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The Obama News Period

Stormfront gets tied down in “news and Jews.” So I might wait a bit before putting the “Coach, not Leader,” there. It maybe a waste of time right now to try to get anything listened to during the Obama News Period.

To some extent my lack of brilliance is made up for by my lack of bullshit, so I admit that seeing a black face in the Oval Office depresses me, though by my own logic it shouldn’t. Logically a white man who has declared his enmity to his own race is a far worse creature.

My Stormfront signature still ends with “Anybody but McCain.” But it takes a while for my heart to catch up with my brain.

Certainly the United States which has established the religion of political correctness is like a US which has been occupied by any other alien. Loyalty to such a system is treason to our real country.

All that is logical, but it is still depressing. So Stormfront people have the right to a period to vent their anger.