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I should clarify my remarks, you are not the shrieker. Shrieking is part of the morality play; it makes it easy for the genociders to profit. The genociders spin a magic yarn and someone putatively from our side will quibble the details or act like an adolescent, but what they never do is go back to the beginning and get to the basics. Those on our side can produce a mountain of books but miss the basics. Here is my guarantee you could put me on a panel debate (no live audience) with all the big name jewboy “intellectuals” that so bedevil our side, and this high school grad (though of very high IQ) will have them broken down in a few hours, and I will not have raised my voice once. Mantra and Mantra thinking all the way.

— Simmons


“Those on our side can produce a mountain of books but miss the basics.”

Dead accurate!

Mensa includes a LOT of manual laborers. Those are the manual laborers who took the test, despite the overwhelming belief that manual laborers would be silly to do so.

This is personal with me. I would have been a high school dropout if my mother hadn’t been a teacher. Let me repeat some personal history:

In the National Cooperative Exams, my high school teachers were happy to have me there because I always right up there at the top in knowledge of the subjects they taught, though South Carolina was far down otherwise. They NEEDED me, I made them look good.

But they gave me C’s and D’s.

So when I say that Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar is for people who have outgrown a college education, whether they had one or not, I am not being patronizing.

The one thing you never have to worry about is me being too nice to you.

Just as no teacher ever considered that my famed knowledge of subjects made their C’s and D’s questionable, the fact that there are a lot, and could be a lot more, manual laborers in Mensa never gives causes teachers a moments doubt about their own standards.

Hey, Simmons, they’re friggin’ MORONS.

You have to outgrow your college education, whether you have one or not. You talked about being a high school grad, which is fine. But don’t insult me by thinking I don’t get the point.

I went to college on an incredible what would now be called SAT score. ONLY in the backward state of South Carolina did that allow me to bypass all the high school crap and go straight to USC. The Dean congratulated me on my high score. He didn’t know I was just sixteen.

But in any other state, I would not have been “just a high school grad.” I would have been a high school DROPOUT.

By the way, I STILL don’t have a high school diploma.

So stop bragging at me.

OK, now I can address a more constructive point. You said,

“Here is my guarantee you could put me on a panel debate (no live audience) with all the big name jewboy “intellectuals” that so bedevil our side, and this high school grad (though of very high IQ) will have them broken down in a few hours, and I will not have raised my voice once. Mantra and Mantra thinking all the way.”

I had that comment in mind when I was on Stormfront radio today with Truck Roy. I asked him if he would give some of my BUGS people some training on being interviewees on his program. After a little persuasion and a threat to torture his dog, he agreed.

No, this is not the head-to-head battle with the enemy that you talk about. But we need BUGS people to have experience with interviewing.


Who is willing to get in here?


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I’ll be on Stormfront Radio Around 2:30

Truck Roy is interviewing me.


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Screwtape History

 Screwtape History

In CS Lewis’s Screwtape Letters, Hell’s Senior Tempter Screwtape advises his nephew, “Humans are always talking about how we damn them by putting ideas into their heads.” Actually our main effort is in keeping them OUT.”

I always thought of this when I looked at the Capitol Building in DC and in each state. These are all products of the Renaissance, which was a Great Leap Backward for Western Civilization. You see, the Renaissance discovered “Classical” buildings and “classical” sculpture.

Each “classical” building and each “classical” sculpture had long since had the marble and coloring rubbed off it, so they were all dull, gray stone when the “Renaissance” adopted them. If anyone from Classical days saw the gray Capitol building, in the “classic” style, he would laugh his ass off.

“Realistic” movies like the Gladiators show crowds assembling in front of ancient Roman buildings that look like Spanish Harlem on a bad day. They are shot inside a Coliseum that is gray and lifeless and run down.

And the critics rave about how “realistic” it all is.

On the BBCs I, Claudius, supposedly “educational,” you see Augustus among gray statues in his garden that a real Roman would have goosed out. BBC simply CANNOT show Rome in any but the Mommy Professor way.

This SHOULD be a scandal. But it is just an example of the way our “historians” provide us with Screwtape History, keeping reality OUT.

Long, long since the idea of everything originating in the Middle East has been discredited over and over. But every year millions of textbooks are printed and used that give the impression that Pharaoh invented the light bulb. It all begins in the Nile Valley or Mesop and goes down the dreary list of “progress.”

No reality intrudes, any more than it does on the gray statues.


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Mainstream whites get nervous when we go after jews, because they’re worried about a witchhunt. “What if I have some jewish ancestry?” they ask themselves. They can usually tell by looking in the mirror that they’re caucasian, but they don’t know if someone who was jewish is in their genetic closet. So they end up doing what the media trains them to do: hate ‘nazis’.

I’ve seen a 1/2 jewish kid get cut down on Stormfront, because of orthodoxy. My question is: where does it get us? This kid could have really helped fight anti-white racism. Send him into the ARA and weaken it from within. Send him out with a billboard and confuse the heck out of the media.

— denerebor

It is assumed that only whites can oppose genocide against whiets. It is also assumed that whites will be against genocide agsinst other groups, but not whites. That is the way it was, and the way it ever will be, according to SF.

But it is Iran which is disputing the Holocaust, not Germans. SF lives in the past, as others do.

Race is no longer the ruling whites versus all others. I remember when the Jews were loved by all who hated whites. Now our political right loves them and everybody else hates them.

I find it hard to talk to people who live in a static world.

As Simmons says, “Going after Jews” is stupid. Just tell the truth about their hostility and go on. STOP OBSESSING ON THEM.

It’s a BIG world, and the old blacks and Jews thing is silly.

We have a race to save, not a Revelation to bring to the world about Jewish Conspiracies or any other obsession with others.

I simply cannot explain common sense.


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