENT; it is GENOCIDE we are worried about. You will find lots of people might charge in on your side, because now you are referring to immigration and not to the Holy of Holies, intermarriage. We just have to be sure they don’t take ALL our Lebensraum so we can all settle down and assimilate.

You don’t MEAN this, but you SAID this. It is the worst POSSIBLE conclusion, everybody joyfully decides it’s immigration, not race, and you float off into their balloon without even knowing it. That is why messing with the Mantra is so perilous. You HAVE to LEARN to get the WHOLE message in there, you have to learn to do it RIGHT.