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Bob Yoda and his Jedi

When commenters talk about VDare, what interests me is that you KNOW what it is all about.  To me, what is important is that YOU are IN THERE.

Shari says I will say her take on Christianity and whites is off the subject.

It is ON the subject because it is a statement in favor of white survival in the areas in which SHE is WORKING.
There is simply no area in which the disappearance of the white race is anything but a disaster.   THAT is our common message, no matter whether we are interested in economics, religion, science or anything else.

It is up to YOU to take this message and run with it in each area. 
This is a good example by what I mean when I say I am a teacher, not a leader.   A leader would dictate and control your message.  I just teach you how to hone your own.

I have warned Shari about The Dark Side, turning Christianity into Wordism.  If she avoids that, Bob Yoda’s job is done.    I just want to make sure you are out there fighting.
I TEACH the Jedi, but they have to do their own knight errantry.