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This “Freedom” Nonsense

Anti-whites are always spouting about how massive immigration and assimilation demanded of ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is just Freedom.

I am really ticked off at my comrades for NEVER telling the truth about this.

The same anti-white who spouts this libertarian nonsense knows very well that free speech does not apply to US, but I am STILL waiting for us to SAY so every time this crap appears.

They keep saying we can live in our own bunkers if we want to. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, it is forbidden for us to do so.

But no one points this out.

As O’Reilly said, “There should be no all-white ANYTHING in America.”

At least O’Reilly SAYS it. That’s more than my comrades on SF do.

For all their “diversity” talk, the fact is that all-white areas are forbidden because people will MOVE there. If we had freedom of choice integration would be doomed in the long term.

That is the justification for our entire set of laws, the ones O’Reilly is all for and states so clearly. Why do my comrades let the anti-whites get away with this “Freedom” crap?