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At least white nationalists should be a little more aware than the conservatives who were taken in by people like “marxist-turned-rightwinger David Horowitz”.

I trust most Stormfronters wouldn’t be as gullible as Jared Taylor and start thinking that jews have suddenly discovered their inner Klansman.

— richard

When Dr. Duke stood up at the AR convention and attacked the Jewish presentation, he said, “You are accepting the neo agenda!” Afterwards when I saw him he was very upset with himself for upsetting Jared Taylor and the AR group.

But, as I told David, if HE didn’t bring his point up, who the hell would? What is the POINT of being David Duke if you get bashful?

After my continued warnings about neo-racists, you would assume that Jared Taylor would be my bete noire. No. Jared is out there presenting our point of view as close to the mainstream as it can be. Jared’s close circle is solid.

Jared Taylor has an inner group which advises him, good people all, like Sam Francis before and Sam Dickson the whole time. Jared is trying to bring us into the mainstream. David Duke does not want to be out here with me, totally unacceptable.

I get the impression that Jared is even more of a loner than I am! He is trying to do something that no one understands but himself. Hence the Jew.

To be perfectly frank, the people in this movement do not DESERVE both Jared and David Duke. But powerful minds like that are taking their positions. As I said, we need a Jared Taylor to go mainstream and we need a David Duke to call his actions into questions.

Can anyone actually imagine two minds like that of Dr. Duke and Jared Taylor in any other movement? Jared and David got in here when we were tiny. What we do NOT need is to cling worshipfully to some big-name outsider who converts to us.

THAT is what killed conservatives. Big-name neos took over.

And we need to watch Jared. The difference between going mainstream and going neo is a hair’s breadth. THIS is the sort of thing we need expertise on.

Which is why I said we don’t deserve Jared and Dr. Duke. They are trying to deal in Realpolitik, but our only reaction to Obama’s win was to bitch and moan and pine for Ron Paul. This is amateurishness in a time when professionalism will win.

Thank God for Jared and stay on his tail. If this sounds contradictory, you are an amateur.


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The Obama candidacy is creating White awareness which must precede White solidarity. The jewish media is hyping the inclusiveness of his appeal, but the practitioners, the Clintons, are singing a different tune. A respectable conservative condemns the Billary bile, but the practical conservative smiles quietly and lets them do his dirty work. But the danger is that the Clintons are not really conservatives. They hope to be Trojan horses, a la the neocons. They must be rejected while their tactics must be accepted. Their only function should be to be disposable third party tools. (By third party I do not refer to a political organization, but to a useful idiot, one who advances your cause while thinking otherwise or a covert agent.)

Not since St. Paul has anyone taken the road to Damascus. All converts are fifth columnists. Think neocons. By treating them as pariahs, White solidarity will be enhanced by creating a penalty for race treason. Fear enhances solidarity as well as devotion. A draft is implemented when recruitment falls off. But with a good officer corps in place you still get a functioning army however reluctant the troops. Think W.W.II, Most of those guys did not want to go. The country was isolationist. It did not become internationalist until tens of millions were systematically brainwashed in boot camp and a ruthlessly controlled press worked over the civilian population. Open-mindedness and freedom did not get us to our present predicament as much as the phalanx mentality of our opponents. It should be emulated.



The RACIALIZATION of Politics is What Matters NOW

I liked Ron Paul because it was such a relief to see ONE Republican who wasn’t a slave to the military-Israeli complex. I worked with him on Capitol Hill, and he was a friend of my best friend and boss, John AshBROOK. He made very important MINDS realize how isolated they are by the media. the way the 1964 Goldwater run did. In the long run, that helped destroy the Communists and throw doubt on the entrenched liberals, though at the time they thought they had won it big.

For Stormfront:

But Ron Paul is a relatively minor figure in the longer term.

Everybody I met in the Paul campaign was impressed by the Mantra. This campaign and their obvious isolation made them far more radical.

So what is the next step. Do we sit around and sob about things, or do we go on to the next step?

God, I am SO tired of “When are white people going to wake up?”

Good God, gang, when are YOU going to wake up?

Politics is going RACIAL. No one wants to talk about it. That is the sign of a revolutionary age, and that the thing they are avoiding is where the revolution will go. That PROVES it is tomorrow’s direction.

Read some friggin’ HISTORY, gang!

WAKE UP! You are a minority now, and if all you do is sit around and bitch like loser conservatives, you will be a FORGOTTEN minority. Black voters and feminists just kicked the all powerful Clintons in the ass, HARD, just as I predicted was going to happen. You don’t feel half as isolated as the average big-name white liberals does right now.

But NOBODY talks about this! All we hear is the old whine, “When are white people going to wake up?”

Sob, oh, SOB!

When are YOU going to wake up?




You say you can’t understand technology and hate it, but to stay in the game, you will have to acknowledge that we have switched wooden bats for aluminum.

— Pain

This is getting WEIRD! One commenter quoted an economic statement I didn’t make, I have said repeatedly that I don’t get into economics much any more. Now Pain says I hate technology.

I saved the Space Telescope. I don’t think Pain did that. I have an Alcor bracelet on my wrist. I doubt Pain does. Now he lectures me on aluminum bats!

I have personal trouble DEALING with PRESENT COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, leaving SysOps and BoardAd to deal with me like criiple in that area. How on earth does this mean I, who have been trying for a decade to get readers to consider the technological and biological revolution of the coming century, HATE technology?

Everything I actually say is being forgotten. Things I DIDN’T say are being thrown at me.


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