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The Eastern Europe Example

Reply to a black guy on Stormfront:

But you are NOT dealing with the point.

In the REAL world today’s policy is “Africa for the Africans,” “Asia for the Asians, “White countres for everybody.” Out in the real world, NOBODY demands that non-white countries import ANY immigrants. Out here in the real world, ONLY Eastern European countries get asked, “Are you ready for immigration YET?”

The question is so obvious no one even WHY Eastern European leaders are
cnstantly asked this. In real world discourse it is routine:
They are WHITE and therefore the next step is third world immigration. Japan’s population fall is the worst on earth, and no one is DEMANDING, I repeat, DEMANDING that they open their high-income borders.

But to ask this of Eastern EUROPE is so rutine you haven’t even NOTICED it.

The real evils of any age are so obvious they are not mentioned and are therefore not thought about.

You are intelligent and reasobale, but you missed this blatant example of Eastern Europe being asked if it is “ready” for immigration by floating off into a little standard bubble of cliches about American immigration policy.