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Don’t Read This, and Don’t Bitch About It If You Do

Like the rest of you, I think about other things than this blog. And I need a place to put my stuff on record. So when you don’t have anything to say, I am free to use this space for that purpose.

Solid State Physics: All Creation theories that we know of assume that earth is the center of the universe, and that what we have is the purpose of everything. Western Civilization was the first to consider that we may be one of the results of a far larger process not entirely aimed at us.

This was a step forward. But it lacks the other step. It is good mechanics, but it leaves out the fact that somehow certain beings have self-awareness. So, just as Shinto disregards evidence that The Goddess Who Invites created mankind, Western theory ignores that which it cannot explain.

Actually the solution to this dilemma we ignore is much the same as step 1, realizing the universe exists, which historical civilizations did not, and that its whole purpose is not us.

We have tried toe explain consciousness by saying it is somehow the result of complex computations, so a computer would be self-aware if smart enough. Then we forget the question.

This ignores the fact that, all the telescopes and computers taken into account, our only observation comes from our own awareness. In short, reality is what WE observe. And what are WE? No, we are not an advanced computer. We are, in the end, nothing but the selves, the consciousness, we have. We see things entirely from WITHIN this consciousness.

Now the normal response to this is to get inside a gypsy trailer and talk about Self and Buddha and so forth. That is not what I am talking about. I am saying, first of all, that the Realist who talks about Reality is actually talking about what our consciousness observes.

String theory is beginning to touch on this. Heisenberg’ Uncertainty principle almost touches on it. Which is why Einstein fought to his dying day against quantum physics: “God does not play dice with the universe.” Contrary to popular belief, Einstein was a believing Jew and a believing Stalinist, though nobody quotes him on that.

We have a problem with quantum physics because in it, things pop in and out of “existence on a random statistical basis. Likewise we have problems with black holes because “Where does it GO when it goes into a black hole?”

Obviously, it goes out of OUR universe. This is not supposed to happen since, objectively, we should have a handle on all energy and all matter. This is why the above “Who are WE” is simply a practical consideration entirely outside a gypsy’s tent or some Other World mutterings. It is a simply fact that we observe from within a pattern within which our consciousness developed.

The universe itself is probably solid, in a sense, in that if all the universes were combined it would be millions of tons per teaspoonful like neutron stars, or even heavier. But we live in the statistical instance in which OUR consciousness developed.

If the white race survives, we may be able to understand this process and look at other universes as well as travel within the one we perceive.

Then we can let the historians tell us how the gypsies really invented all this in the first place.