Archive for March 5th, 2009

E-Mail Me, IF…

Despite what I keep telling them, some people think you’re smart.  From time to time I get requests from them to put me in contact with certain of “my people.”

You are here for BUGS, not as “my people.”  No way I will freely identify you to anybody. 

Somewhere on my board, your e-mail address appears. But I think you know me well enough to realize it would never occur to me to use it or give it out.

So I have to ask you to do something else for me.

Send me an e-mail if you are WILLING FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU that way.  I can then tell you directly who wants to get in touch with us and why.  I will NOT send your e-mail address to them.  I will send THEIR  e-mail address to you with an explanation TO YOU.

Then if you like you can contact them.