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It is like the total assumption of white supremacy that everybody takes for granted when they blame white people for everything.

This is a formula. This is why we read Bob. This is everything boiled down inside a nutshell.

This is the fruit of the “sweat” and “hard work” Bob talks about. Even so, I am not always sure Bob knows how good this is.

Bob is best when Bob isn’t all about Bob; Bob is best when Bob is about the future of white folks.

We are each of us biggest when we are committed to something greater than ourselves. That means that racial love is a parable we enact that leads us to a clearer understanding of the Creator. Race is bigger than any one of us, and so is the One who made our white race — the least corrupted on earth.

Bob’s formulae are exemplars of just such purity in thought, the detritus filtered away.

Dead right!

Pain was also raised in the Porch Talk culture that mostly survives in the South. The old man talks a lot of crap. but Pain learned to separate the vast amount of BS from the few real gems you can get from the Old Folks.

Pain and I were raised to do this. It is something others in our media age have to learn to do.

“This is a formula. This is why we read Bob. This is everything boiled down inside a nutshell.

This is the fruit of the “sweat” and “hard work” Bob talks about. Even so, I am not always sure Bob knows how good this is.”

Porch Talk is a two-way street. I am not sure what part of my really hard intellectual work is getting to you. I was deeply disappointed when commenters did not see the relevance of the Obama win in SC.

SEEING and APPLYING the nuggets is an integral part of YOUR intellectual work.




“So while kids, who seem to be more racially aware than we take for granted are suppressed and punished by the old PC fogies, we miss a perfect opportunity to create another group of revolutionaries, a new counter culture.”

We have a common sense of oppression based on race within our race. White people punishing white kids/folks for being white. And the minorities just reinforce it in every way….every day. It has NO precedent… the outcome will be unprecedented.

This has went so far for so long it will be like a mini explosion. I do not think the SHWM’s have ANY idea just how radicalized the young whites are. Prometheus is one of the first to really comment on it. The people on this board are as bright as they come. But I do not think most people (esp. liberals) really fully comprehend just radical you make a young white kid when every minute of every day all day long as they are held captive in a situation that is 100% racial. It is not really comprehendable to anyone that has NOT spent a few years on bus as a minority in a constant violent situation.

I have always thought Hitler secretly wrote this script. This is precisely what it takes to radicalize whites racially. Something extreme like this. There are some liberals now that are very crafty and very afraid of what they have created. The internet has let the genie out of the bottle and they feel change is in the air. BIG CHANGE.




Well our side bitches and does a great job at being ineffective. But I’ll relate two stories written by libs that shows they are doing more to protect themselves and advance whites than Stormfront. It deals with Montana college football and the efforts of degenerates to import crazed Africans into the bastions of hippie dropout land. The one you will be able to access today is in TAC, the other is in a month’s old Sports Illustrated. The TAC is written by hippy psychobabbler who has gotten a taste of Africa and is not happy, the other more interesting one is written by an attractive twenty something who explicity states that Montana college football is to be for the white kids who staff the ranches and farms of that state to the exclusion of Africans. Both are libs, but both broke taboo and asked questions that Stormfronters would only shriek about like the Apes in 2001. PC is a shell concocted by child like fools, its Santa Clause for the squalor and stagnation set.


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