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Anti-WHITE, I Need Some HELP Here!

This is a war of words.   The use of WORDS is what matters.

I seem to be fighting a LONE battle against the use of the word “anti.”   Anybody who works in OV sees how desperately they object when one says anti-WHITE, but I can’t get people to USE it.

In short, I am the same position with anti-WHITE as I am with the Mantra.

I am very glad to have Lord Nelson back.   

I now have some real practitioners like him on the Mantra.  It took YEARS to get them and I can’t spare one.

I find it hard to understand how people who claim to be serious simply cannot assimilate the importance of words that WORK.

“Anti-white” is more important and effective than five tomes on Jews.

Please get in there and correct our comrades on this and similar points.

And never, never, NEVER let them off the hook by saying “anti.”