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Simmons on Yggsdradil on the Mantra

The Mantra if it requires evidence for its prosecutrial nature has it at Ygg’s site. Our friend took to quantifying the anti-white nature of our elites by using the NYLS data that is available. The book “The Bell Curve” used this data as well, but Ygg cuts thru the semi respectable wordist egoism and places the data in chart form. I passed this onto Sailer at v-dare perhaps he will mainstream it a bit since he is a numbers guy with an interest in that sort of statistical information. I won’t place a link here since we should all have Ygg bookmarked anyway, and Bob doesn’t need to worry about such stats.


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Dude on Childhood’s End

Every day lends real opportunity to advance a real white agenda with real white support. If for instance every SFer donated 10$ per month to SF it would have real power through the almighty dollar.
If every white person spoke straight and to the point and used similar terms we could educate scores of white supporters.
I don’t think we need millions of activists, we need millions of supporters though. We also need efficient, articulate and courageous white leaders. It’s actually a time when real white genius and valor will shine through.

This is what drives me nuts, dude.

Our people are always bitching about how little we get to speak out, but when They DO get a chance to speak, what do they talk about? They debate whether all is lost or not. They bitch about how they get so little chance to speak.

Right now, for every ONE time someone mentions the ongoing genocide aimed at ALL white countries and ONLY white countries, or insists on anti-WHITE instead of anti, there are at least a thousand moans and bitches.

Leave out BUGS people, and that goes down to ten thousand to one, minimum.