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Political Correctness is nothing new. It was early in the 15th century (the 1400’s) that the Catholic Church elevated the indigenous people of the New World to the status of “human beings”, conferring upon them full human rights in the spiritual sense.

Accordingly, the charge of “white oppression” of nonwhites, fueled by the compassion of priests, has been going on now for some 600 hundred years.

But it was in the 19th and 20th centuries that this compassion took on a distinctly anti-white tone, and when Political Correctness became a vehicle for the motivated propagation of squalor in the name of human rights for nonwhite people.

And the politically motivated propagation of the squalor of dark skinned communities has been the defining political characteristic of America (and many other countries) since the end of WWII. Economically, this propagation of squalor is deeply rooted in the self-interested motivations of public employee unions and their political cronies. Spiritually, it is deeply rooted in an awful form of greed, greed that styles itself with the auspices of white compassion for nonwhite people.

But what is squalor? It is nothing other than the terms under which a woman gets a husband and a child gets a father. And if you don’t understand this, you are long way from having handle of what is really going on.

Those terms have been steadily deteriorating worldwide for a very long time and increasingly, the world has become a world of fatherless sons, and a world of men who fail to support their wives and families.

Soil of fatherless sons grows martial culture, for a military officer is nothing but a substitute father. And it doesn’t matter whether that officer wears the uniform of an Imam, the uniform of a Communist, or the uniform of a Marine.

The power of uniformed officers does not grow in a vacuum. A world of fatherless sons and politically motivated squalor precedes it. You have no idea how well the British Aristocracy understood this arithmetic in the 18th and 19th centuries. They conquered the world with it.

Accordingly, you should also know the real reason America is currently embroiled in foreign Islamic wars. And you should also know the real reason the Pentagon shall soon decline to subordinate itself to the civilian authority of the President and the Congress, a coming watershed event in American history.

The Petri dish culture of Political Correctness propagates squalor, a phenomena that turns upon compassion and betrays it. Its arithmetic moves directly to war, and white compassion moves directly to brutality.

The only way for that not to be true is for nonwhite people to step up to their responsibility to improve the terms under which their daughters obtain husbands and their children obtain fathers. This is an economic task and a task of racial pride. Unfortunately the evidence is against most nonwhite peoples. The tendency of nonwhites is not only to fail, but also to turn to beggary and worse, to miscegenation as a scheme, and it is not by accident that beggary and miscegenation are pillars of Political Correctness.

That is why the worst kind of greed is far from money greed. The worst kind of greed is the greed that makes white people want compassion for their nonwhite brethren.

It is this compassion that is the real reason for the “browning” of America.

Political Correctness is nothing new. God’s Judgment is nothing new, either.



2008: What I Said Was …

When even Rush Limbaugh begins to catch onto something, it is past time for intelligent people to get it.

What I said about the 2008 election was that no presidential in the last century has meant less.

All the MONEY is spent. It is generally recognized that new taxes will collect less, while tax cuts caused increased revenue. Despite all the ideological chest-beating, nobody on the Hill (except the lone socialist, aka “Independent” from Vermont) is serious abotu any REAL tax increases, as opposed to marginal fiddling.

All the POWERS are taken. Anything the president wants to do about immigration will be stopped by the courts if it gets serious, though Congress will stop it before it gets to that stage.

Bush took the last possible step by putting America back into a permanent state of emergency. America went into an official state of emergency in 1939 and stayed in one until the end of the Cold War. There was no Cold War about 1990, and that short period ended on 9/11/01.

Before Bush each state of emergency, WWII and the Cold War, were at least CALLED temporary. But Bush stated flatly that this one, like affirmative action, will NEVER end.

A Democrat could find money for a new program or two by cutting the military. That would be fine, because we no longer have any use for a military. America’s armed forces are used entirely for bad purposes today. The Democrats might do some good there.

BUT, the military is now being used entirely for purposes the Jewish Lobby wants. How long would the Democrats last without the 50% of their contributions that come from Jewish sources?

George Will, back before he became ENTIRELY plastic, described pro-military “Scoop” Democrats’ policy as, “Making sure the American military is big enough o defend Israel. Period.” Now it has no other purpose.

Well, there are those like Madeleine Albright who insist that American armed forces be used to enforce her version of “rights.” My point is that since Communism fell, America’s armed forces have been a positive evil.

America is the only country today that acts beyond its own borders.

Not quite what the Founders had in mind.

So back to the 2008 election. The reason I am writing this is that I just found out that even Rush Limbaugh, who makes his living in this crap, has refused to endorse anybody. He said he never thought this would happen.

To repeat:

When even Rush Limbaugh begins to catch onto something, it is past time for intelligent people to get it.

What I said was, it makes no difference. I’ll let the pros catch up.