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Jews and Human Nature

Marx denied he was a Jew.

It is not the religion of Judaism that makes so many modern Jews enemies of any people they settle aming. What we have is an ATTITUDE from two thousand years of Judaic background,.

This ATTITUDE does not suddenly vanish with baptism. It is long term HOSTILITY in a person like Marx that is ingrained, not the Torah. Hatred in the name of higher morals is integral to Judaism and to those whose roots are in it. They are the Master Race, God’s Race, and all others are their enemies, PARTICULARLY the countries and cultures they live in.

Jews come in as enemies, thought they don’t SAY that or even think it. They expect everybody to oppress them, so they always expect hostility. Let me tell you a little secret (from Mommy Professor, at least) of human nature. If you go in expecting hostility and act as if everyody around you is your enemy, it will ALWAYS be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Everybody knows that is human nature,but NOBODY applies human nature to JEWS.

It’s illegal.

So Marx gravitated naturally to an enmity to everything around him.

This is not a perfect rule, because no rule of nature is perfect.

But the simple fact is that someone with a Jewish heritage will be free from this disease when the Law of Gravity is repealed. He must treat it as a disease or he will become a Marx or a Boas.