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thedude Hits the Target Again

American troops will kill Americans. That’s a fact. Look at the Civil War or even Kent State.

Aryans like Negroes like Jews like Asians have:
1) People of courage.
2) People in the middle
3) People who are cowards…..
It’s always a small group of brave people that make a difference. Once the brave come forth the middle shifts their support to them and the cowards always remain cowards.

We are at a point where a little bravery will go a long way. Lots of people are scared, fed up or had some sort of awakening….

That’s my take.


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Tim to Dave


This stuff is running on empty. I have just recently read reports about the great job Whites did defending themselves when New Orleans went down. They banded together. They collected and cached weapons. They were outnumbered and did very well……until the white military took their weapons away….LOL (which is kinda your point).

My point is this. This kind of story tells me that inspite of all the media power against us. Inspite of so-called demographics. Inspite of decades of thorough brainwashing. Aryans are still Aryans. When given the oppty by nature they proved it. This gives me hope. They did good without even reading BUGS! Sooner or later they won’t have that military garbage collecting guns. There won’t be enough military and police. Furthermore, I have not heard of one story about the Military and Police shooting whites. On the other hand, they were capping brown hoodlums right and left.

On the Mantra front, I have found a new one in this economic opportunity for us. I have been asked like many of you:”What does this race stuff have to do with the economy right now?” Which is actually a serious question.

My response:”Right now China is in trouble as well. However China is 90+% Chinese and they will stick together and get through it some how for better or worse. In 1965 we were 90+% European and if this happened then—we could stick through it and stay together and figure it out. Now we cannot maintain posterity because of the anti-white immigration act of 1965. Our politicians cannot even get together on anything and we are collapsing. If China were to try to make itself NON-Chinese. Don’t you think they would collapse the place and not recover?”

I am still working on it. I always try to make my point…RACE, RACE, RACE. But I like to add a twist for current events and then stay on message.

What do you guys think?