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Good Thoughts from Pain


Two points to ponder:

(1) Why is that the more radical the racist, the better he gets along with other races?

Moral: The world would be a more peaceful place were all racist.

(2) Why is is that he who was most successful at truly being the good little boy will grow up to be a bad ass?

Think of: Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, NB Forrest, Adolf Hitler; all very good little boys, all notorious bad asses.

Bad ass: He who withstands the temptations of the a**hole, both the crook (the kick ass) and the fop (the wide ass), which everyone expects the bad ass to be and is angry that he is not.

Moral: Bad-assness is closer to godliness. John the Baptist was a bad ass: he wore a loin cloth and ate grasshoppers for supper!


From the master of boiling it down,


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Passing the Flag

When I first took my job with the Reagan Administration my boss, a professor, had heard that I was known to be genius at finding things out.  But on Capitol Hill I had worked closely with the Congressional Research Service, so he decided to test me.  He said he was making a speech and he needed the name of one of the three witches in Richard III.

He thought that would really show me how hard he was to work for or something.  Maybe he had done crap like that with students.  I came back a couple of hours later and said told him Shakespeare didn’t give the name. 

He was surprised since he thought I would be going out and looking up Shakespeare.   He asked me how I did it.  I said, “I called the public library reference.”

Hew never accomplished a single thing as head of OPM except blocking me from putting our people in civil service jobs.  Every Administration does that to have its sources of information inside government in the future, but not him. 

He did accomplish one unique thing.  When a party is overwhelmingly reelected as Republicans were in 1984 and controls the Senate, it is simply unknown for the President to nominate one of his Administrations for reappointment and for them to be rejected in the Senate.  My boss got rid of me and did some silly ass stuff during the interim after the election, and the Senate turned him down.  I would have warned him against it, Justas I kept advising him to get our people into the permanent civil service, but he liked yes men and nothing else.

A lot of people feel we should make Buchanan aware of the Mantra, so Bob should do it.  You can find Buchanan’s address by calling public library reference.  My printer does not work, and I am tired of buying new ones. 

It would be SO nice if one or more of you would get his address and send the Mantra to him.   If several of you did it, he would see the repetition and READ it. Carefully.

Now that I really am getting old and tired, the one thing that gives a boost is when my tech team or Lord Nelson or somebody takes INITIATIVE and just flat DOES it.

I am tired of putting my own BUGS stuff in SF.   If it is something SF should see, why can’t somebody else in BUGS PUT it there?  That is SO much better than me tooting my own horn, especially SINCE I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO TOOTS IT.

That looks BAD.

Give the old man a break.  Grab his flag and run with it.