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The Buckley Syndrome

I am helping to take care of a person in the first stages of Alzheimer’s.   The care-taker I am helping out is very grateful, because she is being driven crazy by constantly reminding him of everything.

I have no problem at all with it, and I am NOT joking when I tell you the reason for this.

I have been doing this all my life.  On Stormfront anti-whites bring up the same thing over and over and over and over.  They bring up “mixing THE races” and I have had to explain to them literally HUNDREDS of times that all this assimilation (intermarriage) and mass immigration are demanded ONLY in white countries and in ALL white countries.   It is straight genocide.

But it is not only the anti-whites who have Alzheimer’s.   Anti-whites give long arguments about how race mixing is a personal choice.  I just point out that all crime is a matter of personal choice.  It works, but it will be a long cold day in The Pit before other SFers pick it up.

And then there is “anti.”  Anyone who gets out there and fights sees how effective that is in driving them on the defensive.  Like the argument about “mixing THE races” they simply cannot deal with it because it is simple, short, and TRUE.   I drove them back with it.  I got POINTS for it.

But NOBODY USED it until I finally others to do so.

Until I started caretaking this Alzheimer’s patient, I honestly did not realize how his symptoms were part of my life on Stormfront and BUGS.

Some nice person who sent me points for one of my arguments said it was “simple BUT effective.”   In other words, were dealing with deeply intellectual opponents whose arguments can usually only be dealt with by long, complicated rejoinders.

I call this the Buckley Syndrome.  Respectable conservatives kept the old, silly liberalism alive by treating it with respect.  There is nothing complex about some idiot saying we should deal with CRIMINAL violence by taking guns away from HONEST people.  I worked in a prison and I have yet to find a single career criminal who doesn’t laugh out loud at that crap.

William Buckley used French phrases and his phony Judge Whitey accent to be part of a Sophisticated Debate with morons.   It is NOT an example we need follow.