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Truck Roy is Asking for Volunteers


I am trying to build a group of people who do what I do.

I told you that BNP head Griffin was enormously relieved that I was at Clemson when he spoke there because he had someone to talk with in front of the TV camera. It is difficult for anybody to talk with someone and look candid with a TV camera two feet from his left ear.

At an SC Pat Buchanan I was the only one the interviewer could find to speak to her. Kelso has to refer interviewers to me because I am the only one he knows can handle it well who is always willing to do so.

I am fully aware that you cannot go public the way I do. I got my practice in all this when I was speaking for respectable causes. Now we have an invaluable opportunity for you to get all that practice anonymous.

You can even be anonymous from US! You can just identify yourself as one of Bob’s BUGS people, or BOUGS “guys and gals” as Truck Roy puts it. Then, if you like the results, we can announce which if our pseudonyms you are.

Truck Roy needs people to put in Skype, but I wasn’t about to do that again, so he can do without that on a regular phone line.

You can our new medium, SF radio, and you can help ME. You can get painless training in dealing with the nerve problems and screwing up, all costlessly. Truck Roy is GOOD at this. He’ll take you through and he’ll fill in.

I want to train people to do what I do, so Truck Roy is a godsend for me. All you have to is get on the phone with him.

The skills you will develop here will serve you in every part of your life. But SOMEBODY has to step forward!

Just PM TR your contact info, a.k.a., phone number, and arrange a time with him. Identify yourself as one of Bob’s BUGS people. If you change your mind, TR will understand.

If you aren’t on SF, e-mail me and I’ll on the PMing.

TR is offering you a chance to get used to public interviews. PLEASE take him up on it.



General Comments

I put in this title so that you won’t have to put your comments entirely into some article I wrote.

If you have something to say that doesn’t fit into a category I started, this is the place to put it, now and a year from now. I’ll keep checking back for comments here.

I want to develop other to do what I am doing.

But it has to be MANTRA THINKING, not SF type bellyaching.