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Will the VP be Edwards or Obama?

OK. What I said about Obama was outside the understanding of both SFers and BUGS folk.

I believe that if I get back down to reading-with-your-lips political discussion, most will find it interesting but the minds I need will see how stupid it is.

Some Bob Whitaker on candidate James Edward staff is now negotiating to get Edwards put on Hillary’s ticket. On this momentous issue, the average person will say, “But Hillary can’t afford to alienate blacks that way.”

We are back to the basic question of politics, “Where will blacks GO?” It doesn’t matter, in 2008, the election on which that Bob Whitaker is makingh is living, whether blacks get mad.

The LAST thing Obama will do right now is lead a third party effort. He will huff and he’ll puff, but it means nothing.

THAT Bob Whitaker will point out to the Clinton crowd that Democrats need the Southern white votes Edwards can give them. Meanwhile blacks are as sure to vote Democratic in 2008 as they were to chop the cotton in 1860.

So now I am on something SF and BUGS readers consider real and practical. Wow! We are no longer talking abut something complicated and ethereal like power politics. We are back to the PRACTICAL matter of the Number 2 Democratic slot in 2008.

Maybe the one or two SFers who are still reading my stuff at this point will feel rewarded for their patience.



Please Think With Me!

In practical politics thinking, Obama is a complete shock, good or bad.

I predicted AN Obama, just the way I predicted September 11 in “Superterrorism” (WOL) over two years before it happened. On September 11 and 12, 2001, I reprinted my articles on Superterrorism, warts and all. The warts were that I was talking about new ways of terrorism that would upset the world, but I did not look to fully-fueled passenger planes.

But the point is that my world view is NEVER the reprints of headlines that constitute most political discussion. I look at what doesn’t make sense in the present discussion, developments that do not make good editorial points right now.

My stuff gets ignored. It doesn’t “fit” into what we call practical political discussion. In a revolutionary age, REAL thinking never fits in.

In exactly the same way, in a decade or two no one will even BELIEVE the remarks were even made that today are considered serious political dialogue. People who make their living in this business today, AND THOSE WHO READ THEM, have no interest in long-term REALITY. They live now. They discuss now.

Tim’s comments below have more relevance to the long-term than practically anyone on Stormfront today. He is talking about LEFTISTS who are doing racial fiction. Today, I will vote Democratic because it is the LEFTISTS who are moving away from Israel’s APAC.

This business of trying desperately to avoid the racial reality is not new. All the parties tried to avoid the slavery — actually sectional competition — split in the 1850s.

The big news was Franklin Pierce and President Buchanan.

Remember them?

Of course not.

But if SF had existed then, they would have talked about them all the time.

Practical politics and practical POWER politics are two entirely different things.

And practical politics is not going to save our race.


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More Explanation

Nobody seems to remember the dozen or so times I have gone over the future of American politics.

1) Despite all the denials, American politics will become more and more obviously racial. No one presently is ready for this development. It is hard to believe that the serious difference in 1848 was between the Whigs and the Democrats. Twenty years later it was hard for anyone to remember what “Whig” MEANT.

2) Today we have Republican-Democrat, left-right politics. It is two-sided. The dynamics of multi-sided politics is ENTIRELY different from that of two-sided politics.

In 1848 the party concerned about the extension of slavery got 1% of the vote. In 1860 there were four strong parties, and this was the ONLY issue. In that situation the 40% Republican vote was a clinching majority.

3) In a split between races, the whites will have a commanding lead. They will have to deal with other groups as the most powerful minority. That is a different dynamic from the one we are used to.

In 1860 free soil Republicans joined with free-soil Democrats. In 1864 Lincoln ran on a Grand Union ticket with a Democratic running mate, Andrew Johnson. After the Civil War, Republicans effectively destroyed the Democrats by reusing to let Southern Democrats back into congress.

With the Reconstruction amendments rammed through Republicans held two-thirds of the Senate. But in 1868 and 1876 they had a majority of voters, even excluding Southerners, against them. But they elected Grant in 1868 and began an absolute rule.

There were less ruthless Northern Republicans like Horace Greeley who tried to modify the Radical Republicans program. But ALL of the two-thirds of the Senate in 1867-1868 remained RADICAL. The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments got through on a knife edge. If the Radical Republicans had allowed any neo-Republican input, they would have lost.

After the Reagan Republicans got a solid majority by uniting the Wallace Democrats and conservatives in 180, t5hey blubbered their advantage away by allowing neoconservatives to take over.

In 1994 Republicans went hard right again and took over congress. They blubbered that away, too.

A Whitaker way of stating the difference between Radical Republicans in 1868 and conservative Republicans in 1980 and 1994 boils down to this:

To have a revolution, you must be a revolutionary. In REVOLUTIONARY TIMES, as any study of any revolution will teach you, those who allow no neos to run things take over.

I said that Obamas would rise long before Obama became a factor. I am a practical political adviser, not a prophet. AN Obama had to come along. There will be more of them.

But we must stick to the basic realities. Today politics avoids the real and growing racial split just as the major parties ignored the slavery expansion issue in 1848. But we can see the old coalition between liberals and their Faithful Colored Companions is breaking down.

We must aim for a new political configuration, a RACIAL electorate. Obama today sounds exactly like the Republicans did in 1860. But my predictions are marching right along. I am DEEPLY disappointed that no one in BUGS noticed that.

In a time like ours, the old thinking, non-racial thinking in this case, is breaking down.

This is why I abandoned my little place in the present system. I am trying to get people on our side thinking in terms of the real developing situation instead of mooning over whether “All is lost!” or torchlight Victory parades.

I kept predicting the racial divide, and trying to get you to thinking in terms of the RACIAL split. Whites do not want the racial split. They want to go back to when all the others were minorities and the system was theirs to preside over. Whites would balance the minorities, bargain with minorities, and the white elite would rule.

But the white elitists, in this case the Clintons, are losing out in this battle. Things are moving the sway I said they would.

Yes, after the nominations, liberals will appear to unite and what happened this week will be forgotten. But the trend is a RACIAL split.


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I have a question for you or anyone else. An aquaintance of mine showed me a book by some new age writer. It held my attention because he talked about our race.

He basically wrote that whites in deprivation tanks for long periods of time do not have a circadian rhythm that correspond to earth. Our circadian rhythm has a frequency of 24 hours and 40 minutes —which does not correspond to earths rotational period—but mars!!! (He did not say all whites but some or many)

The name for the giza plateau were the pyramid was built —was and is- el-kahira —el-kahir—arabic name for mars.

Interesting info and good too—even if it is false. But I remembered Bob saying that we were probably in the wrong solar system. David Duke says “our destiny is in the stars” (and he says it all the damn time). Putin now announces that Russia is going to Mars and this author my buddy is reading says that Aryans originally colonized Mars.

LOL…Is someone holding out on me? Fess up?!??!

(By the way, before you get on my case for this post. Understand that –if this is fantasy b.s.—this is the type of fantasy b.s.—that is “race based fantasy” and it is the best type for young whites IMO. It blasts through and answers the only Aryan question that counts for us….IS LIFE WORTH LIVING ….and it gives it a resounding YES. Race based fantasy has always helped me. Look at the reaction of young whites to Lord of the Rings.)



2008: Again, What I Said Was …

The headline in today’s biggest South Carolina newspaper is “OVERWHELMING.” “Overwhelming” meant that 55% of Democratic primary votes were black, and they voted 78% for Obama.

My PRACTICAL advice about the future is not complex.

1) Faithful Colored Companions will begin to take over for THEMSELVES. This will leave anti-whites, like the Clintons, high and dry.

2) We have right in front of us an example of how they will react. They will become neo-racists, young Ron Pauls. Like conservatives today under neoconservative rule, we will be worse off than we started. Anti-whites will take over in the name of being reasonable about race.


None of this does any good for me to say if you forget it.

So while others are mewling over the Ron Paul vote, I am looking to that future.