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Dave, Mentality and Means

As whites, we don’t need a “mass movement” or any kind of that sort of regalia.

The important thing is to leave behind yesterday’s political methods. They are a legacy from circumstances that have disappeared from life. This latter is the most important point of all.


The “living in space” thing that sounded so inevitable in 1977 is no longer a big deal, like living in Virtual Reality.  It seems out of date, but it’s not.  It’s on hold.

Once again in order to understand what happens to “inevitables” you have to THINK ABOUT basic no one else ever analyzes.  Anybody who remembers the clunkers computers were back then sees why the Virtual Reality craze went out.  Computers were then and are now far too slow for it.

Likewise living in space.  That was considered inevitable when the Moon Mission was all the rage.  Manned space MISSIONS are gone.  So that, like VR, is considered out of date.

But computers are forging ahead and it is becoming routine to launch one more satellite, SEMI-PRIVATELY.

You never know what opportunities will present themselves.  The way we saved our race will be something we don’t even consider right now.

But, as Dave says, the point is not to obsess on white nationalism, Jews, or any other METHOD.  Once we get the Mantra MENTALITY, we will be ready for the WAY to racial survival.

As Tim indicates, when we do, it will come as an awful shock to the non-whites we leave behind.

But Hitler could not have predicted the Depression and Marx did not foresee World War I.  We are after the MENTALITY of white survival.  The MEANS will come on the Tide of History.



Tim and Ghetto Earth

Can you imagine the hysterics of the PC elite about the prospects of Earth Aryans going to an all white planet? That would make for a great sci-fi comedy flick.

— Tim

This is why I was in a position to save the Hubble Telescope.  

It was one of those dramas you hear about.   The subcommittee had cut Hubble and the Jupiter Orbital Probe out of the 1977 NASA budget.  The Appropriations subcommittee is usually the final word.

They knew there would a rebellion against this castration of the Space Program, so the Leadership sprung the vote immediately, on the Thursday when the break began.   The pro-space congressmen were generally younger and more Western, without the Floor-fighting expertise that old hands like John and me had.

They were despairing, and I said, “Hell, all you need to mobilize is a one-day delay.  I’ll GET you a one-day delay.”  I walked into John’s office and said, “Do you know about the Jupiter Probe and the Space Telescope?”
John said, “No.” and I said, “Well, we need a one-day delay for it.”
John said, “Is it good for America?”


“I’ll get you the day.”

No more was said.  That what he hired his senior staffers for.

Over the weekend the space lobby got in 400,000 telegrams demanding reversal before the vote took place on Monday.  America’s top scientists were in the galleries when the House voted FOUR TO ONE to reverse the subcommittee.  UNPRECEDENTED!

John got enormous praise from new supporters and was invited to speak before the AAAS.   Edward Teller came in to congratulate him personally.

How did it happen that an old Middle America campaigner was in the middle of the space program all of a sudden?

His senior staffer was interested in living in space as a place for whites.