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Have any of you guys ever heard of these New Age groups and their plan for the “new age”? (these ideas run the UN) I think they are more of our enemy than the jews simply because they are NOT jews.

Another “New” thing in Suburbia? Like the New Left of 1968?

We have serious intellectual work to do here on BUGS. If one of my commenters talked about the latest New Age crap, I would probably cut him off pending psychiatric care.

I appreciate the heads up, maybe there will someday be a West Coast cult that matters. But if anybody bets on it here, they’d better be ready for some Olympic class ridicule from my commenters.



Pain Goes Subtle on Us


Now Bob may be back on earth.

Bob, if you think a point was missed, it was because you made no point.

If you think a comment is obvious, it is because the post was obvious.

You will never have a successor, because you want a clone. And since you have said everything you can say, there would be nothing for the clone to say.

Now if you found someone who could say what you have not, you would hate him because he would be showing you up; you would spend your time tearing him down. That’s the problem with intellectuals.

Now go back to rambling incoherently about disembodied spirits with no arms exploring nowhere through the black holes you believe are on the internet.

When you find something to say again, maybe somebody will contact Truck Roy to call attention to an inactive blog where you have already said everything.

For now, we need to work on getting the archives of your old posts in a better format than here or Dave’s site. Dave has altered your categorization. This changes the meaning of what you wrote. To make the writings more readable, they must be put into sub-categories. The whole corpus also needs to be cut up into indexed pdfs using Adobe Acrobat.

Your work nicely compliments and fills in gaps left by Clyde Wilson. But since he is emotionally stable and riddled with no jealousies of colleagues, he will be remembered as the leading genius of our time, and you as the crazy guy that no one paid attention to.

We can fix that with the organization I propose here. This will take the work of several SELFLESS volunteers.

If you don’t cooperate, as you usually don’t, then after you are gone the task will be left to others like me who like your work and have the skill and the resources to see that it is done right. Dave has already shown that it can be published on websites electronically. And if we have the revolution we are overdue for, people like me will make sure that your work becomes a classic for history to come.

Frankly, I hope you can escape your bubble world long enough to understand what it is I am talking about. If not, at least know that I am here prophesying a legacy for you.

Dammit, Pain, I wish you would stop beating around the bush and say what you mean!

People threaten to put my works in order. It is not done, though Dave did a very good job of trying. He is a good introduction to my stuff, the best so far. What I offer is not a legacy in the Clyde Wilson sense, but a WAY OF THINKING. You could organize Clyde Wilson’s legacy because Clyde has an organized mind. Mine is not organized.

Seriously, though, I wrote a piece called “Point Missed!” It was an attack on commenters. I stuck it out there and Pain knocked it off. He read what I wrote and said what he thought.

Which is what I’m after here.

Oddly enough, what he wrote hits exactly at what I am after. Clyde Wilson (Pain’s choice here is admirable) is a pro who has an intellectual legacy to leave behind. God bless the man, he is a Southerner with fine instincts, an intimidating depth of knowledge, and the ability to express them. I can mention Lafitte on Galveston Island and he can tell me in detail how that relates to the people who REALLY made America.

Dave hit very close to my role when he said, “It is a damnable thing to want clarity for those who care about knowing something.” But it is damnable only when it comes from religious fanatics of our established religion. When Pain says, “Whitaker, what in the hell do you WANT?” that is a wholly different matter.

I don’t think I have to explain what the difference between Pain giving me hell and anything a PC priest says.

You are right. What I say sounds like I want clones.

It is hard for me to understand how my thoughts come out on the reader’s end. Which is why I carefully read criticisms like Pain’s. Also why I NEED criticisms like his.

Unlike Clyde, I honestly do not know what I am after.

It is easy for me to see what I am NOT after.

Clones? Yes, in a sense. Clones who will, as Pain did, say “What in the hell are you after?” Clones who will be as nasty as I am in making it clear what I am REALLY talking about. Clones who will ALWAYS step back and take a look at what is really being discussed here.

Clones like Pain who do not hesitate to put me in my place. That is what Bob would do when he is at his best.

In the twelfth century, when Western thought produced the Calculus, it never occurred to them that this was a LEGACY. They were just thinking out loud. Far more effort was expended during the Renaissance trying to show how this thinking was a continuation of Classical math, which it wasn’t.

I think out loud on this blog. Some of this is produced by my mind, some of it by my mood. No one can compare this to an organized mind like Clyde’s.

My only “legacy” is an absolute loyalty to the truth.

Not Truth.

The truth.

The truth mixed with slips and stupidity. With no authority except your personal respect for me, I have drafted you to call me down on slips and stupidity.

Pain knows damned well he is not upsetting me. He is advising me. Can you imagine how all this looks to someone who is used to Mommy Professors and Gurus and Marx and Modern
Opinion and Tradition.

And Bob.

What we are doing is so simple it cannot be explained.



The Power of Advertising

This was put in Stormfront where I usually put things, Sustaining Members and Opposing Views.

With a background like mine, it will surprise you to know that I am sometimes less than the soul of subtlety. I am just a touch tired of people ignoring my advice on propaganda and it is just possible that that mite of frustration could show up here.

So I submit it to you:

 The Power of Advertising

It is about time we got out of thinking Ole Bob is just being strange when he keeps insisting on our using terms like anti-white instead of “anti” and the Whit Man’s Mantra. I was in professional politics, which means professional advertising.

When advertising began the Practical Men of Business made a critical mistake. Since they bought newspaper space by the square inch, they crammed everything they could into that space. The result was a long, intricate explanation of every aspect of their product and themselves.

One classic exchange, that probably happened more than once, was when the explanation got so long that the printer wrote that he simply did not have print small enough to fit all that into the purchased space because, “Print that small is unreadable.”

The reply was, “I don’t care if it is readable or not, I WANY MY MONEY’S WORTH!”

For some inexplicable reason, that sort of advertising didn’t work very well.

Most of us on Stormfront seem to be back in that age. If I didn’t care so much about our message, I would consider this hilarious.

Like the old Practical Businessman, we are big on lots and lots of lots of words. Unfortunately, that doesn’t WORK. It didn’t WORK in 1850 and it doesn’t WORK now.

We d tend to say that people would be convinced if they read “My Awakening” or “Jewish Supremacy,” but it will be a long cold day in the Bad Place before Dr. Duke is dumb enough to try to jam his whole book into advertising space.

Advertising is aimed at the AMOUNT OF SPACE we have. But the aim is NOT to FILL that space. The aim is to USE it effectively. When someone comes on Stormfront, we have a precious opportunity to get them interested or at least impressed. So it HURTS me when that opportunity is wasted on one more swastika or some cute quip or some attempt to show how knowledgeable the writer is.

So I am deadly serious about using anti-white rather than anti, and it is inexcusable that anyone with half a brain who has been born and raised in the Age of Advertising would shove this aside.

My God, gang! This is like some retard driving through a red light murmuring, “Me no see red thing before. Me no unnerstan.”

USE WORDS RIGHT. If you care about our cause at all, STUDY how to use words right on that critical first impression. Damned few of us got here by reading a tome FIRST. They will learn AFTER we have shown them there is something to learn.

Please, please, PLEASE, my comrades, STOP BEING DUMB!!!!

Respectable conservatives have already cornered the Dumb Market.





I have spent years confused only to finally find the source of my confusion with relief and consternation. (How could I have not figured it out earlier?) But the real reason is that I worked at it and it was always because I was thinking about the problem entirely wrong and my assumptions were entirely wrong. And this is my simple way of thinking about how science and learning progresses.

It is a damnable thing to want clarity for those who care about knowing something. That is why I have sympathy for those researchers who are flogging chaos mathematics (advanced statistics) and killing themselves with chocolate balls and the sustained frustration of it all. But now Google, Microsoft, and HP are throwing together big new data centers with the idea of developing software to deliver super computers on the hive model to the masses.

Let those flogging chaos mathematics be driven to agony and contemplation of suicide with that tool at their disposal. The existence of “new universes” operating under very different physical laws from our own may be given greater plausibly yet.

That is why I always say to anti-whites, “You start with the observation, not the justification.”

The Anti-whites say, “How can the color of the skin make all that difference?” Meaning, “That does not fit into my form of Wordism.”

But knowledge advances, not with what fits comfortably into the established belief system, but with observations that do NOT fit. That takes us back to Galileo. That takes us back to Semmelweis. That takes us back to all those millions of peasants who noticed that, if doctors bled somebody, they got weaker, not stronger. That takes us back to Jenner who noticed that milkmaids didn’t get smallpox,

None of this FITTED. So when you have a theocracy like our Politically Correct Mommy Professors, all progress in social science stops. In the real world it is simply true that black countries are desperately poor and getting worse. Brown countries are in between.

Reality doesn’t give a damn whether you think that SHOULD be true or not.


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