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The Common Era is Imperialistic

Each socierty has its own calendar. As the West ascended, the Christian calendar was used more and more. There was “Anno Domini,” which included the implicit assumperion that Jesus is God.

But there was also a date that Islam uses, a date Chinese New Year is based on, and so forth.

So AD and BC made it clear that, if you were a Moslem or an atheist, you were using this dating for convenience. There was no COMMITMENT to it.

In its desperation to get rid of the name of Christ, Political Correctness destroyed this obvious accomodation. It is now The Common Era, BCE and CE, the dating EVERYBODY must use. This is supposed to make the Moslems and the Chinse, etc., feel better.

Actually it makes them feel no way at all. Nobody but people who get paid for it take PC seriously in such nitpicking situations. But this declaration that AD and BC are the absolute standard for all is a curious way to make others feels empowered.

It is like the total assumptionof white supremacy that everybody takes for granted when they blame white people for everything.



backbaygrouch, A Part of His Comment Worth Repeating

Not since St. Paul has anyone taken the road to Damascus. All converts are fifth columnists. Think neocons. By treating them as pariahs, White solidarity will be enhanced by creating a penalty for race treason. Fear enhances solidarity as well as devotion. A draft is implemented when recruitment falls off. But with a good officer corps in place you still get a functioning army however reluctant the troops. Think W.W.II, Most of those guys did not want to go. The country was isolationist. It did not become internationalist until tens of millions were systematically brainwashed in boot camp and a ruthlessly controlled press worked over the civilian population. Open-mindedness and freedom did not get us to our present predicament as much as the phalanx mentality of our opponents. It should be emulated.


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General Comments Redux

I put in a new one of these, because the old “General” comments is hard for me to FIND. I put it in search and can find the old “General” comments but the listing I get includes the statements I made but not the comments on them.




I was writing in reply to one of Bob’s Blog posts, but turned into something better suited to the general comments category.

Whites are going to want people to speak up for THEM. So far their voices are quiet, because PC suppresses them and jails opposition and locks up 14 year old British schoolgirls for speaking their mind as to who they would prefer to sit with.

Every White Nationalist agrees that Political Correctness suppresses speech and at the same time they argue that no one is racially aware anyway and no one speaks up. Yet few see the contradiction in this belief. Systems are oppresive precisely because of their opposition. They know, as soon as they let their guard down, they’re history. Every liberal knows, though they never admit it directly, that as soon as they relieve their stranglehold, their ideology will be discarded faster than putrified yoghurt.

So while kids, who seem to be more racially aware than we take for granted are suppressed and punished by the old PC fogies, we miss a perfect opportunity to create another group of revolutionaries, a new counter culture.

I’ve put forward pro-white statements in a public debate, only to have the young teenagers make supporting statement AGAINST the ageing liberal hippy who I was attacking. There was NO support for PC here, because they felt it was SAFE to speak their mind.

This was not an isolated incident either.



Way to Go, Lord Nelson!

Lord Nelson did it! He went on the Truck Roy show!

He did not tell me when it would be on. He wants this tired old man to find it out for himself.

You kids make it SO hard on me, but I never complain.

Lord Nelson, did you get anything out of the experience?


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