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Everyone knows this its well documented. Not to demean the insight, but its the delivery that has been lacking. Shrieking back at them is a failure as shrieking back at any primitive is a waste of time. Its all about the questions asked of the “Magian” people, they fear inquiry its the white man’s perfect tool.

“Everyone knows this its well documented.”

I have never seen anyone make this point the way I do.

When I made my joke about the Jews and the storekeeper, Joe Sobran repeated it all over Washington:

A guy came into a country store and said, “I pan to move here. How are the people around here?”

The so\storekeeper replied, “Well, that’s hard to say, how were the people in the last place you lived?”

The guy said, “They were awful. They persecuted me for nothing.”

“Well,” said he shopkeeper, “you couldn’t have stayed there long. How were the people in the place you lived before?”

The guy moaned, “They were AWFUL. I was nice, but they were all jealous and persecuted me for NOTHING.”

So the shopkeeper said, “The people here will be about the same way.”

You say everybody knows that, but Joe and everybody he talked to had never looked at it that way.

Simmons, you are being naïve. You are being especially naïve because your own statement includes the whole point I am making. Shrieking is, as you say, a whole different, and stupid, line of argument.

I simply tell the truth in a way that leaves the other side helpless.

We have simple truth on our side. But it is easy to say, “Oh, well, we all know that truth. So it’s not a great insight”

How could that possibly matter? The point is to make the truth in such a way that it is undeniable. This is extremely hard, subtle, skilled work.

In fact, I can tell from what you said that you grasp this. But that is why I am trying to be the coach. You know how to play the game right, but I am showing you how to do it IN PRACTICE.


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