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Anti-WHITE, Dammit!

People write me about “using my influence.”

I don’t have any.

I was delighted when Lord Nelson and Prometheus started pushing the Mantra after I had spent YEARS knocking anti-WHITES down with it and getting rep points for doing so.

But nobody who gave me rep points USED it.  It took YEARS and endless effort to finally get a few people who understood the Mantra and USED it.

So now when people on SF say “anti,” I am the ONLY one who slams at them with “anti-WHITE.”

I have no INFLUENCE.  No one puts my BUGS pieces even into SF, much less any place else.  The only times I am accused of having INFLUENCE is when someone wants me to use it or when someone wants to say that an example I gave is an Evil Influence, like the porno bit in the Maxim article below.

You all know the simple arithmetic we always hear: “If I tell four people and THEY tell four people and they tell four people…”

It doesn’t work.  No matter how many people in BUGS discover the Mantra, on any other initiative I am entirely on my own.

Which pisses me off.   I could USE some following.

But then I look at the other races.

Nothing is easier than getting ten million Chinese waving Mao’s Red Book.   We got a couple of thousand pro-Confederate flaggers in a march.  On the other side, a snap of the finger brought out so many blacks out in a counter march that they could hardly breathe in the open air around the State Capitol.

Whites piss me off, but I prefer you.




Dave says:

“And noticing what is compulsory is Mantra thinking.”

Thanks, Dave.

Yes! Noticing where they are coming from is how one wins with Mantra Thinking.

I had just written a piece on the same subject, or what to MY mind is the same subject. I decided that no one would understand my point.

Well, courtesy of Dave, I’ll try it:

Bullshitters and Tape Recorders

Anti-WHITES are divided into two groups:

1) The ones who just recite Mommy Professor, and

2) The ones who are reciting bullshit and they know it’s bullshit.

You will note that when I go after an anti-WHITE in OV he is obviously outclassed.

Forty-five years ago when I was a grad student at the University of Virginia, it was a standing joke at parties when a student or professor would hear that I was a racist and would come over to me to straighten me out. People would watch them come over to me and watch me cut them down.

They enjoyed watching it because I had cut most of THEM down the same way. It became fascinating to them. As one prof said, “What is interesting is to watch how the time it takes you goes down. It took you five or ten minutes when you got here, now they start backing away in two or three minutes.”

My secret, then as now, was simply knowing that anti-WHITES come in two groups:

1) The ones who just recite Mommy Professor and

2) The ones who are reciting bullshit and they know it’s bullshit.

So I made Group feel like the Mommy Professor Tape Recorders they are, and I cut through the BS in Group 2.

It ALWAYS worked. It always WORKS.


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There is a magazine called Maxim.  On the cover of each issue is a mixed-blood woman.   I got it in the mail for two separate one-year subscriptions, neither of which I ordered.

I must begin by disillusioning you. Kind folks may respond by saying to themselves, “OF COURSE a good Bible Belter like Bob would not order PORN.”  As usual, just when somebody thinks I’m a good boy, I have to disavow it. 

“BROTHERS,” you may expect me to say with tears in my eyes, “I have SINNED!”


After my divorce twenty-five years ago, the Playboy Channel cost twelve dollars a month, and I subscribed to it.  I LIKE looking at good-looking mostly blonde women.  If this is sinful I can only say that The Lord forgot to neuter me.

No one EVER sent me a FREE subscription to Playboy.   You would play hell trying to get a 24-hour Playboy Channel at an affordable price today.  IN SHORT I doubt seriously that Maxim, which is now the Media’s official benchmark of ”ideal women,” pays its own way.

This is important.  But since most people will obsess on porno itself, my point will be missed.   Which is exactly what anti-WHITES depend on.  I am not big on conspiracies, but I do know that the superrich are generally anti-WHITE.  For a few million dollars, the girly magazine of record can be made into a monthly ad for Affirmative Action Beauty.

I have seen news commentaries showing Maxim covers as Ideal Women.

I saw the Microsoft ads with Politically Correct people bragging they were “PC,” With Bill Gates grinning on screen.

This is how smart people fight for power.  But if I try to alert our people to it, there will be SFers telling me I am praising Hugh Hefner.

Dave said that I pick the wrong examples.  That happens, but the simple fact is that there ARE no examples our people will NOT obsess on.  It is like being tripped up constantly.  I write a piece on Maxim and get response that tell me Hugh Hefner is bad.  I write about how to fight, and got responses saying commenters are Good Christians or are in a macho mood or are feeling depressed.


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Expansion of the Universe

Since I did the last piece and everybody decided to go off on their own subject, I can use BUGS as just the place of record for my meanderings.

OUR universe — there is no reason to call it THE universe — is supposed to be expanding at an increasing rate.  If it is to maintain a certain rate of increase in three dimensions, it would have to expand at an expanding rate.   The equal and opposite reaction to that might be gravity.

As far as I know, all this is still based on the red shift.  Like the strong force in the atom, a force can exist which doesn’t obey the distance squared law.  It may be that the red shift is different at a distance or there are curves in space we don’t know about yet which produce the apparent red shift.

This is a comment on your comments.  My mind can wander, too.