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Quakers Make Me Sick

Allow me one unsubtle and thoroughly unsophisticated comment:

Quakers make me sick.

You know the pink-complexioned face on Quaker Oats products?

The original Quaker Oats had a nasty old man with a stick chasing kids, obviously an image of Quakers that was familiar in the late ninteenth century. Due to “Friends” protests (like all self-righeous people they can’t take a joke), the image was changed to the one we have now.

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography contains many references to the hypocrisy of Quakers, since he lived in Philadelphia. Safely protected from hostile Indians by the Germanic settlers in the mountains, Quakers always refused any financial aid in defending against Indians by claiming pacifism, as Yankees claimed their subjugation of the South was just love of blacks.

Quakers here have always been fanatically anti-white.

But there were a lot of people in America known as Fighting Quakers, including the North Carolina ancestors of Richard Nixon. In fact, everywhere the Indians were a direct threat to them, the Quakers became Fighting Quakers.

There’s more, and it gets worse.

Quakers make me sick



Good Save, Kevin!

The purpose of general comments has already been forgotten.

I answered the need for acrobat, I have Acrobat 8 3D!

Dead right!

I started General Comments and haven’t checked it since.

I’ll check it regularly now.



Pain’s Whole Proposal

ANTESCRIPT: I’ll front the ninety bucks whatever happens.

Pain says:

I have a cunning plan. (Does anyone here know who Black Adder is?)

BoardAd scraped out Bob’s junk, meaning we have preserved it for posterity. This needs to be converted into a flexible format that will make it easy for publishing online and future hard-copy printing.

All the posts written since his initial team went back into the Army need to be proofread. They also have to be organized by hand according to the categories written in their headers. Then because there are so many posts and so few categories, new sub-categories must be devised. I started this to see what the organization would entail, and a good editor can get this all done spending five minutes each article.

But there are thousands upon thousands of posts. So this will take a big team to work out. The way I see it, is either we get this moving now with volunteers, or somebody comes up with some money now to hire a team, or we wait till I am Bob’s age and have the resources to get it done myself.

The format should be Adobe, since that allows control of the integrity of the content. The posts should be put together as small volumes, and indexed by category and sub-category for easy navigation. With easy navigation, a reader could browse around from topic to topic (ie, categories and sub-categories) and get a cross view of the whole corpus quickly.

To do this would require Adobe Acrobat ($90). If only a few people helped out, this would be a full time job for several months, which is why it would be good if anyone could pay for the labor.



Dave Expands on History and Its Meaning

BW knows America’s real history. That is exceedingly rare because most of America’s real history has been lost when those who knew it died.

BW remembers a world personally that is now gone. This matters.

Real history is the enemy of tyranny. That was Orwell’s whole point.

Why do you think PBS puts so much effort into abolishing real history? It is also one of primary objects of academia. In the name of discovering it, they abolish it. That enables dumb ass Mexican or Negro intellectuals to lay claim to what doesn’t belong to them and to pridefully attack and insult their benefactors.

They then organize government-sponsored theft of our heritage and culture. There is nothing new in this. This is the classic arithmetic of being conquered by an occupying force.

BW is a man with superior “interpretive” abilities. If that were not so, his observations would not have predictive power. I just witnessed BW’s predictive power in the “racial” hubbub that erupted yesterday between the Obama and Clinton camp.

The Clinton’s completely turned the PC tables on Obama, and Obama was forced into a PC dance aimed at mitigating the offense TO WHITE PEOPLE. Then there was a lot of hand wringing about the Democratic Party being divided on racial lines.

How predictive can you get? The white voting block is getting its “white racial minority” training wheels and the Clinton’s are triangulating it within the Democratic Party.

It doesn’t take genius to see how this will blow to hell very quickly. It is very dangerous stuff simply because it is so hard to keep a lid on it.

The whole civil rights thing is coming full circle. If you live long enough, you live to see things like this.


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A Little Roughhouse

A Little Roughhouse

When I was in grad school one of my buddies asked me, “Bob, are you pissed off at me?”

I replied, “No, why would you think that?”

He said, “You’ve been awfully NICE to me lately.”

He knew very well that I roughhouse with my friends, but I am coldly polite to people I don’t care for.

More than one person has said to me, upon meeting me for the first time, “I would have recognized you! You talk the same way you write.” This is true of almost all professional writers. It took YEARS to learn to write conversationally.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I can explain what I mean, but when I sit down to write it, it just won’t come out the way I SAY it.”

So here it takes a little getting used to when I say things that you wouldn’t take seriously if I were talking to you as friend to friend. Most people expect that difference between the politeness in writing and the informal way we talk on the porch.

For instance, when Pain was talking about organizing my writings today, he said,

“A commenter scraped out Bob’s junk, meaning we have preserved it for posterity.”

Now this is not the way someone who is trying to preserve the pprecious Wisdom of the Prophet Bobodophilus would write elsewhere. But Pain and I are not thin-skinned. We are comrades.

I am only nice to the ladies, because that is the way it should be. But I kid them, too.

I am only really nice to guys I dislike.


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