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Tim to Dude

Good points. And this is exactly why I am so optimistic. We are the only ones working. It is a miracle we are still making progress. Conditions are perfect for us. Of course, we own nothing but the internet….LOL. They can have the old media. We’ll take that later.

We have a movement—and we are the only ones moving it. In fact, we are the only ones MOVING period. LOL. We got a struggle going and we are pulling fools by their pant seats. They are either going with us or going brown. Choose or loose!

It is like we BUGsters are pulling a huge bus up a hill. Each of us has a big rope and Bob is out in front pulling and pulling. Like on one of those Strong Man shows on ESPN. Sooner or later we will get up this bus up the hill and that is when it will get interesting.

This will all be funny to us some day. Bugs will have its own TV channel teaching Aryan Logic to the young’ns. Everyone white will be a member in their local racist party. And Bob will be hitting the little ones with stories about how we had to walk 20 miles in Stormfront snow to put out the message that saved our race.




Off topic. Put it here as The General Comments seem to have died in a switchover. Michael Barone did a fair column on the stimulus bill today, but in it as an aside he touched upon one of Bob’s shrewder observation.

Money quote: “It was the war effort, the mobilization of big government, big business and big labor, that much more than the New Deal enhanced the prestige of the state. It got Americans proud of thinking of themselves as small cogs in very large machines. It made them amenable to statist policies that they would never have accepted in the 1920s and at which many of them were bridling in the late 1930s.”

In short, war kills liberty.


Yes, the World War II Obedience Training I keep pushing.  It is great to live in the Internet Age, when you can, with monomaniacal effort, put ideas into the top of the filter-down process without becoming part of the Establishment to do it.

More bluntly, I don’t have to pimp for the respectable conservatives anymore.
It is a wonderful new age.   USE it!


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Dave: The Mantra is an Act of War

When you hurl the Manta at someone you doing something very aggressive. BE AWARE OF THIS.

The Mantra has nothing do to with ordinary politics because its militancy is absent in ordinary politics. Militancy isn’t about debate, nor is it about “the political process”. That is because militancy, by its very nature, must insist upon dominion on a non-voluntary basis.

Don’t forget the Mantra is an application of a loyalty test.

Accordingly, different standards apply to us. We are not an interest group.

Our enemies have real reasons to fear us. Never let that slip your consciousness.

Raising funds and playing the role of interest group is quite beside the point.